Raise The Vibration Of Your Home With Evil Eye Charms

Evil Eye charms

Your home is a sacred place. It is where you should feel most comfortable and secure - your place to land after a busy or stressful day. As soon as you walk in the door, you should be welcomed with positive and loving vibrations.

If this is not the case, and you feel like the energy is off or you simply do not feel safe, then evil eye charms may be just the thing you need. 

Using an evil eye for home protection is a tried and trued method that has been used for thousands of years. Its continued reverence speaks to its proven power in keeping us safe from harm.

According to legend, the evil eye, also known as “mati” and “nazar”, is a curse that causes bad luck, injury, illness, and general negativity to befall upon someone. This curse is said to come from envious or hateful eyes. Luckily, the evil eye charm was created to defend against and repel this malicious hex. 

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Surrounded By Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue

Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue
Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue
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By decorating your home with evil eye decorations, you are calling in the supreme light of the universe. Surrounding you, your home, and your loved ones in this luminescent glow, everyone is shielded from danger. 

Interested in employing the use of evil eye amulets in your home? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite evil eye home decorations, as well as explore their use a bit more.

Spiritual Growth - Tree of Life Hamsa Plate
Spiritual Growth - Tree of Life Hamsa Plate
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Evil Eye Protection for the Home

Placing evil eye charms throughout the house is the key to a healthy, happy, and high-vibe environment. Upon walking through the door, you and your guests will be met with an easy, breezy feeling that makes everyone feel right at home.

Evil eye charms ensure that negative energy is unable to enter, while positivity flows right through every door and window. Unwanted visitors are swiftly repelled from your doorstep, keeping all safe and sound from harm. 

Evil Eye charms

  • Where To Place the Evil Eye in the Home for Optimal Feng Shui

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, uses the forces of the natural world to create harmony between people and the places in which they reside. Adhering to the principles of feng shui is said to create a more positive flow of energy in your home.

When incorporating evil eye charms into your home decorations, it is important to keep the ideas of feng shui in mind so as to optimize the effects. 

A popular charm in feng shui, the evil eye is believed to dispel and neutralize any negativity that is brought into the home. By gazing back at the visitor, an evil eye balances the energies of the home and keeps things peaceful. 

As the doorway of a home is said to be the main entry for all energies, feng shui experts recommend hanging an evil eye charm here. It serves as a fearless guardian, denying entry to any unwanted forces. 

As a bringer of equilibrium, evil eye home decorations can be placed just about anywhere in the home, according to feng shui.

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Budding Life - Hamsa & Sage Box
Budding Life - Hamsa & Sage Box
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  • Which Evil Eye Charm Is Good For The Home?

With a variety of choices, you can choose any style of evil eye charm that calls to you and works with your home aesthetic. The traditional variation of evil eye amulets is made of dark blue glass, with concentric circles of light blue and white, and a black pupil in the middle.

This classic style is a beautiful addition to the home, and its blue hues are said to be extraordinary in absorbing dark energy. 

If you are looking for a more unique style, choose a colorful evil eye charm with a variety of healing crystals and gemstones. Also available in gold and silver designs, your options are endless. From elegant to playful, there is an evil eye charm to match every home aesthetic. 

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Celestial Bliss - Hamsa Plate
Celestial Bliss - Hamsa Plate
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  • The Evil Eye in Various Rooms

The evil eye is most commonly recommended to be hung from the doorway, as this is the entry point of all energy. Blocking negative people and moments from your home and your family, the evil eye stands vigilantly at the door. Ever on guard, you and your personal space are protected. 

It is also advised to place evil eye decor for the home in the living room. As this is a place we generally spend most of our time with family and friends, it is a great place to uplift the mood.

Gazing boldly back at all visitors, it keeps the energy friendly, positive, and supportive for all. This is a gathering space for enjoying time together, and an evil amulet kept here ensures that intention is maintained. 

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If you suffer from nightmares, an evil eye kept in the bedroom can be helpful in keeping your sleep relaxing and blissful. Place an evil eye amulet on your bedside table or hanging above the bed and catch those z’s in peace. 

Placing an evil eye charm in children’s rooms is a beautiful way to ensure your sweet ones’ safety through the night. As children are believed to be most susceptible to the curse of the evil eye, protective amulets placed here are especially beneficial. 

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Evil Eye in the Workspace

Work can be hectic and stressful, swiftly filling a day with difficulties. However, it does not have to be that way. Placing an evil eye charm on your desk or hanging on the wall of your office can help to alleviate some of your problems.

Whether it is an angry boss, aggressive coworkers, upset clients, or anything else, the evil eye charm will help to neutralize energies. This keeps your workplace a more efficient space, and more conducive to your mental health. 

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Our Evil Eye to Fill your Spaces with Light

Evil Eye Charms with the Tree of Life

Providing roots, the tree of life grounds you in protective, loving energy. A tree of life evil eye amulet is especially effective when placed in the living room. As the tree of life represents family and friends, this gathering space is an excellent place to call in positive, joyful energy.

  • Spiritual Growth - Ceramic Tree of Life Hamsa Plate

This gorgeous ceramic plate is painted with the evil eye and the tree of life, accompanied by colorful hearts and the word “family”. Upon entering your peaceful home, visitors are met with purely welcoming energy.

In your home, everyone is family, and this is felt instantly. Your family is the most sacred thing for you, and this evil eye amulet plate serves to protect them and keep them safe from harm. 

Spiritual Growth - Ceramic Tree of Life Hamsa Plate

  • Conscious Life - Ceramic Hamsa Tree of Life Wall Blessing

Painted with stunning gold glaze, this white ceramic evil eye decoration livens up any room of the home. Featuring the tree of life, the Hamsa, and the evil eye, this wall hanging employs the power of three sacred symbols to fill your home with protective vibrations. Your home, and those who live in it, will be showered in blessings. 

Conscious Life - Ceramic Hamsa Tree of Life Wall Blessing

Evil Eye Amulets for the Home

From wall hangings to stunning painted plates, these evil eye decorations for the home will add a creative touch to your home, and surround it in protective energy. Placed in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room, these evil amulets would be beautiful .

  • Bright Outlook - Ceramic Hamsa Evil Eye Wall Blessing

In traditional colors of white and blue, this ceramic piece decorates your home in brightness and positivity. Serving as a blessing for the whole family, this evil eye amulet reminds everyone of their gifts and potential. 

Bright Outlook - Ceramic Hamsa Evil Eye Wall Blessing

  • Omen of Positivity - Copper Enamel Evil Eye Wall Blessing

Shining with a copper aesthetic, this gorgeous evil eye decoration goes with just about any home design. Its neutral colors add a subtle touch of style and protection to your space. Positivity lights the way towards your dreams, reminding you to stay open to miracles. 

Omen of Positivity - Copper Enamel Evil Eye Wall Blessing

  • Serene Mind - Copper Enamel Om Hamsa Wall Blessing

Sparkling with red cz crystals, this evil eye amulet hangs from the wall and stares right back at any danger that comes your way. Your home is filled with light, positivity, and bliss. 

Serene Mind - Copper Enamel OM Hamsa Wall Blessing

Evil Eye Charm Plates

Placed on your desk, the living room table, or the kitchen counter, these stunning evil eye plates are painted with intention and care. 

  • Budding Life - Lotus Hamsa Plate Eucalyptus Rosemary White Sage Box

A gorgeous gift box to give yourself, or as a housewarming gift, this evil eye amulet plate is accompanied by two white sage bundles. The plate, with a lotus symbol and an evil eye, represents new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Budding Life - Lotus Hamsa Plate Eucalyptus Rosemary White Sage Box

  • Cheerful Spirit - Ceramic Heart Hamsa Plate

In bold hues of pink and orange, this vibrant ceramic plate radiates with the vibration of pure love. Your family feels a warm, loving embrace as soon as they enter the door. 

Cheerful Spirit - Ceramic Heart Hamsa Plate

  • Celestial Bliss - Ceramic Moon Astrology Hamsa Plate

Deep indigo blue plays with the light of golden yellow paint in this stunning celestial evil eye charm. Tune into the wisdom of the cosmos with this piece guiding the way. 

Ceramic Moon Astrology Hamsa Plate

Light Your Home in Evil Eye Protection

Filled with limitless potential and infinite love, the evil eye is ready and willing to protect your home. Repelling negativity and dispelling danger, evil eye decorations make room for love and joy to flourish within your family’s space. Rest easy each night knowing that the evil eye is vigilantly standing guard - defending you, your loved ones, and your house. 

Interested in purchasing an evil eye amulet for the home? Visit our website and shop our full collection. 

Evil eye charms are a popular accessory that not only add a pop of color to your outfit but also hold a rich history and mystical meaning. Learn more in our guide about the mystical meanings of evil eye jewelryStart Your Journey Here: Gifts for the Home

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