How to Shop and Give Back at the Same Time This Holiday Season

Shop and Give Back

In the hurly-burly of the Holiday Season, we might forget what it’s actually about – giving back!

While your heart might be in the right place, your mind is trying to cope with multiple distractions, to-do lists, and managing a tight budget. 

Most of us are still battling to recover from the economic effects of the global Covid pandemic. In fact, the research indicates that only 29% of Americans are financially healthy right now.

The rest are somewhere in between, with 17% considered financially vulnerable. That’s around 56 million people who won’t be having a very festive Holiday season.

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While you can’t help everyone, every person you assist contributes to the uplifting of the world and makes an impact.

One way to shop and give back this Holiday Season is to support stores that give back in some way. Be sure, though, that they’re publicly transparent about how they give back and to whom.

Giving back in this way means that you don’t have to find the extra time to go out and physically donate to charitable causes. It becomes part of your shopping, and you can rest happy knowing a portion of every dollar you spend goes to a worthy cause.

You keep the cycle of sharing festive cheer going, and you get those feel-good feelings you deserve.

Tree of Life

Giving Back Means Everything to Us, Too

We’re not called Karma and Luck for nothing, and there are many ways to shop and give back when you shop with us.

This business was founded to spread joyous karmic vibrations of positivity around the world. It’s our belief that the more spiritually centered humankind becomes, the more we’ll mend rifts, cross cultures and heal Mother Earth.

But that doesn’t just come from selling items that are charged with divine energy and made with love.

We pay it forward and give back afterwards, as well.

All the items we sell are handmade by artisans from far away destinations. They lovingly blend their own cultures and spiritual beliefs into each piece using only authentic materials.

With your support, these exquisite handmade objects resonate their loving wisdom and energy into your aura and home and those of the people you love. Bridges are built, doorways are opened, and the vastness of all that is becomes a part of your life.

It goes further, though.  

We donate a portion of every Feng Shui Tree of Life proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation. And for every Red String Bracelet sold, we provide three meals to a family in need.

Each dollar you spend on these items adds to the thousands we’ve already given to those in need. You can learn more on our Charity page.

Let’s take a closer look at the stunning gifts you can get while you shop and give back this Holiday Season.

Gifts That Give Back

Shop Tree of Life Feng Shui Home Decor Collection

Feng Shui Tree of Life

These beautiful trees are a constant reminder that life is ever-changing and what may seem unattainable now will pass.

The tree of life stands firmly rooted to Mother Earth, its branches reaching upwards towards the sky and what lies beyond. Trees bend with the breeze and withstand every season. They know when it’s time to go into repose, when to bloom, and when to bear fruit. They’re open and share their space bounty with everyone who enters, accepting each insect, bird, animal, reptile and person for what they are.  

When we have a tree of life nearby, it serves as a constant reminder that we too should live life with the wisdom of trees as we’re not much different from them. Each of our Feng Shui Trees have stunning gemstone leaves, and you can tap into them to find solace, learn and grow, or reach your dreams and potential.

You can have a variety of trees for each room, workspace, or persons in your home or workplace.

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Here are some of our favorites Feng Shui Trees for you to shop and give back...

Strength & Growth Tree of Life

The Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree keeps your mind focused on the present moment. Free yourself from the burdens of the past and fears for the future by having this amazing multi-stoned tree nearby.

Multiple glistening healing stones will keep your chakras balanced, so you can stay mindful, leading to growth and success in every aspect of your life.

Oasis Tree of Life

As we grow in wisdom, we realize that the only place where true peace and harmony exists is within ourselves. There’s no external source that can feed the soul like the inner oasis.

Having an Oasis Feng Shui Amethyst Crystal Tree around increases your productivity because it soothes tension build-up. Your confidence will begin to soar under the ever protective leaves of all-knowing Amethyst stones as your life becomes more harmonious.

Relaxing Lullaby Tree of Life

Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree

Another wonderfully calming tree is the Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree. If you’re inclined to anxiety, know that it’s not a life sentence. We can find tranquility in life when we learn to be present in the moment and live life in the now.

When you feel worries and fears tugging at your mind, relax in the soothing presence of the Aquamarine leaves. Just sit back and allow them to gently wash all your troubles away as you shop and give back.

Happiness Evoker Tree of Life

Everyone’s striving to find happiness, but happiness and joy are already within us; all we have to do is turn inwards. Build your self-esteem and fill your life with enthusiasm, happiness, and joy with a Happiness Evoker Citrine Feng Shui Tree.

Golden Citrine leaves warm your life like the rays of the sun, flooding your aura with positive energy, creativity, and imagination.

I AM Creative Tree of Life

Speaking of creativity, the I AM Creative Carnelian Feng Shui Tree is like having a bundle of joy in your personal space. As your self-esteem increases, you’ll want to tap into your creativity and sensuality.

Smoldering Carnelian leaves remind us of burning sunsets, stimulating the sacral chakra, the spiritual center of confidence, bold action, and honest self-expression.

Nurturing Energy Tree of Life

From shades of orange to red, we move on to the compassion of our Nurturing Energy Red Tourmaline XL Tree of Life. When your self-esteem is low, you tend to give more than you receive. We need to learn that self-love is essential to loving and being loved by others.

If we love ourselves first, we can have positive and healthy relationships. Allow these lovely Red Tourmaline leaves to embrace you with their positivity, attracting strength and courage and teaching you self-love. Sometimes we need to shop and give back to ourselves!   

Unwavering Mindfulness Tree of Life

Garnet Tree

Staying with red, the deep red hues of Garnet on the 
Unwavering Mindfulness Garnet Feng Shui Tree takes you a step further on your healing journey. With self-esteem, self-love and confidence running high, you’ll enthusiastically be wanting to tailor your own destiny.

The vitality and passion that Garnets bring into your life will have you pushing your limits while knowing you’re surrounded by divine love and protection.

Red String Protection Bracelets

The red string is a protective symbol that has been worn by people across cultures and religions for millennia. While it might have different meanings to people, its core energy is kindness and compassion.

You can add any other representation to your red string with intent, and it will come your way.

It’s such a potent icon of spirituality that anyone can wear red string from the day they’re born to the day their soul leaves this world. Its energy is constant and unending.

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Here are some of our top picks...

Protected by Love Bracelet

Red Strings

Without love in our lives, our world will become bleak, cold, and barren. Keep the fire of divine love burning with a Protected by Love Red String Heart Charm Bracelet.

Despite feeling alone at times when you face life’s headwinds, you’re never alone. The love of the Divine and the Universe is always there for us. All you have to do is turn inwards to access it. In that space, miracles can happen. Shop and give back to discover those miracles.

Sacred Protection Bracelet

Sacred Protection

Understandably, it can be challenging to rise above dark feelings when times are hard. Usually, when that happens, we’ve lost sight of our own value in life.

Always wearing a Sacred Protection Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet helps deflect bad feelings and evil energy. The evil eye charm serves as a constant reminder that you are worthy and enough just as you are right now.  

Beat Anxiety Bracelet

Anxiety can be a real downer, and every so often, we can’t seem to shake it. That’s when you need a little help, comfort, and protection from the Red String Protection Bracelets.

A bright evil eye charm set with a healing, calming Amethyst helps relieve your stress while reminding you of how worthy you are of the abundance that comes your way.

Intuitive Eye Bracelet

You can use the Amethyst/evil eye union differently as well. As your anxiety eases, you’ll want to start thinking for yourself and relying on your own intuition. Beat the mental confusion with the Intuitive Eye Amethyst Red String Bracelet.

A striking Amethyst stone surrounded by Cubic Zirconia glows its calm healing energy into your aura. At the same time, the evil eye keeps you safe and protected.

Give Back While You Shop

Healing Strength Eye of Horus Bracelet

Healing is a process and not an event, and occasionally we get in our own way. Ceaseless mental chatter can block healing energies.

Wearing a Healing Strength Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet helps shield you from negativity and calm your thoughts. While the Eye of Horus takes care of your healing, the Hamsa Hand ensures your safety and protection. Shop and give back, while spreading the healing energy arouund.

Complete Mindfulness Chakra Wrap

As you heal and become less anxious and more confident, you’ll grow in mindfulness. You’ll also feel as though your spirit centers or chakras are in balance. Life is good, and things are going magnificently. However, you need to maintain this joyous state.

Complete Mindfulness Gold Lotus OM Red String Chakra Wrap is your perfect companion to do so. Set with colorful gemstones that resonate with each chakra, a lotus and Om charm bring enlightenment, serenity and new beginnings.

Red String Bracelets for Kids

Kids Gifts That Give Back

Lest we forget the little ones, we’ve also got red string bracelets for kids that you can get when you shop and give back.

Teach your baby the importance of compassion and kindness from early on. Keep them protected with a Caring Protection Baby Boy Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet or an equally potent Protected by Love Baby Girl Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet.

These two almost identical baby bracelets are an excellent way to start them off living with the divine energy of the red string. The only difference is that one has a pink evil eye charm and the other blue.  

Final Thoughts

Giving back while you shop this holiday season is easier than you think.

Frequently we think we need to donate large sums of money or give of our time to make an impact.

But that’s not always true!

Every donation made with love and caring impacts the recipient, but most importantly, it grows the compassion of the universal collective consciousness.

You can be a change-maker, no matter how small your contribution, when you shop and give back.

While spreading love and joy to those you love, you can touch the hearts and souls of people you’ll never meet by shopping with mindful intention.

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