Investigate the Powerful Properties of Malachite

Properties of Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful green gem with entrancing patterns of swirls and dots that are calming to the eye. It is an ancient gemstone and comes from the Greek word, "mallache", which appropriately means green.

This unique gemstone has light green to dark green hues and was once called the “God stone” in ancient Egypt. It has been historically used as an amulet to protect the wearer, helping them avoid harm and danger.

It is also said to keep the wearer free from the grasp of negative energies. This gemstone is potent and possesses multiple properties that common crystals do not come with, making it exceptionally unique. It has incredible healing properties, aligns well with various chakras, and is excellent for boosting health and spirituality.

This gemstone also has impressive durability and shows a vitreous luster. However, this stone is usually soft, so it is sometimes coated with wax or resin to save it from damage and scratches.

Want to learn more about malachite? Keep reading to learn more about this stone and all of the unique properties that make it so magnificent.

Properties of Malachite

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What is Malachite?

Malachite is a mineral-based copper carbonate, with its first function being a source of metal. It gets its green color from the copper oxidation taking place in the air as this mineral is produced close to the earth's surface. It is generally found deep within caverns and caves.

When present in crystal form, this stone is translucent in color, while the opaque variety requires buffing and polishing. Malachite exudes the essence of joy, and it assists in revealing and healing any  emotional pain by absorbing it. This ability gives it the name the "stone of transformation".

Malachite is usually found in the Urals and Russia, but also in Arizona and the Southwestern United States, New South Wales, France, Israel, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, and more.  Read on to learn more about the properties of the rich green malachite stone.

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  • Malachite Properties 

There are many important properties of malachite that add to its beauty and charm. Its properties help to heal metaphysically, spiritually, physically, and assist in aligning the chakras. 

  • Malachite Physical Properties

Malachite properties has a specific gravity of 3.5 to 4.1, and is a copper mineral having a hardness of around 3.5-4.1 on the Mohs scale. It comes with a perfect cleavage that is unidirectional. All of these gem specimens are found in different shades of green that often have spots and swirls on them, resembling the entrancing qualities of a peacock feather.

This crystal has a low hardness, around 4, making it soft for a stone and requiring gentle care. The malachite can be damaged if exposed to extreme ultrasonic cleaners, sudden or high-temperature changes, chemicals, and abrasion. This stone has a range of gorgeous pastel green to dark green colors, and usually has rings, or bands, that add to its physical value and appearance.

Malachite Physical Properties
  • Malachite Chakra Properties

Malachite is often associated with the throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras. It is strongly aligned with these particular chakras and helps to boost one’s love life and improve their communication skills. The solar plexus chakra helps awaken a new sense of self-confidence and inner power within the person wearing it.

It enlivens the soul and body with fruitful energy to take on all of your greatest dreams. The heart chakra helps to balance emotions, open the heart to love, and strengthen feelings of compassion. These stones provide a profound sense of confidence that helps with better communication, and it also enables you to give and accept love unconditionally.

Malachite is also believed to help with better breathing and clearer speech, while also relieving tension from the shoulders, neck, and throat. 

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  • Malachite Metaphysical Properties

It is said that simply by looking at a painting, gemstone, lake, or anything peaceful can improve one's mood, and will help to incite a greater sense of calm within the soul. The same is true of the malachite stone with its swirls, rings, and relaxing marbled appearance.

The appearance of the stone, alone, is highly uplifting and rejuvenating for the wearer or anyone who gazes upon it. Not only this, but the crystal, as discussed, connects with the heart and throat chakras of a person.

This helps with revealing and healing emotional pain as the stone absorbs all the pain within itself. It is also beneficial for bringing ease to one's mind when faced with difficulties, as well as promoting personal growth.

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  • Malachite Healing Properties

When choosing a gemstone, many people are mostly curious about its healing properties. Malachite, although exceptionally beautiful, is also very beneficial to the spirit, as it invites sensations of healing and soothing into the body and soul.

This stone helps with healing on both emotional and physical levels, and removes impurities from the aura of the person wearing it. This stone has been used in therapies, energy healing, and even chakra balancing throughout ages. It helps regulate menstrual cycles, decreases cramps, eases labor pain, eliminates depression and anxiety, and removes negative energy from the body.

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  • Malachite Spiritual Properties 

Malachite possesses great spiritual benefits and is known as one of the top spiritual enhancers. This stone can help generate and inspire new ideas for the person wearing it. Its compassionate and generous energy allows them to enhance characteristics such as purity, integrity, and grounding.

It also helps with cleansing the soul, and assists in regenerating the spirit. Malachite provides longevity and vitality when it comes to the spiritual health of a person, and its beneficial powers can be harnessed by anyone.

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The Numerous Health Benefits of Malachite 

Similar to all gemstones and crystals, malachite is a powerful force for physical healing. It has been known to decrease the effects of malaria, cold sweats, and even Parkinson's disease. Asthma can be cured with this amazing crystal, and is suitable for relieving rheumatic pains and intestinal problems.

Malachite is a great memory booster. It has been proven to increase the memory of people wearing it, and even helps them with remembering names right after you hear them. It is known for treating travel sickness, epilepsy, low blood pressure, and vertigo.

If you have tumors, fractures, torn muscles, swollen joints, or broken bones, you can wear this stone to quicken the healing process. It also stimulates the liver and increases the immunity of the wearer, helping them release toxins from the body.

By wearing this stone, you can get all of these beneficial properties and more from it. However, it is important to keep malachite cleansed, ensuring that all its potent energy remains within it - ready to keep you safe and protected.

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Azurite Malachite Vs Traditional Malachite 

The azurite version of malachite makes it transparent and translucent. Unlike the typical green malachite crystal, the azurite malachite is a shade of blue. To maintain a healthy energy level of this malachite stone, you have to cleanse it every few weeks to ensure it is able to help you throughout your journey.

You can cleanse the stone using sea salt, herbs, sage, soil, selenite, and even clear quartz. The method is simple, take one of these ingredients and cover your malachite in it.

For example, if you are using salt, entirely cover the stone in it so that it is submerged within the salt, and then leave it there overnight. It is helpful to leave the container in the moonlight overnight as well. This allows the salt to better absorb all the negative energies from the stone, leaving it charged and ready to wear. 

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Malachite Gemology 

Malachite stones often result from the weathering of copper ore, and are usually found alongside azurite. Malachite has vibrant green colors and possesses properties similar to the azurite stone. Azurite is also a combination of two frequently-occurring minerals, and is usually found in copper deposits around limestone. It is a source of carbonate. 

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What Makes Malachite Stand Out? 

Malachite stone is considered to be a rare gemstone. Even though it is scarce, it is still often used to create sculptures and jewelry. In fact, cutting malachite into beads or cabochons for jewelry is one of the most common uses for this stone. The main reason why malachite is so rare is that the original deposits of this stone have been dried out from over-mining.

This leaves us with only select regions and sources from which this stone can be extracted and used, making it a rare crystal. Malachite requires a specific environment to be created so that the metaphysical, spiritual, and physical properties of this stone can form and align.

These properties, however, cannot be achieved if the environmental conditions are not in favor of the stone. Due to the particular set of requirements for creating this stone, it is quite rare.

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Low in Quantity but High in Value 

Malachite is a rare gem, however its value depends greatly on the defining characteristics of its exterior appearance, such as how many rings it has and how many of those are visible. If the stone is larger, it will generally be of greater value as the rings will be more visible and be in larger quantities.

Malachite has a range of green hues that extend from light green to dark green, and these shades also affect the value of the stone. If your stone has been under any treatment or has been polished or cut, the price will go up, as malachite is generally very soft when untreated. The stone requires a resin or wax coating to ensure that the stone endures less, or no, damage and scratches. 

The type of cut, or the shape of the stone, also adds to or decreases its value. For these reasons, the value of malachite can not be assuredly confirmed, as it will depend on a variety of factors. However, its rarity does add a price to its value, as this stone can only be found in specific parts of the world and in minimal quantities.

If malachite is completely pure, and there are no traces of azurite in it, it will also add to the cost of the gem. The more natural and larger the gemstone, the more value and cost it will have. It is important to keep these things in mind when buying malachite.

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Sources of Malachite

Finding malachite can be quite difficult, however you can usually find this amazing stone in trustworthy gemstone and crystal shops. You can also buy this stone online from retailers and various local jewelry shops. It is important to ensure that wherever you buy from offers authentic and genuine pieces. At Karma & Luck, we offer high-quality, guaranteed authentic stones in all of our gemstone and crystal jewelry. 

This stone was once mined almost exclusively in Urals, Russia. However, this particular source is said to have dried out due to over-mining. Luckily, there are few other regions where this stone can be found. It is mined in Arizona, Israel, France, New South Wales, Broken Hill, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Timna Valley, and even in the Southwestern United States.

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Glimmering Green Malachite 

Malachite is a powerful stone, suitable for healing the wearer in a range of aspects. Its stunning green hue, coupled with the mesmerizing swirls and dots, makes this stone a real treat for the eye. Anyone who gazes upon malachite will instantly feel the stress melting away from their shoulders and a calmness settling into their spirit.

This stone gets right to work in healing the wearer metaphysically, physically, and spiritually. It also helps to align the chakras, being particularly beneficial for the heart chakra. When this stone is worn, we open ourselves up to the powerful opportunity of both giving and receiving love.

Compassion becomes easier and intuition is revived. Worn as jewelry, this stone immediately connects to the deepest layers of the soul, inciting profound transformation. 

Looking to purchase your own piece of malachite? Visit our website and shop our beautiful and unique collection of malachite jewelry. We promise you will find something to love! 

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