Amplify the Evil Eye with these 4 Sacred Symbols

Evil Eye Symbols

Across the globe, the evil eye symbol is one of the most important amulets for protection. Used by a variety of cultures and faiths for thousands of years, and still revered today, is proof that this symbol is full of infinite potential.

Not to be confused with the curse of the evil eye, the symbol of the evil eye was born to repel this malicious hex. 

Gazing right back in the face of danger and harm, the evil eye dispels any negativity that comes your way. As the human gaze is said to be more powerful than we realize, it has the potential to cause some serious damage - which is where the evil eye symbol steps in to save the day.

Serving as your own personal bodyguard, it shields you from destructive forces that may try to hurt you, whether that be physically or emotionally. 

Evil eye symbolism can be found all over the place, including jewelry, home decor, clothing, and more. Born in the Middle East, its popularity and notoriety have spread far and wide.

Evil Eye Symbols

Oasis - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
本当の平和と調和を見つけるための場所は1つだけです。その場所はその中にあります。あなたの内側のオアシスを見つけ、私たちの暗闇を減らす Oasis Feng Shui Amethystクリスタルの生活の木。自信を持ってあなたの魂を吸い込み、あなたの精神の保護をその保護を放射す...
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Once only found made of dark blue glass, the symbol of the evil eye can now be found in a variety of designs and styles. 

The traditional amulet of blue glass is powerful in its own rite, however, it is believed that the addition of various other symbols or crystals can greatly enhance the power of the evil eye symbol. When the evil eye symbol joins forces with other sacred symbols of the world, the abilities of both are strengthened. 

Interested in which symbols pair the best with the evil eye? Read on to discover how various ancient amulets can amplify evil eye symbolism. 


Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Omnipresent Spirit - Hamsa Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet
あなたの魂はあなたの究極のガイダンスシステムです。あなたはあなたの魂をコンパス、地図、そして目的地をすべて1つずつ考えることができます。誰かがあなたの方向に否定的なエネルギーを送っているのであれば、私たちの強力な「OMNIPRESENT Spirit - Hamsa e...
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  • The Evil Eye & Lotus 

Emerging from dark, murky waters, the lotus flower mesmerizes with its ability to blossom from negative circumstances into such impressive beauty. In bright hues of pink, white, and yellow, the lotus reminds you to stay hopeful even through times of difficulty.

It serves as a reminder that deep transformation is possible and that you are capable of overcoming every obstacle. With each challenge, you learn something new and you grow into an even more beautiful version of you. 

Paired with the lotus, the evil eye symbol of protection is enhanced. As you grow and transform, you may discover unwanted attention from envious or hateful eyes. To keep yourself shielded from this negativity, use a powerful amulet to ward off the evil eye curse.

A lotus and evil eye charm ensures that you are free to spread your wings and soar to new heights, all while staying safe and protected from harm’s way. 


The lotus also welcomes in fresh starts and new beginnings. Whether you are moving to a new place, starting a new job, entering into a new school, or anything else, an amulet featuring the lotus and the evil eye is your new best friend.

Supportive and trusted, the evil eye symbol of protection will keep you safe in your new surroundings, while the lotus of transformation will encourage you to branch out. As you discover unknown territory, you can rest assured that the evil eye symbol will repel any negative people or experiences from blocking your path. 

  • The Evil Eye & Tree of Life

The symbolic evil eye beautifully complements the sacred tree of life. The tree of life, represented by a tree with deep roots and long branches, has a variety of powerful meanings. In some ideologies, the tree of life corresponds to one’s own individuality.

As each tree of the world is unique in form and appearance, so are we as humans. Every human is on a different path, full of different opportunities and experiences. The tree of life honors this individuality, while also respecting the connectedness of all beings. 

In other beliefs, the tree of life is said to demonstrate the connection between Heaven, Earth, and below. As humans, we can learn to channel the grounding energy from below, as well as the divine energy from above. 

Copper Bonsai Trees Aquamarine Collections

一旦考える方法を変え始めるならば、あなたはあなたが人生で大きいことを明らかにするのを助ける革新を示唆し始めます。ちょうどこの素晴らしい風水木(Manifester Feng Shui Aventurine Crystal Tree)を見て、喜びの感覚を引き起こして、途中で富...
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With its deep roots, the tree of life connects us to the lessons of our past, while its long branches let us be hopeful for our future, and the sturdy trunk helps us in staying grounded and  in the present moment. 

The protective symbolism of the evil eye works with the calming energy of the tree of life to keep you ever reaching towards your dreams. By wearing an evil eye tree of life charm, you are inviting the loving warmth of both symbols into your life.

The symbol of the evil eye surrounds you in its defensive shield, ever ready to protect you from danger - letting the tree of life work its magic in helping you grow. You are forever supported with these two symbols. 

Check out this gorgeous evil eye tree of life design! Blessed Trinity

Copper Bonsai Trees Aquamarine Collections

  • The Evil Eye & the Chakras

What does the evil eye symbol mean when paired with the chakras? If you have ever wondered how the meaning of the evil symbol is transformed with the addition of the seven colorful chakras, then read on. 

According to ancient wisdom, every human has an intricate energetic system running through the body, also known as the chakras. In Sanskrit, chakra means “disk” or “spinning wheel”, and refers to the spinning centers of energy within the body.

There are said to be seven main chakras - the root chakra located at the base of the spine, the sacral chakra located right below the belly button, the solar plexus chakra located in the stomach, the heart chakra located in the heart and chest, the throat chakra located in the neck and throat, the third eye chakra located right between the eyes, and the crown chakra centered at the top of the head.

The chakras are believed to have a profound effect on our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When aligned, balanced, and activated, your mood is enhanced, your immune system is healthy, and your connection to the divine is strengthened.

Chakra Jewelry Symbol Collections

Vibrant Outlook - Multi Stone Chakra Bracelet
Vibrant Outlook - Multi Stone Chakra Bracelet
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You can determine which chakras are in need of extra help by examining what areas in life you are lacking in or struggling with, and then take it from there. 

Once activated and strong, aligned chakras help you see life from a more positive and optimistic perspective. Life is refreshed and your confidence is built up. So, what does the evil eye symbolize when paired with the symbol of the chakras?

The meaning of the evil eye symbol is enhanced even further when the chakras are balanced. With a strong energy center and a positive mental attitude, your aura is already going to be working to protect you. You will be more aware of the energy of others, and be better able to trust in your intuition.

This makes the evil eye’s job a little easier. Making the choice to boost your own health and well-being puts more independence and initiative in your court, and the Universe will reward you abundantly for this - especially in terms of the protection you receive.

Chakra Jewelry Symbol Collections

「ベースメタル: -  4mmのファセットアメジストと6mmのrudraksh *コンポーネントと真っ赤な真珠のネックレス*コンポーネント: - 眼球枕6 mm *ゴールド仕上げ*白タッセル
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「ベースメタル: - 4mmのファセットアメジストと6mmのrudraksh *コンポーネントと真っ赤な真珠のネックレス*コンポーネント: - 眼球枕6 mm *ゴールド仕上げ*白タッセル
Grounded in spirituality, we allow our spirits to soar. Our one-of-a-kind "Spiritual Healing - Amethyst Pearl Evil Eye Mala" acts as an e...
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  • The Evil Eye & the Hamsa

The meaning of the evil eye symbol is highly interconnected with the meaning of the hamsa. In fact, both the original evil eye symbol and the original hamsa symbol were created thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.

Since then, they have both remained highly revered and respected symbols throughout the world, and are still used and worn today. 

Largely connected to the Jewish faith, but popular in a variety of cultures and faiths, the hamsa is represented by a hand with five fingers. It is said to be the hand of God, and similar to the meaning of the evil eye symbol, it is used for sacred and powerful protection. Warding away evil spirits and physical harm, the hamsa swiftly repels danger from your path. 

The hamsa can be worn two ways, and each provides a different purpose. For example, if you wear a hamsa with the fingers facing upwards, you are calling in divine protection. Negativity, danger, or malicious actions will be dispelled, keeping you safe and sound from harm.

Evil Eye & the Hamsa

あなたの意識を高め、世界とあなたのユニークさを共有. あなたは私たちの強大な賢明な視線ラピス邪悪な目チャームブレスレットの高周波数と接続すると、宇宙の不思議への扉を開く準備をしなさい。ラピスラズリ石はそのような神の環境を提供し、保護邪悪な目は否定性の盾として機能します。 
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If you choose to wear your hamsa facing downwards, it is said to call in abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Either way it is worn, the hamsa is sure to bring a wealth of gifts and benefits into your life. 

The evil eye protection symbol is greatly enhanced in power when worn with the hamsa. Its defensive abilities are heightened, ensuring that your safety is prioritized. Wearing these two symbols together is akin to having two vigilant security guards.

Always by your side, and always keeping watch, these two sacred symbols working together is truly the dream team. As the meaning of the evil eye and the hamsa are so deeply intertwined, they are able to join forces and boost your individual line of protection. 

Evil Eye with these 4 Sacred Symbols

Invite Sacred Symbols into your Life

Let’s face it - we could all use an uplifting boost once in a while. Harness the healing benefits of sacred symbols to light up your life in vivid color and excitement. If you are just jumping into the world of symbols, the evil eye symbol is a great way to dip your toes into the wealth of benefits they can provide.

One of the most highly revered amulets, the evil eye showers you in its loving protection, ensuring that positivity is free to flow into your life, while negativity and danger is repelled. 

Once you are guarded by this powerful force, you can invite the energies of other symbols to not only boost the evil eye’s properties, but also add their own splash of vibrancy to your days. 

Did you find an evil eye piece that calls to you, or do you want to keep searching? Visit our website to check out our full collection of stunning evil eye designs, all featuring an array of symbols, crystals, and stones. 

Evil eye symbols are not just simple symbols, but hold a rich history and deep meaning. Discover more about the power of these symbols in our comprehensive guide to evil eye jewelry.

Evil Eye Collections

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