8 Spiritual Ways to Celebrate Spring: Awaken to the Energy of Growth & Rebirth

Celebrate Spring

On the 20th of March 2023, we stepped into the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. As the equinox approaches and day and night become equal, we come closer to a unique opportunity to plant new ideas, hopes, and dreams and watch them flourish – all supported by the Divine.

The spring equinox occurred on the night of March 20th, and this year, the Full Moon occurred on March 7; both create fertile ground for the release of old energies and bring in fresh, soul-nourishing, and exciting opportunities.

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Let’s look at some of the best ways to celebrate spring and invite this incredible energy of new beginnings into our lives…

8 Spiritual Ways to Celebrate Spring

Springtime is a perfect opportunity to start new ventures and harness the good things we’ve already begun. This spring equinox, let’s celebrate life, attract new blessings, and watch the seeds of potential flourish into bloom.

Here are 8 ways to do it…

Adorn Your Body in Crystals

Crystals are natural energy cleansers. They have the power to revive us, repair what feels broken, and help open fresh chapters in our lives. Certain stones, in particular, are especially effective at connecting us with the energy of spring and helping us to use it for personal growth and spiritual elevation. 

Wear Crystals

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To celebrate spring, adorn yourself in these beautiful stones:

  • Citrine – This crystal brings out a vivacious, childlike desire to play, explore, and dance.
  • Aquamarine – Use this one to help you calm your mind and alleviate stress from the past, so you can fully enjoy the present.
  • Green Aventurine – This stone can help you harness loving energy by merging the head and the heart, encouraging you to step into the unknown with an open heart and an open mind.
  • Clear Quartz – This amplifier stone is here to cleanse negative energy from your aura, allowing higher vibrations to enter your energy field.
  • Mother of Pearl – This little piece of nature is a wonderful rejuvenator and soother of the emotions.
  • Pink Tourmaline – With this stone, you can reignite feelings of joy, love, and happiness, helping you attract more nourishing experiences and bonds.

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Celebrate Spring Equinox With a Cleansing Ritual

Springtime cleansing rituals whisk away negative energy from both our living spaces and our aura, helping us release and eliminate anything that no longer serves our growth. This allows us to create space for better and new things to come. To perform one of these rituals, you will need cleansing tools, such as a drum, sage, and/or a singing bowl.

Singing Bowl

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Sound waves cleanse and banish low vibrations and toxicity from our spaces. Drum circles are powerful events that accelerate spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. They work to generate an acoustic circle of powerful resonance, which both cleanses and soothes the soul.

Similarly, Crystal Singing Bowls use sonic waves to elevate personal frequency and frequency of space. Their sound is angelic, soothing, and healing.

Additionally, you can smudge your house with sage, as smoke brings in the element of fire, illuminating and lightening up the space. Just like sound, it offers deeply cleansing energies that prepare us for fresh experiences and endeavors.

Awaken to the Energy of Growth & Rebirth

Plant Seeds (Literally & Metaphorically) 

There is no better way to celebrate spring than to plant the seeds of potential and watch them grow – be it fruit, flower seeds, or new ideas.

Use this time to set goals and visualize how you want them to flourish. Just like seeds in fertile soil, spring equinox is a powerful time to take a first step towards your aspirations and dreams.

Plan out those home renovations you’ve been wanting to do. If your goal is a healthy lifestyle, start by eating a healthy breakfast. Make that portfolio project you had in mind. Whatever it is, take the first step!

This is the time when every little step counts and the ground for personal growth is especially rich, so why not make the most of it?

celebrate spring equinox

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Bring Nature Inside

Indoor plants and freshly cut flower bouquets change the flow of chi and bring the freshness of spring into our living space. Not only do they lighten up the space, but according to feng shui, they also help attract prosperity and provide a daily dose of beneficial, nourishing energy.

In addition, to celebrate spring and honor it, you can introduce one of our Feng Shui Trees, rich with stunning gemstone leaves, into your space. Feng shui trees will be a continuous source of inspiration and healing, helping you harness positivity and tranquility in your space.

8 Spiritual Ways to Celebrate Spring

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of the spring activities that can be immensely beneficial for the soul. While old objects can evoke dear memories, they can often keep us frozen and locked in a time that needs to be released.

Spring cleaning is a way to dust off the old energy and free up space for new things to come. While memories should be nourished, it is always important to make space for the brand new things we want in our lives.

Every old, unused object takes up energetic space and prevents new blessings from coming our way. Freeing up physical space is symbolic of clearing out space in our energy field to attract all the good we have envisioned.

Try it today! You’ll be amazed how much lighter you feel.

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Walk Outside Barefoot

Walking barefoot is not just a form of meditation. It is a way of deeply connecting with nature, grounding ourselves and relinquishing the power of Earth. Mother Gaia is the most nurturing force there is. Feeling the grass, soil, or sand on our skin gives our bodies negative electrons that are essential for our health and wellness.

Walking on the earth barefoot is a potent way to celebrate spring and celebrate your well-being, as it takes away old energy from the body, promoting renewal. The ground draws out anything that’s harmful to our well-being, be those thoughts, feelings, or fatigue.

celebrate spring

Embrace the Moon & Constellations

Stargazing is a form of soul therapy; it’s a way for us to connect with something far greater than our physical reality, get in touch with spirit, and tune into our higher selves. It clears the mind and prompts us to dream big, imagine, and ask the Universe for what we need in our lives.

A few days before the spring equinox, you will get a chance to manifest and set intentions under the light of the Full Moon. This is an especially powerful time to reflect, release what you don’t want in our lives, and set goals. You can also cleanse your healing crystals and leave them to charge under the moonlight to give their powers a special boost.

Connecting with the moon and constellations amplifies manifestation abilities; so let the night sky work in your favor and make a wish (or a few).Shop Our Constellation Collection!

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Practice Journaling for Personal Growth

Spring is all about growth; it’s a perfect time to do some self-discovery and soul searching. To celebrate spring and the incredible potential for change that it brings, reach for your journal. Journaling is a powerful way to bring key ideas to the forefront of your mind, contemplate them on a conscious level, and set clear intentions.

Journal about the person you’d like to become…

  • In what ways would you like to evolve?
  • How have you grown as a person so far?
  • How can you keep growing? 

Answering journal prompts can give you space to find new ways to innovate and improve your lifestyle or thought patterns.

Remember, spring is all about new ventures and fresh perspectives, so why not allow yourself to explore who the new you is and then show us that person? 

Mineral Collection

Final Thoughts

Those who are dedicated to evolving, never stop growing. Spring is the time when we finally get to sow the seeds of new ideas and watch them grow. That growth can take many shapes and forms and it can manifest in physical or spiritual reality. May it reflect a new, better you, and make way for fresh, prosperous circumstances to keep propelling you forward. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our New Mineral Collection!

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