Evoke Divine Energy with these 4 Emerald Necklaces

Evoke Divine Energy with these 4 Emerald Necklaces

Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace
Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace
The divine power in you is capable of answering all the questions. All you need is little compassion and awareness in your life. Our "Dev...
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Wrapped in mystical energy, emerald stones are enchanting for their stunning physical appearance, as well as their endless spiritual benefits. Connected to the heart chakra, emerald, with its rich green hues, inspires unconditional love, transformation, and new beginnings. This powerful stone was beloved by Cleopatra, Aristotle, and Alexander the Great, owing to its exceptional abilities and beauty.

Matching the color scheme of nature, emerald’s deep green appearance is soothing to the mind, body, and spirit. In fact, it is said that wearing the stone as jewelry, or even just holding it in your hand, can invoke a spring of healing light to refresh and restore the soul. Any old or unnecessary energy is swiftly swept up and cleared away, making room for positivity to flow in. This stone offers the chance to start anew, letting go of anything that no longer serves you. 

Ready to take advantage of the endless properties of emerald stones? Read on to learn about our top four favorite necklaces featuring this verdant stone. 

4 Enchanting Emerald Necklaces

Check out four stunning options to invoke the powers of green emerald jewelry. 

#1 Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

Designed in the style of a rosary necklace, this powerful piece of emerald jewelry calls in the healing energy of the divine. Featuring a lotus charm and green emerald stones, the “Blooming Vitality” is here to help you grow and transform. The lotus flower is a sacred symbol representing new beginnings and fresh starts. This charm is perfectly paired with emerald, as they work together to help you bloom into your highest potential. 

While wearing this necklace, expect new and exciting opportunities to present themselves before you. Your energy is upleveled, and is matched to the frequency of abundance, making you purely magnetic to everything you seek or desire. 

Made with an 18k gold plated brass chain, the lotus charm measures 20 mm and is dotted with a sparkling diamond chip in the center. Each emerald stone is 4 mm, and the ombre of green hues, provides a unique aesthetic touch. This emerald and lotus necklace is 18”-22”, and has an 4 extra inches of drop, sitting at the mid chest.Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
The Universe supports you in your journey to bloom. The roots of the lotus lie deep in the mud, but the resilient flower rises above the ...
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#2 Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Delicate and feminine in design, the “Steady Guidance” provides unassuming powers and properties. Dotted with green emerald stones and featuring an evil eye charm set in the middle, this gorgeous necklace keeps your soul forever cruising at higher and more activated altitudes. The evil eye, used as an amulet of protection for centuries, promises to always watch over you, deflecting any harm or danger that comes your way. Meanwhile, the rich green emerald stones inspire abundance, new beginnings, and unconditional love. 

Combining the forces of the all-seeing evil eye with the transformative emerald, makes this piece of jewelry particularly potent for any spiritual or healing journey. Emerald’s dreamy and bold energy encourages you to go after your dreams, while the evil eye keeps you safe and sound, no matter where you go or how far you roam. 

Measuring 15”-17”, the “Steady Guidance” emerald necklace sits on a gold plated brass chain and is dotted with 4 mm ombre stones. A 10 x 20 mm evil eye charm is the focal point, and has a sparkling green emerald stone as the pupil. Handmade in Jaipur, India, our artisans crafted this piece with intention, care, and love. Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace
Your potential is infinite; your radiance is abundant. Allow our "Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace" to promote integrity...
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#3 Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

Calling in the energy of the turtle, the “Steadfast Hope” Necklace reminds you to go slow and steady, and to stay ever committed to your journey. No matter what obstacles come their way, turtles have a knack for overcoming them and using patience as their greatest tool. Take a note from these hard-shelled, slow-moving reptiles, and let resilience become your most powerful strength, too. 

Joining energies, the turtle charm and the emerald stone make a highly spiritual force. The emerald stones, in their deep green hues, soothe the soul, inspire unconditional love, and connect you to divine wisdom. Paired with the turtle, this emerald necklace encourages you to stay hopeful and optimistic, no matter what life throws at you. 

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India, the “Steadfast Hope” is made with an 18k gold plated brass chain that measures 16” to 18”. The 20 mm golden turtle charm, representing longevity, protection, and peace, is dotted with 2mm sparkling emerald stones. Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is always perfectly balanced. The "Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace" will inspire you...
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#4 Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace

Made for all the May babies, the “Devote & Achieve” necklace was inspired by the refreshing and renewing energy of this bright and cheerful Spring month. An activating stone, emerald brings clarity to your dreams, and fills your soul with the motivation to reach new heights within yourself. Inspiring transformation, emerald calls on the soothing energy of nature, helping you to blossom and bloom. 

Each month of the year is connected with a particular gemstone, and in the case of May, it is cosmically linked to the rich green stone, emerald. By wearing this powerful stone, all those born in May will feel more energized, optimistic, and compassionate, and feel more aligned with their goals and purpose. Energetically-aligned to the spirit of May babies, wearing emerald jewelry helps you to step more fully into your personal power. 

Using a double 18k gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver chain, this emerald necklace is adjustable, and measures between 15” to 18”. The mystical green stone in the center, measuring 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm,  shines with divine powers of unconditional love, compassion, and abundance. On the underside of the emerald charm sits a secret evil eye symbol, keeping you further protected from any harm or danger that comes your way.Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace

Invite the Energy of Emerald Into Your Life

Beloved throughout the centuries for its extraordinary beauty and exceptional powers, emerald is one stone that should be a part of everyone’s jewelry collection. This rich green stone invokes the healing energy of nature, keeping your soul soothed and calmed. By wearing emerald energy, you are welcoming divine light to wash over you and remind you of your higher purpose. 

Ready to add a piece of emerald jewelry to your collection? Visit our website and shop our full collection of this regal stone. 

Start your journey here: Emerald Necklaces from Karma & Luck
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