Authenticity and Freedom: The Hottest Women’s Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023

Authenticity and Freedom: The Hottest Women’s Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023

Summer is the season of breathtaking natural beauty—not only personal beauty, but the glory of blue skies, spectacular outdoor scenery, and sun-kissed beaches. This year’s summer jewelry trends for women are a celebration of the natural world. Individuality and personal flair are a major highlight, with both maximalist and minimalist looks having a moment in the sun. No matter what your style is, from ultra-feminine and delicate to bold and bright, there’s something for everyone. 

At Karma and Luck, we design striking fair-trade gemstone jewelry grounded in worldwide spiritual traditions. From dainty charm bracelets and necklaces to luxurious statement pieces, our summer-ready collections will help you stand out from the crowd, even in a year of bold, bright looks. Explore the summer jewelry trends of 2023 and enjoy a look at some of our hottest styles below.

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Jewlry set

Grounded Wisdom - Multi Stone Rudraksha Necklace
Grounded Wisdom - Multi Stone Rudraksha Necklace
Our artisans combined raw Turquoise, Apatite, and Amazonite beads, with powerful Rudraksha beads to radiate positive energies and inspire...
Regular price $149
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Bold Beads

Beaded jewelry is making it big this summer, blending an appealing simplicity and unfussiness with a wide enough range of styles and colors to accommodate any look. One of the best aspects of beaded jewelry is how it highlights the beauty of natural materials, like the dazzling blend of hues in our Spiritual Power sapphire bracelet. 

Though we think of sapphires as a deep blue stone, these gemstones actually come in a spectrum of colors from purple to red to soft sky blue. To create this bracelet, we paired a mix of sapphires with a bold Evil Eye charm, believed to protect its wearers against negativity and jealousy.

Like sapphires, jade also comes in lovely and unexpected colors, like the soft lavender and olive stones that adorn our asymmetrical jade Limitless Possibility bracelet. Jade is a lucky stone, associated with prosperity in cultures around the world, so this bracelet is a promise of good fortune in the sunny days ahead.Limitless Possibility - Jade Evil Eye Bracelet

Limitless Possibility - Jade Evil Eye Bracelet
Limitless Possibility - Jade Evil Eye Bracelet
Trust in your intuition and watch abundance manifest! Our artisans combined the tranquil energies of Olive Jade and Lavender Jade rondell...
Regular price $69
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The true variety of jade is also spotlighted in our Limitless Potential bracelet, which showcases Burmese jade in all its natural shades, paired with a trio of Lotus charms. Lotuses are a symbol of new beginnings and longevity due to their incredible resilience. For a twist on this look, try the jade and amethyst Prosperity Magnet bracelet.

For a gorgeous spin on the charm bracelet (another big summer trend this year—more on that later!), look no further than our Wise Belief and Gentle Soul bracelets. Made of lapis lazuli and rose quartz, respectively, these bracelets blend entrancing strands of gemstone beads with enamel Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand charms to keep you shielded from harm and shining bright. Beloved for its deep blue coloration, lapis lazuli has been used in paints and cosmetics for millennia and is also considered to be a stone of intuition and wisdom. With its lovely crystal pink tone, rose quartz is a romantic stone associated with love spells.

If you prefer a darker look that’s still bright enough for summer, our hematite collection might just be your perfect match. These gleaming stones are believed to help you feel grounded and stable, tying your energy to the calming aura of the earth. Our Energy Amplifier bracelet pairs a stack of four strands of hematite beads with ancient symbols of protection, while the Intuitive Eye bracelet features a single strand of bold hematite with a bright gold Evil Eye charm at the center.The Intuitive Eye Gold Hematite Beads Bracelet

The Intuitive Eye Gold Hematite Beads Bracelet
The Intuitive Eye Gold Hematite Beads Bracelet
A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. This extremely protective bracelet with an Evil E...
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Precious Pearls

With the release of Disney’s new live-action version of The Little Mermaid, it should come as no surprise that pearls are popping up everywhere in 2023’s summer jewelry for women. These stunning, delicate stones can be both classical and modern and are always appropriate for a summer look, evoking the easygoing luxury of a day at the beach. Because of their rarity in the wild, pearls are associated with curiosity, intuition, and exploration, as well as the deep calm of the ocean depths. 

Our Protective Subtlety necklace pairs many of this year’s top summer jewelry trends for women in one gorgeous piece, a layered stack of luxurious, silky pearls interwoven with enamel Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye charms. These symbols are believed to provide spiritual protection and guard you from the negative intentions of others.

As delicate as it is striking, our Beautiful Reverie pearl necklace features strands of tiny freshwater pearls and gold beads with an Evil Eye charm at the center. Whether or not you believe in the healing power of crystals, it’s hard to deny that this necklace has a soothing and radiant aura.

For a unique twist on the traditional strand of pearls, we paired large pearls with a bold silver chain for an asymmetric look with surprisingly rugged, adventurous style in our Endless Wisdom pearl necklace. This effortlessly elegant necklace looks perfect with any beach look. The mantra barrels framing the pearl strand are carved with symbols of spiritual focus and wisdom.

Pearls take center stage in our wide variety of pearl bracelets. The Gentle Transformation bracelet brings together mantra barrels and bright, soothing pearl strands for a look that will stand out in any summer ensemble. For a colorful and spiritual twist, especially for those who seek inner balance and rejuvenation, see our Supreme Delight bracelet. Shining enamel beads adorned with Evil Eyes balance the bright white of the pearls and evoke the color of the sacred chakras.

Want to impress your friends with your pearl prowess? Check out our complete guide to pearls to discover a wealth of knowledge about the fascinating formation of these undersea treasures and their surprising spiritual properties.Endless Wisdom - White Pearl Mantra Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Endless Wisdom - White Pearl Mantra Necklace
Endless Wisdom - White Pearl Mantra Necklace
A wise man never knows all. Unlike a fool who knows everything. The "Endless Wisdom - White Pearl Mantra Necklace" will help you to grow ...
Regular price $169
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Charming Bracelets (and Necklaces!)

This summer is all about unique and individual style, so it’s the perfect time for charm bracelets to make a comeback. Everything about a charm bracelet is customizable, from the chain to each specially selected charm. Karma and Luck’s Build Your Own Karma collection offers countless combinations of gold and silver chains with charms that represent your spirituality and unique journey.

Start by choosing between the Blissful Connection and Enduring Bond bracelet chains, or go for a unique look with the Cosmic Connection and Linked For Infinity necklace chains. Then you can explore our collection of enamel and crystal charms, which pop with enough color and style to satisfy the maximalists among us while being delicate enough for those who prefer a more subtle style.

Express your faith with the Balanced Integration Star of David, Mindful Truth Buddha, and Sacred Surrender Cross charms. Wrap yourself in spiritual guidance and protection with the Divine Blessings Hamsa Hand charm and the Enchanting Light Evil Eye charm. Guard your heart and celebrate the divinity of love with our Love’s Protection charm. No matter what your summer story holds, there’s a charm for you.

The best part of charm bracelets is that they prompt us to reflect on our personal journeys and how we can express them through the medium of jewelry. After all, how we express ourselves isn’t just about style—it’s about who we are, who we hope to be, and the experiences that have shaped us so far.Balanced Integration - Star of David Charm

Balanced Integration - Star of David Charm
Balanced Integration - Star of David Charm
The moment you realize your true nature as a spiritual being, you will see that the material world is simply a reflection of the divine. ...
Regular price $49
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Subtle Dazzle

Not excited by maximalism? Fortunately, the jewelry trends of summer 2023 contain multitudes, just like you—so you can also rock the “in” look with subtle, delicate jewelry like our Protection Safeguarded charm necklace. This petite gold chain features a small yet mighty Evil Eye charm, which ensures that negativity will bounce right off your aura and leave you swimming in good vibes all year round. 

Plus, this dainty necklace is easy to pair with just about any outfit and won’t leave you feeling weighed down when you wear it out for a long summer day. If you prefer silver, our Tranquil Spirit necklace will be your best friend when you’re going for a glamorous yet understated look.  

For a charming twist, try our Boundless Optimism necklace if you prefer a side of good fortune with your spiritual protection. This necklace features the same Evil Eye paired with beads of bright, reflective pyrite. Despite its reputation as “fool’s gold,” pyrite is actually a symbol of wealth and success in many spiritual traditions. Regardless, it adds a striking pop of contrast to the gold-plated chain and sparkling cubic zirconia eye in this necklace, which begs to be worn out on a beautiful sunny day.

Featuring two hand cut rose quartz crystal pointers, our Open Hearted necklace pairs delicate gold chains with the soft, natural beauty of these gemstones. Rose quartz, with its sweet pink coloration, is considered a stone of true love and affection which encourages its wearers to embrace the love that surrounds them.Open Hearted - Gold Rose Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

Open Hearted - Gold Rose Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace
Open Hearted - Gold Rose Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace
Expand your heart to the wondrous love of the Universe. Rose Quartz imbues you in love, allowing passion and joy in your life. Our one-of...
Regular price $139
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Beautiful Bangles

Unfussy, carefree, and easy to stack for a customized look, bangles and cuffs are in this season, especially when plated in gold to match the glow of the sun. The beauty of bangles is that they look great when featured alone, for a look of subtle simplicity, or in a shiny, chaotic stack of bracelets up to your elbows—your choice. Whatever your style, you can rock a bangle (or two, or three…).

For a look that says “effortless glamor” like nothing else, slip on our Absolute Protection gold-plated diamond bangle. Featuring a turquoise enamel Evil Eye with a dazzling diamond pupil, this bangle is an affordable and striking way to ensure that your summer style is luxurious without being high-maintenance. Plus, you can count on your guardian Evil Eye to zap away bad vibes and leave you cool as a cucumber all summer.

Summer nights are long and warm, and you want a style that can keep going all evening. Evoking crystal-clear nights under the summer moon, our Brilliant Sky bangle features gold-plated silver, luminous moonstone, and white and turquoise enamel charms in the shape of the moon and stars. Moonstone is a sacred gemstone once believed to be a form of crystallized moonlight, and it shines bright in this illuminating cuff.

With deep blue enamel Evil Eyes set in a cuff of gleaming gold, our Benevolent Intentions channels the ancient Evil Eye symbol to send a message—the universe is looking out for you, and no negativity will be tolerated here. 

While you’re exploring bangles, don’t forget your ankles! Anklets are a perfect kind of jewelry for summer, adding a delicate charm to every step whether you’re out in heels or flip-flops. Discover our anklet collection for a variety of dazzling crystal jewelry.Benevolent Intentions - Navy Enamel Evil Eye Cuff

Protect Your Energy - Silver Evil Eye Hoop Earrings
Protect Your Energy - Silver Evil Eye Hoop Earrings
Tap into your inner spark; allow it to fuel your passion and illuminate your journey. Our lovely "Protect Your Energy - Silver Evil Eye H...
Regular price $69
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Hype-Worthy Hoops

Hoop earrings are an essential part of the trendy toolkit for your summer looks, but there’s no reason to settle for the plain gold and silver hoops of the past. After all, this season is all about personality and showcasing what makes you unique. Go for an elevated style with hoops that make a statement.

Add some dazzle to the look of classic silver hoops with our Protect Your Energy earrings, which feature handmade, textured hoops that give the hoops an authentic and organic style. These earrings are further enhanced with a silver Evil Eye charm with a sparkling crystal core to ensure that the vibes are flawless. This style is also available in gold-plated sterling silver with our Divine Protection earrings.

For those who revel in color, our Aligned in Balance hoop earrings are the perfect summer style. A rainbow of enamel discs pop against the chunky gold hoops for a cheerful, sunny look. But these earrings also have a deeper meaning: the seven colors featured here align with the seven chakras, energy centers of the body through which our power flows. 

The chakras are believed to influence our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, with each chakra corresponding to a particular aspect of health and wellness. When our chakras are in balance, we experience true harmony and enlightenment. These bright earrings are a great reminder to seek a healthy balance in all aspects of our lives.Protect Your Energy - Silver Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

Lavish Abundance - Gold Plated Feather Earrings
Lavish Abundance - Gold Plated Feather Earrings
Try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that you have, for the journey that you're on and to relish each day as a gift. Che...
Regular price $99
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Statement Rings

Rings are the perfect way to bring your style together. Too often, we choose rings as an afterthought. But our hands are how we reach out into the world and act upon it, so the jewelry we choose for our fingers is both spiritually and stylistically significant. In keeping with the jewelry trends of 2023, both minimalist and maximalist rings are in vogue now, and there are gorgeous options no matter how you like to adorn your hands.

For those who prefer a subtle but still striking approach, our Evil Eye stretch rings feature a no-fuss elastic band for universal sizing and feature colorful enamel beads, gold-plated Evil Eyes, and bright CZ crystals for a little extra sparkle. Bring good vibes to the beach with our emerald-green Vivid Protection stretch ring and dazzling turquoise Peaceful Protection ring. 

Equally subtle and stylish is our Defensive Shield ring, which incorporates a sleek Evil Eye in a gold-plated band with a brilliant diamond to complete the look.

For those who like to make a bold statement, our gold and enamel cigar band rings command attention. Just slip on our Steadfast Serenity cigar band, which features white enamel and diamond for a pure and radiant look. This ring showcases the Sanskrit Om symbol, which represents the voice of the universe and creation itself—a deeply meditative and sacred mantra which helps bring focus to the mind and heightened awareness of one’s spirituality.

Diamond and sapphire shine in our Royal Protection cigar ring, which features turquoise and navy enamel studded with pure, authentic gemstones and an illuminating Evil Eye. This colorful statement piece is all about guarding your energy and ensuring that your mind’s eye is crystal clear as you enjoy the vibrancy of summer.

Black may not be a classic summer color, but if you’re the type to buck convention and stand out from the crowd, you just might love our bold Spiritual Delight enamel ring in black. A bright red heart motif and gold-plated details brighten up this dark ring, which features embedded diamonds and blue topaz for clarity and sparkle. This is the perfect statement for summer: you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, and you don’t care who knows it. The best summer look of all is the one that expresses you.Spiritual Delight - Heart Black Enamel Diamond Ring

Best Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023

For many of us, the past several years have been turbulent, to say the least—yet there is enlightenment and higher awareness to be found in times of difficulty and transformation. We think that’s why the summer trends of 2023 are highlighting authenticity and personal expression above all else. 

When it comes to style, the truth is, anything goes. Whether your style is bright or subdued, soft and delicate or dazzling and bold, you just have to have the confidence to flaunt it.

The season is a great time to lean into looks that make you feel good and to explore what makes you feel most like yourself. Whether that’s rocking mermaid vibes at the beach in a strand of extravagant pearls, going low-key with modest glamor, or adorning yourself with gemstones that capture your inner light, you’ll shine brightest when you express your true self.Lavish Abundance - Gold Plated Feather Earrings

Why Choose Spiritual Jewelry?

At Karma and Luck, we believe jewelry should be made with intention

Throughout history, jewelry has always meant more than glamor (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little bit—or a lot—of glamor!). Gemstones and symbols like the Evil Eye have been revered as protective amulets that block negative energy, meditative charms that help us focus on our inner wisdom and spirituality, and healing crystals that help us close spiritual wounds and grow into our most authentic selves. 

We draw on these sacred traditions with every piece we design for our spiritual jewelry collections, bringing together the beauty of natural gemstones and symbols from many spiritual practices.

You can feel good about choosing Karma and Luck jewelry, too—all our jewelry is artisan-made, crafted by hand, and fair trade. We use only authentic gemstones, sourced from around the world. Every single piece is different, with the subtle variations present in natural and handmade materials, so the jewelry you purchase will be uniquely yours.

Beyond jewelry, we offer home decor such as gemstone trees of life to bring a little more summer sunshine into your living space. Discover our complete collection and find your perfect summer style.

Start Your Journey Here. Explore our bracelet, earring, and necklace collections now.Spiritual Understanding - Ganesha Medallion Necklace 

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