How to Use Powerful Spiritual Symbols to Live With Intention and Protection

Spiritual Symbols

The way we choose to live our lives reverberates through our body, mind, and soul. However, sometimes choosing how to live isn’t so straightforward. We’re bombarded with messages, expectations, and a culture that tell us to live in certain ways. History and society have defined men by the masculine strength, stoicism, and ferocity.

Medical practitioners have demonstrated the negative impacts of toxic masculinity on men’s health outcomes. By mitigating notions that men have to perform epic feats of consumption, combat, or dispassion, we may live longer, healthier lives that balance masculine energy with our spiritual intentions.

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How to Live With Intention

Living with intention doesn’t have to involve massive, complex changes. Simple steps to enhance our overall holistic wellbeing, such as spiritual symbols, bring intentionality and inspiration into our lives. Here are two stripped down, easy ways to get started...

Define Your Unique Purpose

Before we seek out how to live life with intention, we must clarify the reason we want to inject spirituality and purpose into our lives. That means coming to terms with what it is we want to live for and hope to share with the world.

Living for something doesn’t have to be a grand promise or even a clearly articulated life goal. Intention means putting thought and honor into what we set out to do each day.

It’s almost like choosing a spiritual style. Maybe you want to maintain calm serenity wherever you go or inspire joy and energy in others. These are great intentions that can serve as first steps to cultivating a more spiritually informed lifestyle. 

Spiritual Symbols

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Find Simple Reminders

Once we recognize our purpose and acknowledge our intention to live up to it, we can look for ways to practice and nourish our spirituality. Like intention setting, spiritual practice doesn’t need to be complicated and overwhelming. Start simply, even by redefining your current habits and routines to include your intention and purpose.

If you’re a runner, think about how your daily distance fulfills a need for you that makes you a happier person. Let it serve as a reminder that you have taken action to better yourself, and let it grow to include intentional meditative thought as you run, repeating mantras of gratitude in your head with each pace.

This is just one example of the multitude of ways to incorporate purpose and intention in our everyday actions. Yet, it gets even simpler than that.

To tap into faith and intention, learning about spiritual symbols and wearing them provides a potent reminder to check into your body and mind and connect to divine wisdom and knowledge.

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Spiritual Symbols & Meanings

Just like the limitless galaxies in our universe, there are infinite signs and shapes we can wear to bring us closer to spiritual thought and practice. Check out these rock solid spiritual symbols that are ready to arm you with strength, resolve, and compassion…

Evil Eye Spiritual Symbols

The Evil Eye has traversed the ages to reign supreme as a spiritual symbol. The sign, in a way, wards against itself. In other words, anyone can turn their eyes on us with evil intention. However, when we don the Evil Eye symbol, we trust in a Spiritual Guardian to banish negative thoughts aimed to send us off course.

By leaning on the Evil Eye, we gain Confident Optimism to remain steadfast in our intentional path and to maintain our focus on light and goodness.

Hamsa Hand Spiritual Symbols

Often hand-in-hand with the Evil Eye, the Hamsa Hand is a spiritual symbol that serves as a protector against harm. Translating to “five” in Arabic, the Hamsa Hand appears as an open palm with five outstretched fingers, a spiritual sign for evil to stop in its tracks.

What’s more, the Hamsa Hand doesn't just guard against bad thoughts. It also offers Positive Protection to remind us to keep our thoughts positive and compassionate towards others.

Eye of Horus Spiritual Symbols

Eye of Horus

Also known as the “All-Seeing Eye,” the Eye of Horus looks for the path ahead that will lead us to safety and good health. Derived from an ancient Egyptian myth, the god Horus lost his eye in battle but regained it as a gift from the god of wisdom, Thoth. Thus, bestowed with Thoth’s gift, the Eye of Horus gained an exceptional ability to recognize danger and the way to safety.

The Eye of Horus offers Supreme Protection that also heals our mind and spirit as we face challenges and obstacles that try to impede our intentions.

OM Spiritual Symbols and Meanings

The sound of the creation of the universe, OM is one of the spiritual symbols that fills our minds with a unifying sensation to the cosmos. This spiritual symbol resonates across many cultures and beliefs, but its purpose rests in providing Abundant Serenity that roots us in the moment. 

Om is also a fantastic tool to help us grow in our spiritual intention to become a Leader of Courage prepared to inspire truth and learning in others.

Infinity Spiritual Symbols Meanings

Because we constantly face pressures and expectations in the world around us, Infinity is a powerful spiritual symbol to help us find balance. We can harness both masculine and feminine energies in an infinite cycle to cultivate Eternal Joy in every moment. 

Tree of Life Spiritual Protection Symbols

The Tree of Life incorporates various forms of sacred geometry and spiritual signs to symbolize the interconnectedness of our human bodies and spiritual auras. The Tree’s roots continually reach to the Earth to hold us steady and grounded, while its branches extend to the possibilities far beyond ourselves, giving us Transcendent Strength to constantly strive for meaning and unity in the world.

Cross Powerful Spiritual Symbols


Even though it has a significant role in Christian belief, the spiritual symbol of the Cross goes beyond Biblical meaning to encompass a broader connection to faith and divine trust. In some cultures that predate Christian belief, the four points of the Cross indicate different elements of nature or spiritual traits.

We can understand the Cross as a spiritual symbol that reminds us to take a Leap of Faith into new experiences and that sacrifices may be necessary to truly grow in our intention.

Anchor Spiritual Symbols

Especially when we aim for intentional living, we need be aware of the changes we need to make to truly fulfill our purpose. The Anchor symbol provides Consistent Strength to inspire us to move forward on our journey and be prepared to find new spiritual roots further down the road.

Buddha Spiritual Symbols and Meanings

Buddha Spiritual Symbol

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Having someone to guide us along our path can really help us hold our intentions close. Buddha is an Enlightened Being ready to show us the way to consciousness. By wearing this spiritual symbol, we harness Buddha’s focus and peace so that we can find the same essence in our intentional lifestyle.

Ganesha Spiritual Symbols Meanings


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Another spirit guide, Ganesha has ubiquitous presence in Hindu faith as the remover of obstacles who shines his Iridescent Light to keep us on track. Through his Divine Generosity, we learn to trust in our purpose and intention to move us in the right direction.

Dragon Spiritual Protection Symbols


One of the fiercest spiritual symbols, the Dragon ignites our drive and virility to strive for more in our lives. With its Primordial Power, we can access a deep-rooted, inherent spiritual wisdom to recognize our true intentions and work to fulfill them.

The Dragon acts as a Supreme Guardian to secure courage and might within your aura no matter what you face.

Lion Spiritual Symbols for Protection

The Lion displays Unrivaled Courage, and when we wear this symbol, we communicate to others our willingness to work hard for our dreams and to lead others towards fulfillment and joy. By recognizing our Personal Strength, we grow mightier and ardent in living with intention. 

Red String Spiritual Protection Symbols

The Red String serves as a subtle spiritual symbol with profound meaning. When we wrap the Red String around our wrist, we invite Ancient Protection and abundant fortune into our lives. Its power enhances the meaning of other signs to help secure Sacred Truth into our minds and spirits. 

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Final Thoughts about Spiritual Symbols and Meanings

When we set our intentions and begin to live with purpose, we can find a more fulfilling, joyful existence that inspires others as we gain strength, vitality, and energy in soulful existence. By wearing spiritual symbols and meanings, we communicate intentionality and devotion to living in truth and seeking universal harmony. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Men’s Best Sellers!

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