The Ultimate Guide to Moonstone: Harness the Power of the Moon

The Ultimate Guide to Moonstone

For as long as humans have been gazing up at the night sky, we have been fascinated by the silver-white radiance of our moon. One of the most important celestial bodies, as well as the closest to Earth, our moon influences the ocean tides as it orbits the planet and is often associated with divine womanhood and feminine spirituality.

Here on earth, this cosmic energy is captured in a truly unique gem called moonstone. If you feel a connection to the moon, you’ll resonate with the power of this pale, iridescent stone. Of course, it’s also beautiful—but there’s so much more to moonstone than meets the eye.

Read on for our full guide to the meaning of moonstone, moonstone jewelry, and the spiritual properties of moonstone.Dreamy Grace - Moonstone Multi Symbol Rosary Necklace

Dreamy Grace - Moonstone Multi Symbol Rosary Necklace
Dreamy Grace - Moonstone Multi Symbol Rosary Necklace
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What is Moonstone?

Moonstone, also known as hecatolite, is a variety of feldspar with a unique appearance. Light diffracts through layers of different minerals within moonstone, causing it to shimmer and glow with an unearthly luster called adularescence.

This characteristic look is similar to opal, but opal is found in many colors, while moonstone is generally clear or white. Some stones are black, peach, or green. Clear moonstones resemble pure drops of water with flashes of iridescent radiance within, while white moonstones have a milky, pearlescent shine.

There are two main varieties of moonstone: blue and rainbow. Blue moonstones are rare and highly prized, showcasing a striking blue iridescence, while rainbow moonstone is a more common sight. Despite its name, rainbow moonstone is not actually true moonstone—it is a variety of labradorite with a similar iridescent sheen. Moonstone is mined all over the world, but most stones are produced in Sri Lanka.Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack
Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack
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The Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone’s alternate name, hecatolite, reveals its association with the Greek goddess Hecate. Hecate is a goddess of witchcraft and magic, strongly associated with the moon, herbalism, and the wisdom of nature. What better stone to represent her than moonstone?

Throughout history, people have revered moonstone for its lunar connection. The ancient Romans believed moonstone was formed when the moon’s rays touched the earth and transformed into stone.

Far more recently, in 1970, moonstone was named Florida’s state gemstone—despite not being native to the region. Why? To commemorate the Apollo 11 lunar landing, which was launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Even today, those who hold moonstone experience a divine connection to the cosmos.

Moonstone is one of the three traditional birthstones for June (along with pearl and alexandrite). Those born under the constellations Gemini and Cancer often feel a special connection with this enigmatic and radiant stone, and it makes a wonderful gift for those with June birthdays.

To many, moonstone has a spiritual meaning: it signifies the serenity, renewal, and wisdom of the stars and the spiritual connections between all things.Nurturing Protection - Evil Eye Moonstone Ring

Brilliant Illumination - Moonstone Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
Brilliant Illumination - Moonstone Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
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Healing Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone has a powerful influence over the mind and body because of its relationship with the element of water, which is present in all of us. This represents our ability to adapt, grow, and change—yet also to reflect upon the past and anticipate the future. When you find yourself in the midst of turmoil or uncertainty, reach for moonstone for a comforting blend of reassurance and support from your lunar guide.

Healing from emotional distress, grief, or traumatic events can be a cyclical process, requiring patience, time, and self-love. Moonstone is the perfect healing stone to keep at your side as you seek spiritual and emotional wellness because the moon governs natural cycles like the tides and can help you find flow and balance.

Because of its lunar connection, many find moonstone helpful in relieving the stress and discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle.Brilliant Illumination - Moonstone Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Divine Emotion - Gold Plated Moonstone Heart Rosary
Divine Emotion - Gold Plated Moonstone Heart Rosary
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Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone is a true healing crystal, with a gentle, soothing energy that helps ease stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. If you struggle to find equilibrium in your life or relationships, moonstone will guide your mind to discover the wisdom and intuition you already possess, bringing you into balance with yourself and the universe. For best results, use it as a focus for meditation and self-reflection.

Moonstone is associated with fertility, renewal, and rebirth. It can bring comfort and relaxation to new parents, to those undergoing strife or turmoil, and to those embarking on new adventures. The transformative power of moonstone helps make life transitions easy and graceful.

The shining moonstone stimulates the natural and intuitive potential of feminine energy. It can help you connect to your more sensitive and feminine side. The energy of moonstone is distinctly yin—contemplative, receptive, and linked to the subconscious.

Moonstone's peaceful and calming energy promotes innovation, healing, and maternal protection. It also functions as a mirror, allowing us to perceive our true selves without the complications of everyday life, thus showing us where we must grow and heal to reach our full potential and happiness.Divine Emotion - Gold Plated Moonstone Heart Rosary

Light & Hope - 5 Color Enamel Evil Eye Moonstone Bangle
Light & Hope - 5 Color Enamel Evil Eye Moonstone Bangle
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Spiritual Properties of Moonstone

In feng shui and many other cultures around the world, the moon symbolizes womanhood and femininity. The moonstone, tied to this celestial force, reminds us that just as the moon cycles through phases, so do we. Moonstone fosters empathy and compassion in those who carry it and can be used to access our innate wisdom.

Just as the moon holds sway over the tides, moonstone influences the flow of energy through the body, encouraging the peaceful regulation of emotions. When you hold this stone, you can feel its calming influence soothing away the ups and downs of life, leaving you feeling balanced and centered.

Though moonstone has benefits for people of all genders, it is especially connected with the Divine Feminine, as is the moon itself. Moonstone is tied to the lunar cycle, helping us renew and rejuvenate ourselves each month and reflect upon the cyclical nature of life.Light & Hope - 5 Color Enamel Evil Eye Moonstone Bangle

Mindful Cleanse - Moonstone Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet
Mindful Cleanse - Moonstone Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet
The Universe calls upon the heavens to bless you with protection and guidance. If any imbalance occurs, the divinity of our "Mindful Clea...
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Moonstone Chakras

The chakras are located along the spine and are the body's internal energy centers. Through the head (heaven), energy enters the body (earth).

These forces combine at the vortex points of the seven chakras, each of which creates a unique energy pattern. These chakras are responsible for absorbing, transforming, and distributing the body's internal energy, sometimes referred to as prana, life force, or chi.

Each chakra is linked to particular organs and areas of the body, as well as behavioral, emotional, and personality patterns. The chakras constantly interact with one another and cannot be divided, meaning that one is never more important than the other.

As a stone which promotes balance and grace, moonstone is beneficial in balancing your chakras overall. However, moonstone especially supports the heart chakra. Its gentle, genuine energy can help you open your heart and experience strength in vulnerability.

Sometimes referred to as the stone of fresh starts, moonstone opens the door to new opportunities. Nothing is permanent—everything changes, grows, or passes away, and the moonstone serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to accept the seasonal cycles of life.

It teaches us not to struggle against change, but to accept it with an open mind and a loving heart. Through the harmony it promotes as a result of its natural healing abilities, moonstone assists you in processing and accepting challenges as they come, rather than falling overwhelmed by the transformation of your life over time. Mindful Cleanse - Moonstone Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

How to Wear Moonstone

Moonstone jewelry allows you to harness the lunar connection of moonstone every day, carrying the love and tranquility of the universe throughout your daily life. It will help you live more mindfully and practice patience and gratitude.

When choosing moonstone jewelry, there’s more to consider than just aesthetics. Consider where you want to feel the influence of moonstone.

A moonstone necklace supports your heart and throat chakras, helping you speak your truth and open your heart. Meanwhile, moonstone earrings resonate with the third eye and crown chakras, guiding your intuition and spiritual self toward balance.

Moonstone bracelets, anklets, and rings help guard against the negative energy we encounter in the world. Since they are worn on and next to our hands and feet, bracelets, anklets, and rings empower our actions and the energy we project into the world.

Always be sure to purchase authentic moonstone. Karma and Luck’s genuine, fair-trade moonstone jewelry is made by hand by skilled artisans and designed with intention to help you expand your spiritual practices and live authentically.

Harness The Powers Of The Moon With This Luminescent Gemstone

Deeply connected to the nurturing and loving energy of the moon, this stone allows you to flow through every phase of your life with grace and poise. Ready to explore what moonstone can do for you?

Start Your Journey Here: Explore our moonstone collection.Tranquil Reverie - Moonstone Lotus Triple Stack Necklace

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