21 Unique Father’s Day Gifts to Set His Intentions on Fire in 2021

Unique Fathers Day Gifts

A father’s love is protective, encouraging, grounding, and stabilizing. It teaches us what it means to be resilient and stand up for those we love. And when it’s time to give your dad a gift that has meaning beyond words, not many will fit the bill.

That’s why we put together this list of unique Father’s Day gifts for 2021. Infused with high vibrational energy and symbolism, each item is distinctive and made to last, which will enable him to set his intentions on fire and conquer the day.

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Unique Father’s Day Gifts for 2021 That Will Help Him Achieve His Intentions

There is no better way to show appreciation and admiration for your father than to surprise him with one of the unique father’s day gifts on this list…

For Success & Prosperity

For all the hard-working fathers out there who are always giving their best to secure financial stability and security for their loved ones, the right gift goes a long way. Mindfully selected stones and spiritual symbols can assist him in making the path to success and prosperity easier and faster.

The Success Feng Shui Tree includes Jade stones which are known to be powerful abundance attractors. This tree aims to lift the weight from his shoulders while eliminating obstacles from his path and enhancing his determination.

Another incredible gift, the Tiger's Eye Labradorite Pyrite Triple Protection Bracelet
 sets out to deflect negativity with the Evil Eye Charm and enhance his endurance on the way to success. When you’re looking for unique Father’s Day gifts, this one will remind him of how powerful he is, especially when things seem tough and challenges insurmountable.

Gifts like these are a great way to thank him, help him create more abundance, and attract the prosperity he deserves.

For Courage, Strength & Motivation

Self-doubt and lack of confidence can be a thing of the past when you set the intention for courage and support yourself with the correct frequencies.

With three powerful stones, the Renewed Courage Bracelet inspires and motivates in a big way. The energy of Tiger’s Eye will help bring out the leader’s spirit and the courageous fighter persona in him. At the same time, Onyx and Pyrite stones will ensure that no external factors threaten his newfound motivation.

For our dads, who are our heroes, the Outstanding Strength Necklace can be a great accessory and a reminder of how strong and courageous he is, and always has been, in our eyes. It will motivate him while deflecting negativity in his path.

The Burst of Courage Feng Shui Tree carries the power of Tiger’s Eye stones in a big way. Both grounding and stress-relieving, but also encouraging and motivating, this is undoubtedly a unique Father’s Day gift for 2021.

It will not only spark new ideas but also boost confidence and strength, helping him pursue goals with gusto (because even though they won’t admit it, our superheroes sometimes need a boost, too).

For Chakra Balancing

Healing stones have transformative energies that will help him balance his chakras and release blockages and tension. Unique Father’s Day gifts can help with chakra alignment by slowly eliminating stress, worry, and doubt from his aura, inviting peaceful energy and harmony to take their place.

The Karmic Alignment Wall Blessing is the perfect way to give your dad the daily reminder he needs to balance and support his personal energy field. With a stone for every chakra and the Hamsa Hand symbol to further evade negative forces, you’ll be setting him up for success.

Men's Bracelets for Father's Day

So that he can have more consistent support, the Hematite Chakra Bracelet has the perfect blend of grounding, stabilizing Hematite, along with the high-vibrational energy of chakra stones. It’s a harmonious balance that produces a calm state of mind and a rejuvenated energy body.

Rest assured, he will notice a difference in energy levels, feeling relaxed and balanced with any of these thoughtful gifts.

To Remind Him of Deeper Meanings

We get so caught up in the stress of our material lives that we forget to appreciate and dive deeper into what truly matters. However, if we are willing to, when we take a moment to look within and give in to silence, we are reminded of the deeper meaning in life.

The Meaningful Existence Medallion Necklace is a unique Father’s Day gift for 2021 that will help him do exactly that. Including a spiritual Hamsa Hand charm and an Onyx stone, it works to eliminate unnecessary everyday worries. Calming as it is, this piece will help him release stress and the things he can’t control while finding joy in small blessings.

Hamsa Hand Necklace

The Origin Of The Universe Necklace will help him recapture a belief that everything is happening for a reason and our highest good. As he spins the zodiac wheel, it will remind him to relax and know that everything in his life is as it should be.

For Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui men’s bracelets are designed to change the energy within and elevate the energy of the immediate environment.

The Fulfillment of Potential Bracelet includes a dragon charm, which awakens personal power and motivates forward movement. This spiritual bracelet will help him co-create with the Universe and stay strong and determined in the process. Together with Jade stones, it provides the perfect energy to help him attract profitable opportunities that align with his intentions and goals.

If you wish to help him find more balance, the Cleansed Aura Bracelet is the harmony-maker you’re seeking. This is a gift that exudes powerful masculine energy. With the grounding, protecting power of Obsidian, and the cleansing Jade stones, he’ll feel the balance of chi in his home being restored.

A Feng Shui Tree is another great option as it works to establish a perfect equilibrium of positive energy in a space, promoting good vibes and harmonious emotions.

Feng Shui Tree for Dad

For Health & Healing

Every change starts with an intention. When we are ready to heal, the right support tools are presented to us. Stones, spiritual symbols, and prayer can help us attune our bodies to the  correct healing frequencies so that we can release what has outstayed its welcome in our energy field.

The Soothing Repair Amethyst Wall Blessing is a unique Father’s Day gift for 2021 that combines all three. Amethyst will raise the awareness necessary on any healing journey, relieving stress and anxiety. The Hamsa Hand serves as a powerful reminder that healing is possible and every step he takes is guided.

The Bronze Eye of Horus Bracelet combines lava stones for the strength of spirit and body with the healing Eye of Horus Charm. Together, they will strengthen his core spirit so that negativity from the past can no longer impact the present.

If you’re hoping to contribute to the quality of his life in a meaningful way, giving him a Healing Power Bracelet might be just the thing. Turquoise pieces have an incredibly alleviating effect, healing both the body and the soul and helping him on the road to recovery.

Unique Gifts for Father's Day

For fathers who are in touch with nature, an Agarwood bracelet can be the perfect Father’s day gift. Agarwood beads are known for their ability to heal and restore balance.

The Elusive Pursuit Agarwood Bracelet is a Mala wrap bracelet that promotes healing through mindfulness. It will help him reconnect with his spiritual side and use the strength of the spirit to improve the quality of his life.

For fathers who like metal details, the Rooted in Spirituality Bracelet will add a stylish detail to his wardrobe while bringing him inner peace and promoting true contentment. Through raising awareness, it will create a sense of peace and stillness that feeds his soul.

For a Deeper Grounding Experience

Being grounded is the prerequisite for inner peace and calmness. When we are deeply rooted, we operate from the higher self, and we are balanced and relaxed. In your search for unique Father’s Day gifts 2021, help him release tension and worry with a Stay Grounded Bracelet.

It includes a sterling silver Evil Eye symbol that has an incredible power to root even the most chaotic energies. A combination of Hematite and Onyx stones provide instantaneous stress relief by first absorbing and then helping to release negativity and stress.

The Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace will activate the lower chakras and help disperse energy throughout the body in a calming and grounding way. It includes Onyx stone to help him persevere, feel present, and remain focused.

The Feng Shui Hematite Tree With Geode Base is another great option. By stabilizing and rooting his energy, it will bring him peace when things feel out of his control, removing negative thoughts and low vibrations from his space.

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Final Thoughts

Our father’s strength and perseverance helped us become the people we are today. When you give your dad one of the unique, high-vibrational gifts on this list, he’ll know you put a lot of thought into this Father’s Day. And you can feel good knowing you’re supporting him in attaining his deepest desires.

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