Gemstones & Practices To Help You Make the Shift to Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity and Abundance

Which crystals are best to use for prosperity and abundance? We’d all like to know! It’s a big question – but perhaps it misses the mark.

Our internal mental and emotional blocks often prevent money and wealth from flowing into our lives. Money is just a form of energy. If we’re hanging out in the vibration of scarcity and limiting beliefs, then money will and abundance most likely elude us.

Perhaps we should rephrase our question to sound something like this: Which crystals will help to raise my vibrations so I’m a match for the frequencies of prosperity and abundance?

Abundance and prosperity crystals help raise our vibrations so we can think clearly and make better decisions. In a state of high vibration, we can create more powerfully, and live more joyfully. That’s the foundation for prosperity and abundance.

Happiness Evoker - Citrine Feng Shui Tree
Happiness Evoker - Citrine Feng Shui Tree
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Citrine, a powerful self-cleansing crystal, the star of our vivacious Tree of Life, i...
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Crystals for prosperity and abundance often do their best work by unlocking much of the potential that we are so prone to forget exists deep within us all.

These crystals often inspire confidence and the belief in a better tomorrow.

Along the same lines, crystals that help you to attract money often do so by helping you to see the paths less trodden in life – the routes to success that other people have overlooked.

Keep reading to learn about these crystals and how to use them…

Prosperity and Abundance

The Best Gemstones For Prosperity and Abundance

#1 Jade

    One of the best crystals for prosperity and abundance, jade helps improve clarity, especially around making major decisions regarding money.

    It’s also a crystal that attracts new financial opportunities and promotes a strong and steady flow of abundance into your life.

    Jade also has magical powers related to love and wisdom – which are other forms of abundance!

    It’s considered a very lucky crystal that promotes the flow of prosperity and abundance and raises your vibration to be a match.

    Jade Stone Feng Shui Tree

    Supreme Luck - Jade Feng Shui Tree
    Supreme Luck - Jade Feng Shui Tree
    Embrace the abundance you deserve. Commence your new journey and trust that prosperity awaits, ready to reward your efforts. If you ever ...
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    #2 Aventurine

      This gemstone is considered very lucky because it helps raise our vibrations to manifest wealth. It also can help open us up to new business ideas and ventures.

      Eight is the number of money, so you’ll want to carry 8 pieces of aventurine with jade to boost the power.

      Aventurine Silver Heishi Evil Eye Bracelet

      Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Enduring Love – May Birthstone Emerald Onyx Bracelet
      Enduring Love – Agate May Birthstone Bracelet
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      #3 Pyrite

        This crystal supports us in making financial decisions, inviting wealth in both small and big ways. It also helps us gain clarity and success in our careers.

        Pyrite Ruby Dove Bracelet Stack

        Utmost Clarity - Crystal Quartz April Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
        Utmost Clarity - Crystal Quartz April Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
        The more clarity you have, the more powerful your goals are. Whether you are manifesting, making decisions, or simply clearing out your m...
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        #4 Green Calcite

          Dissolve old patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent the flow of abundance into your life by using this robust gemstone. This crystal encourages you to recognize your situation, and it expands your mind to draw money and prosperity to your doorstep.

          #5 Citrine

                   Known as the merchant crystal, citrine attracts good fortune like a money magnet. This sunshine stone increases our joy, making us irresistible to success and abundance.

            Citrine Feng Shui Tree

            Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
            Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
            Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. The "Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wr...
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            #6 Tree Agate

              Count on this powerful gemstone to remove blockages in your energy field so you are open to receiving prosperity and abundance.

              Emerald Agate May Birthstone Bracelet

              Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  SS 4 x Mala bracelet/ Necklace TE/ Jade/ Onyx
              Courageous Presence - Tiger's Eye Wrap Bracelet
              You have to beckon the spiritual warrior inside yourself whenever it is deemed necessary for the task at hand. Courage is the fuel. Heali...
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              #7 Quartz

                 This crystal amplifies your intentions and is powerful on its own or when used to energize other crystals.

                Crystal Quartz April Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

                #8 Tiger’s Eye

                  Harness motivation and willpower with this gemstone. Tiger’s eye also boosts confidence, which is a magnet to prosperity and abundance.

                  Tiger's Eye Wrap Bracelet

                  #9 Malachite

                    Dissolve barriers that keep you from reaching your financial dreams with the help of this powerful crystal.

                    Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet

                    #10 Peridot

                      Strengthens health, vitality and well-being for a feeling of abundance.

                      Peridot Diamond Heart Charm Wrap

                      #11 Ruby

                        Raises vibrational field and confidence to attract good fortune.

                        Ruby July Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

                        #12 Sunstone

                          Elevates positive attitude, and encourages strength and determination to achieve goals.


                          Ways to Use Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

                          Wear your crystals as jewelry to stay in constant contact with their high vibrations. You can also carry loose stones in your pocket or purse. Decorate your home and office space with gemstone trees crafted with any of these gemstones to elevate the vibration effortlessly.

                          Other Ways to Attract Prosperity and Abundance

                          1. Create A Crystal Grid

                          Create a grid in the southwest quadrant of your space, which is the wealth sector in feng shui. Surround a large piece of pyrite with eight of the crystals from above.

                          Prosperity and Abundance

                          1. Write an Abundance Check

                          Rip a check from your checkbook. Write your name in the space where it says “Pay to.” Fill in the amount with “Paid in full” or with a specific amount. Sign the check with “Law of Abundance” and write “Thank you.”

                          Leave the date blank, or you can write Now. On the memo line, write your focus or intention that’s aligned with what you want to manifest. You can use the back of the check to write in more detail if you want to be more specific.

                          Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Mala

                          1. Do Random Acts of Kindness With Money

                          Have some fun with this one! Pay for a cup of coffee for the person standing behind you in line. Give a generous tip. This exercise tunes you into the flow of abundance. You send the message out to the energetic field that you have more than enough blessings and can share. Remember karma and luck – whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you.

                          Prosperity and Abundance

                          The Wrap

                          Using crystals can help us raise our vibrations to be a match for prosperity and abundance. They can also be used to dissolve blockages to your abundance. By raising your vibration, you’ll feel abundance in your life no matter your current situation.

                          Prosperity and Abundance

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