10 Top Gifts for Your Kids: From Baby to Teenager, They'll Feel Protected & Loved

Top Gifts for Kids

Having kids completely changes your life, whether you intend it to or not.

You realize that you're responsible for this tiny new life now and always, at the moment of your baby's birth. Right away, your whole life takes on new meaning as you expand your soul-energy to embrace theirs.

For kids, on the other hand, you are their entire world. From the moment you first hold them in your arms, you are their protection, sustenance, joy and inspiration. To children, their parents are love in the only way they recognize it.

That's why it's essential to regularly express your unending love to your kids. Jewelry is an excellent way to do it because it's a gift that lasts and is, therefore, reassuring as well. Every time your little one wears the jewelry, they know who gave it to them and why.

When in doubt, give a gift card!

Boys Bracelet

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10 Top Gifts for Kids

Our kid's collection has beautifully crafted pieces to suit even the most discerning little personality. Here are our top ten gifts for your kids that they're sure to love.

Your Very First Gift for Baby

After months of waiting in excited and loving anticipation, you're finally cradling your baby's tiny frame in your arms. As you stare in awe at your little darling, you feel so protective, and an immense love fills your heart chakra like a lotus flower in full bloom.

Did you know your baby is already soothed by the sound of your voice while still in the womb?

Unborn babies recognize their mother's voice and even sounds of her native language from about the eighth month of pregnancy. 

Isn't that just amazing?

The love bond between you and your baby is already strong at birth, and it continues to grow every day. Know that you can never spoil a baby by giving it too much attention since it thrives and develops in the glow of your care and devotion.

It's only natural that you want to give your little one a token of your endless love and protection in the early months of their life.

Holiday Gifts for Kids

For Baby Girls

Protected by Love – Baby Girl Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet is the ideal symbol of care to gift to your little princess. 

Handmade with the utmost care, the red string is a universal symbol of compassion and kindness. At the same time, the evil eye is a timeless icon of protection.

By showing her kindness and compassion as she grows, she will reciprocate with the same to everyone around her. Knowing she's safe builds her confidence and helps her flourish.

Bless it with the energy of divine love, safekeeping, and joy before placing it on her wrist, and it will strengthen your bond even when you're apart.

Boys Red String Bracelet

For Baby Boys

We've got the perfect gift for mini princes too. The Caring Protection – Baby Boy Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet shows him that he's loved, deeply cared for, and kept safe at all times.

With the combined symbols of compassion, kindness, and protection on his arm, your little boy will effortlessly explore his world. His curiosity is complimented by the reassurance that a loving and guiding hand is only a moment away.

Consecrate his small, potent bracelet with divine love, security, and joy to fortify the bond that already exists between you, whether you're near or far.

Hearts For Kids

Pearl Gifts for Kids

Heart symbols are widely used to convey love, joy, and affection. There's nothing that will warm the heart of any young girl more than a heart-shaped gift from her parents.

For the little lady who loves to be surrounded by delicate, beautiful things, we've got the Pure Love – Kids Heart Evil Eye Freshwater Pearl Kids Bracelet. This stunning piece is specially crafted for its subtle beauty with authentic gemstones.

Wearing this inviting pink heart flanked by two evil eye charms and surrounded by freshwater pearl stones, she knows she's safe and dearly loved. Children must have that reassurance because they develop insecurities and fears that hold them back in life without it.

With all negativity deflected away and the energy of innocence, imagination, and purity amplified around her, her confidence will blossom and grow. 

Then again, is your little miss always calling you? Does she frequently say - "watch this," "let me show you something," or "play with me"?

She's not being demanding; she just feels more loved and appreciated when you spend time with her. Of course, you can't always be there, but you can let her know that she's always on your mind and that you love being in her company.

The color purple adds admiration and togetherness to the love, joy, and affection of the heart symbol. Our Purple Dream – Enamel Heart Stud Earrings are perfect for the little girl who values your time together.

Show her how much she means to you 24/7/365 by gifting her a pair of charming earnings handmade just for her in Thailand. Tell her that as her earrings were destined for her from thousands of miles away, so your love never leaves.  

Kids Evil Eye Bracelet

The Evil Eye Protects

The evil eye is a respected and enduring symbol of protection that deflects all negativity from the wearer. Giving your kids an evil eye symbol to wear swathes them a protective shield that keeps them safe from harm.

As babies grow into toddlers and progress into active, healthy children, parents can become really stressed about their well-being. Naturally, you can't hold back their development just to keep them safe.

So what's the best way?

Express your love to your kids every day and make time to chat with them daily. Take the time to listen to them. Hear their hopes, dreams, and fears. Reassure them that they can tell you anything and that you will always be there for them.

Gifting your kids with an evil eye symbol is the seal on the contract of love and trust you reinforce each day. Tell your little ones that when they're wearing their evil eye, they're protected by your love and the love of the divine.

It's true that from their very first step, your tiny cherub is starting on their life journey. Although you're there to support them along the way, more and more, it becomes a solo journey. They have to learn to navigate their world, and as they do, they'll start building their own hopes and dreams.

Big Dreams

Kids Red String Bracelets

Suppose you're noticing your little cutie's world, and dreams are becoming more significant. In that case, the Vivid Reality – Footprints Evil Eye Kids Red Bracelet may be just what you need.

Set on a red string for compassion and kindness, a footprints charm is guarded by evil eye charms on either side. Your tiny treasure is protected as they take each step forward on their life journey.

Teddy bears denote innocence, youth and unconditional love, and kids' dreams are often pure creativity from their hearts. Our Immense Protection – Teddy Bear Evil Eye Bracelet is also excellent for keeping dreams that way.

With a cute pink teddybear protected on either side by an evil eye charm, this graceful, adjustable sterling silver bracelet will appeal to the heart of any tot.

Encourage big dreams as they venture forth in happiness, knowledge, and assurance. Keep them free of fear by always being their guiding hand.  

Joyful Curiosity

Childrens Chakra Bracelet

Kids who know they're loved and feel safe and secure are an endless source of joy and happiness. Since they're free of fear, they're also continually experiencing their world with renewed excitement as they seek to explore and learn.

Its children's joyful curiosity and pure intentions that give us hope for a glorious future. In this future, they will live and thrive.

That's why you must encourage and nurture your little people's spontaneity, laughter, and enjoyment of the world around them. Delight with them in each new discovery and teach them gratitude and appreciation for all they find.

Gift a curious and enquiring little mind with the vibrant Cheerful Protection – Multi-Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet. An evil eye charm is surrounded by authentic Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Red Agate and Tiger's Eye gemstones.

Each stone enriches your precious's life with its own energy, while the evil eye deflects negativity and keeps them safe.

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect gemstone to bring spiritual durability into joyful curiosity. The Caring Union – Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Boys Bracelet is ideal for the adventurous little guy, with stones of universal truth combined with healing and spiritual powers

Handmade in Thailand, an evil eye charm sits dignified, surrounded by beautiful royal blue Lapis Lazuli. It's the perfect companion amulet your boy will wear with joy.

Safety Pins

Safety Pins

If you've ever had a baby shower, you likely used safety pin images or props as part of the décor. Despite the advent of disposable diapers, safety pins are still a symbol linked to babies.

Aside from keeping nappies in place, did you know safety pins are a symbol of protection? Or that if worn over the heart, they can make wishes come true? Safety pins also symbolize common bonds between people and the pact to always stay together, come rain or shine.

Kid's want nothing more than to know that the people they love will love them forever too. In making that special spiritual pact, you agree to care for and protect them until they're of age. So what better way to confirm you're infinite bond than with a stunning safety pin brooch?

For the little animal lover, there's the Genuine Curiosity – Safety Pin Multi Charm Brooch. Let the wise elephant and persistent turtle charms become their buddies as they learn to practice strength and endurance in life.

While the animals share their guiding energy, an evil eye charm deflects negativity, and a flower charm cultivates love, hope, and fortune.

We've got the curious little adventurer covered too. Although their boundless energy might give you a few gray hairs, it's a normal part of healthy development.

Take care of your stress without discouraging their liveliness by gifting them a Protected Childhood – Safety Pin Evil Eye Brooch. Not one but five evil eye charms guard over the pint-sized wearer, deflecting all types of harm and danger.

The number five relates to Mercury, named after the speedy, wing-heeled god and messenger to all gods in mythology. In numerology, five represents curiosity, adventure, communication, and intelligence.

If that sounds like the little busy-bee you love profoundly, bless and keep them safe by pinning a safety pin brooch over their heart.

In The End…

Children love getting gifts, even more so if it's attached to a story or someone they love. Gifts for your kids should be meaningful so they can to express their love through giving.

When you give your little ones sacred gifts blessed with love and pure intentions, they cherish them forever and feel your presence whenever they wear the item.

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