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Blue Sapphire Benefits

Blue Sapphire enchants with its mesmerizing color, mysterious healing powers, and its links to majesty. Throughout history, it’s been prized for its rich blue hues. Derived from the Greek word "Sappherios" and the Latin "Sapphirus," both words translate to "blue stone."

Long connected to nobility and royalty, this gemstone was used by the ancient Greeks to gain favor with the God Apollo. High Priests wore it on their breastplates. Persian nobility thought the sky’s blue color simply reflected the gem’s hues. Lady Diana wore it as her engagement ring. Today, Blue Sapphire is beloved as September’s birthstone and is known as "the stone of joy and wisdom."

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Blue Sapphire Benefits

Since ancient times, beautiful Sapphire has been treasured for its protective and healing benefits. While this gemstone was once thought to protect against disease and poison, today its protective qualities still apply.

Many swear by Sapphire’s ability to protect them from negative vibes that can drain our hearts of joy. Modern folks embrace the stone for its vibrations of wisdom, calm focus, clarity, joy, courage, and deeper consciousness.

Physical Healing Properties of This September Birthstone

Calming and gentle, blue Sapphire promotes peace and is a natural remedy for insomnia because it helps slow down the racing mind.

Sapphire’s vibrations are said to alleviate thyroid challenges, headaches, vertigo, and eyesight and balance issues. The stone is also known as a powerful detoxifier, helping to keep the body clean and healthy.

Sapphire may also calm the adrenals, which can benefit the body in its response to stress. 

Emotional Healing Powers of Blue Sapphire

Many people count on the blue shade of Sapphire to ease emotional suffering caused by their own making. This is a stone that cultivates joy and leads us back to an empowered state of understanding.

Connected to the energies of wisdom, the Sapphire stone encourages a deeper knowing and nudges us to live our inner truth.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sapphire

As blue Sapphire opens the gate to our inner wisdom, it’s no surprise that this gem is connected to the third eye chakra. The seat of our inner sight, the third eye chakra helps us tap into our intuition so we can make heartfelt choices that are aligned with our highest good. 

This gorgeous blue gem is also tied to the throat chakra, which helps us communicate our truth openly. When the throat chakra is blocked, we often find it difficult to draw boundaries and to be heard. Sapphire empowers us to communicate honestly, freely, and with courage. 

Sapphire bridges the connection of the third eye and throat chakras to help us communicate using our intuition. It also helps us take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings without feeling like victims.

Said to be the shade of divinity that is connected to the angelic realms, this blue gemstone can assist us in staying on our spiritual path without losing our way.

Blue Sapphire Benefits for Virgo 

Bold and bright, Sapphire mesmerizes as Virgo’s birthstone. It conducts the energies of this zodiac sign's ruling planet, Mercury, which is known to unravel blocks in communication.

This precious gem represents truth, sincerity, inner vision, and clarity. Sapphire sparkles with wisdom, hope, and faith.

If you want something done, turn to a Virgo. Those born under this sign tend to be solid, reliable, and take their tasks seriously. What trips Virgos up is their endless quest for perfectionism, which can lead them down the rabbit hole of harsh self-criticism.

Blue Sapphire gifts Virgos with a balanced perspective. While wanting things to be perfect can be a positive attribute that helps Virgos strive to succeed, it can also lead those under this sign to be much harsher on themselves than necessary. Sapphire can help Virgos release this negativity so they can treat themselves more gently.

While Virgo’s logic and straightforward approach helps them shine as problem-solvers, they can fall into the trap of overthinking. It helps them trust their mighty intuition, allowing them to look to their heart-space instead of overtaxing their minds.

Ways to Use This Birthstone for Virgo

Those wanting to bring blue Sapphire into their world will discover much joy and power in this heavenly blue gem.

Sparkling with deep spiritual meaning and guidance, this stone is packed with power that can be accessed by wearing it as jewelry or by placing it as a healing accessory in the home or work environment.

  • Birthstone: Blue Sapphire
  • Birthdates: August 23rd to September 22nd
  • Virgo: 6th sign of the zodiac.
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Symbol: The Maiden

Here are some of our favorite ways to use it...


Wear it as Jewelry 

There’s no way to get closer to soaking up Sapphire’s healing vibes than by wearing it. Jewelry encrusted with blue Sapphires works wonders for the wearer and doubles as a stunning fashion statement.

Karma and Luck has you covered with a stunning assortment of blue sapphire bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Use it for Home & Work

Feng Shui your home and work environment to up level the vibes in your environment. You can simply place stones in shallow dishes around your living or work area. Doing so protects your environment from negative vibes. It also charges the space with vibrations of wisdom and clear communication.

Gift Ideas Featuring This September Birthstone

Always ready to see the best in everyone, Virgos are known for their kind, gentle hearts. This makes these individuals fabulous friends and loved ones on whom we can always rely.

Why not present your Virgo with a gift of Sapphire this year? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites at Karma and Luck that are sure to send your Virgo into orbit.

How To Cleanse Sapphire Energetically

Like most gemstones, Sapphire needs to be energetically cleansed and recharged to keep it in its state of peak vibration. You can smudge it with Sage, or place the stone in the soil so it can rejuvenate in the energy of Mother Earth.

You can also run the stone under cool water, or place it in the presence of Clear Quartz for a good cleanse.

Final Thoughts on September’s Birthstone

Stunning and powerful, it’s no wonder blue Sapphire has been coveted throughout time. For those wanting to connect with their inner truth, wisdom, joy, communication, and spiritual expansion, you’ll find a high-level guide in Sapphire. 

To all those Virgos out there, we celebrate you and wish you infinite blessings! Your beautiful spirit and commitment to solving so many problems warms our hearts.

Sapphire is here to remind you of your special gifts, and to support you in avoiding the darker side of perfectionism. You are valuable just as you are, and this birthstone for Virgo will help keep you centered so you can appreciate the beauty of imperfection as it is.

You’re a gentle soul to others. Be sure to include yourself in that. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Sapphire Collection

Blue Stone

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