Don’t Compete, Create! 14 Ways To Success

It is human nature to look up our competition and see why they are creating better results. Whether it’s someone richer, prettier, smarter, or succeeding in ways we aren’t, the competition is thick and it is out there.

Karma and Luck was created by the vision of a man who pursued his passion for bringing good karma and luck to people. From scratch, he created a jewelry and home decor brand that vibrates positively for those who need it. 

With a tremendous amount of creativity and hard work, he has succeeded, even in some of the most challenging of times. 

Why? Because He is a Visionary

He knew what he wanted to create, took a chance, and even managed to get others to follow his KARMIC law of attraction to success.

Creativity & Success is Possible for All of Us

The real question is, how do you get out of your mind and into your passion to create something you love daily?

The true trick is: Compete against yourself and create. You know you and your brand better than anyone else. When you look at your competition, a multitude of things may happen. You may be inspired, you may be intimidated, or both and above all, you will LOSE your sense of identity by tapping into theirs. OH NO! That is not going to happen and you know why?

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Because You Know Why

You are born with a purpose and a reason. There is no one like you. Sure, there are people out there kicking the proverbial booty, while you're trying to figure it out.

That's the Problem

Now you’re being a “follower” and not a “leader” of your own identity. That simply won’t do.

You have a voice and it is all your own. It is time for you to own it and bring it to fruition. How does that happen? 

When you learn to love and respect yourself and build on that. Here comes the corny and most important line you will repeat every day.

“I Am”

Two powerful words. Fill in the blanks.

  • “I am a professional and here is what I have to offer."
  • “I am unique in every way and here is why."
  • “I am my own voice and here is what I want to be known for."
  • “I am a leader because?” 

        Answer these questions on paper and put it somewhere you will see. These answers will change in time. Getting started is the key to opening that successful door.

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        You Have a Lot to Offer

        YOU have YOU to offer the world. Everything about you resonates with success. You weren’t born to be mediocre. You were born to be spectacular. YES!

        How Do I Get There?

        LOVE and PASSION. The love for what you are pursuing will bring you more money and success than you can imagine. It always starts there and should stay there. Write those two words down. 

        Our Visionary

        Sera is an entrepreneur and business owner. She creates amazing visions for her clients in social media and creates engagement through her visions, which is off the charts. She competes against hundreds of thousands of social media "experts" and yet she stands out because she is confident and knows her job. She is a visionary. You can be too.

        Don't Compete, Create: 14 Ways to Success

        1. What do you want to do? It doesn’t matter if you want to be the next rock star, IG Influencer, singer, dancer, business mogul, or exercise guru. You already know. 
        2. Find your focus, what are you pushing?
        3. Become a LEADER. Not a follower. Make them follow and love you, even if you’re a competitor, and DO NOT be jealous of their success.
        4. Be Yourself: Is there anything better than that? When you duplicate someone else, you are following their brand. YOU can create everything you want for success in every way.
        5. Be the master of your brand: Even if you’re starting. Have the courage and understanding that someone out there is doing it and you can too. Know YOU!
        6. YOU are a social media LEADER. Learn the ways that social media work and educate yourself. It is important how you look and will take you far.
        7. Become your voice. No one has your personality. Now that you have an idea and understanding, maintain your individuality.
        8. Promote others to build your brand and fortune. Building relationships on a spiritual level is important. The business will follow. 
        9. GET INVOLVED. We are Karma and Luck, a brand that builds on ensuring that everyone is raising their karmic vibes daily. Get involved in your community and learn the value of loving and giving. 
        10. Show your value: “How can I help you” is the mentality you want all the time. When you show everyone what you have to offer, you will rise to the TOP of everything you’ve been looking for.
        11. Silence that inner voice: We are our own worst enemy, so STOP that inner voice of “I can’t.” 
        12. YES YES and YES. Repeat multiple times a day.
        13. Lucky 13, get ready to fail miserably, time and again. You won’t fly if you don’t try. Keep at it, learn, grow, and know. 
        14. Keep that positive light on inside and understand that you have an internal passion. If our CEO had given up with every challenge he faced, Karma and Luck wouldn’t have launched at all. 

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        It Doesn't Happen Overnight

        But it does happen. Feel good about the choices you are making and the rest will fall into place.

        Turn on Your Spiritual Light

        Of course, we’re going to Go there. We live there. Inside of the spiritual light and belief. There is a piece of knowledge and understanding within each of us that grows when we respect, learn, and earn our spiritual wings. 

        Create a safe and quiet place externally and internally. Get quiet daily. Not only will it take you through some of the hard times, but it will take you to the next level of your success. 

        Whatever that may be. There is a confidence that comes with that spiritual light inside that says “I am so going there and I am leaving fear behind."

        Carpe Diem

        “Seize The Day.” Self-explanatory. Make the most of every day and make it count. You were created in the perfect light. Write it and remember it. You got this, now go and conquer. 

        Spiritual Light

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