Metaphysical Home Decor: Infuse Your Space With Good Energy

Metaphysical Home Decor

Our home is our safe haven; it’s the place where we return to after facing our daily activities. The rooms and environments in our home are the containers of our inner struggles and hopes, the places where we allow ourselves to be most vulnerable.

That’s why it is essential to keep our dwelling space free of bad intentions and harmful energies, especially during this hectic time of the year.

Our metaphysical home decor collection features universal symbols and healing crystals. They deflect negative vibrations from the environment and attract prosperity and happiness into the home.

Metaphysical Home Décor to Positively Impact Your Space

Using spiritual home decor is a powerful way to draw abundance, health, and prosperity into your home and family life. Beautiful and stylish, here’s what you have to choose from in our zen home decor collection.

Feng Shui Trees

Our tree of life collection is intentionally handmade in the mystical Far East to protect your home from negative vibes, the Evil Eye, and harmful spirits.

Each of these beautiful trees of life are crafted with healing stones to enhance the vibrational field in your home environment. The positive effects of these spiritual home decor items bring peace and confidence to everyone who enters your house.

Spiritual Home Decor Feng Shui Trees

Emotional Growth - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree (XXL)
Emotional Growth - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree (XXL)
The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in. If the thing you crave the most is deepening th...
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Wooden Wall Blessings

Our Wooden Wall Blessings are handmade in holy lands to bless your home with sacred and protective energies.

The sacred symbols of these metaphysical decor items offer healing protection, creating a visual image that grounds everyone who enters your home. The magical gemstones that decorate these exquisite pieces attract divine consciousness and quickly distribute it throughout the room.

zen home decor Wooden Wall Blessings

Sacred Unity - Hamsa Blessing
祝福を数えるには集中して他に何かを数える時間はないわ 伝統、信仰、神徳は、家庭の安定の重要な柱を表わすものであり、何世紀にもわたって存在してきた十二の部族のような象徴を探すのが賢明な選択だ。 保護されたハムサとペアになった時、この銘板は本物の家のデカルト・アミュレットになる...
通常価格 $79
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Ceramic Wall Blessings

Another beautiful addition to our metaphysical home decor is our Ceramic Wall Blessings. They are like beautiful pieces of jewelry brought to the walls of your home, bestowing positive energies upon your spirit. 

Each piece is empowered with spiritual symbols and sacred blessings to ward off self-doubt and scarcity from your vibrational field. In addition to being visually stunning, they promote mental clarity to ensure your family never fails to trust their intuition.

metaphysical decor

Karma and Luck  Home Decor  -  Ceramic Rose Hamsa Dish
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Blooming Splendor - Hamsa Plate
Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Let your surrounding become imbued with ex...
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Decorative Plates

Our decorative plates are beautiful metaphysical home decor items that are meaningfully designed to raise the vibration in your home.

These ceramic plates are built in the shape of the Hamsa Hand, an ancient symbol of protection that deflects unwanted energies. They contain additional sacred symbols to soothe the mind and bring us into a state of universal connection.

You can display these pieces on a table or bureau, or use them for eating, making each meal a meaningful and empowering ritual.

Many people choose our decorative ceramic plates to hold their smudge sticks. It's a way to infuse more power and intention into the purification of your home, inviting wisdom, acceptance, and calm indoors.

Celestial Bliss - Ceramic Moon Astrology Hamsa Plate 1

Celestial Bliss - Hamsa Plate
Celestial Bliss - Hamsa Plate
You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars, guides you too. The Zodiac symbolism is strong and robust in reminding ...
通常価格 $24
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Crystals & Minerals

Crystals and minerals have powerful healing properties that restore the energetic balance of our bodies and environments. Besides being visually beautiful, our Mineral Intention Boxes are a delightful choice of metaphysical home decor.

Each crystal has a particular intention, bringing peace, mental clarity, and optimism to our daily lives. You can also opt for Large Crystal Points to further amplify your intentions.

Whether we are stressed, tired, anxious, or fearful, each sacred gemstone has the potential to absorb those energies and bring us more spiritual empowerment, confidence, and commitment to our inner journey.

Crystal Home Decor


Crystal Singing Bowls

Some people mistakenly believe Crystal Singing Bowls are meant to be used only by spiritual healers. However, they can be part of your metaphysical home decor, bringing their healing potential into your home.

These ancient Tibetan meditation tools balance our chakras and reduce mind chatter. It is an excellent way to get back in touch with our inner selves after a hectic day at work, optimizing the flow of energy in our bodies and homes.

If you want to bless any object, such as your wallet, keys, or necklace, simply place it in a bowl with some crystals while setting your intentions.

うれしそうなリズム - オレンジセクラルチャクラの歌ボウル
うれしそうなリズム - オレンジセクラルチャクラの歌ボウル
実際の癒しが起こると一緒に働き始めるときです。各雰囲気が棒のわずかな強打によって作成されたので、私たちの歌いボウルはあなたの心の中で肯定的な振動を作り出します。それに気付いた時までに、この作品によって作成された音の物理的な性質はあなたの魂を魅了します。 NS "うれしそうな...
通常価格 $279
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Metaphysical Home Decor

Protected with Positivity - Evil Eye Ceramic Statue
Protected with Positivity - Evil Eye Ceramic Statue
You’re in charge of your peace and emotional well-being, don’t allow the chaos of this world to hamper your inner tranquility. The "Prote...
通常価格 $89
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Final Thoughts

Our vital energy, focus, and drive slowly wane at this time of the year, which is perfectly natural. We, like most elements of the Universe, go through cycles. We have the vitality to express our intentions at some phases and need to withdraw to recharge our energies at others.

The items in our metaphysical home decor collection are carefully designed with sacred symbols of protection to help us in this process. 

You can choose from ceramic wall blessings, singing bowls, feng shui trees, or crystals and minerals to turn your home into a sacred space of energetic and spiritual restoration. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Home Decor

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