Enlivening Garnet Bracelets for Men

Garnet Bracelets for Men

A stone of passion and energy, garnet glows in its deep red hues. Tied to endless stories of mythology and ancient history, garnet reigns in the world of mysticism.

This energizing stone is said to ignite one’s inner power, fill them with self-confidence, and spark romance. Aptly named after the latin word for “pomegranate seed”, garnet is most commonly discovered in red, but, surprising to some, can actually be found in a variety of different colors. In fact, garnet can also come in green, blue, yellow, brown, black, and more. 

As the beloved birthstone of January, garnet is said to be connected with Capricorn energy. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is doused in motivation and direction. Anyone who wears garnet jewelry is encouraged to find a bit more discipline and structure in their lives, thus helping them to achieve their dreams and goals.

Men can benefit greatly from wearing this rich red gemstone as it fills their life with a sense of purpose. If he is feeling lost or unsure, garnet swiftly aids him in finding his path. 

Looking for garnet birthstone jewelry? Read on to discover our top two favorite men’s garnet bracelets. 

#1 Life Force - Garnet January Birthstone Bracelet

    Featuring a 10 mm garnet stone, this bracelet exudes bold and confident energy. Garnet, the birthstone of January, is featured here in a stunning deep magenta hue - contrasting beautifully against the black rhodium stainless steel beads.

    A stone of passion, garnet gemstone jewelry reignites your sense of purpose and fuels your creativity. Aligning the root chakra, garnet jewelry is deeply grounding and highly motivating. Featuring the iconic birthstone of January, this men’s garnet bracelet makes a wonderful gift for anybody born in this month. 

    Garnet January Birthstone Bracelet

    • Qualities of this Men’s Garnet Bracelet

    Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, this bracelet has been crafted with ultimate love, care, and detail. A stretch-style garnet bracelet, this piece can be worn and loved by a variety of wrist sizes. The bracelet is surrounded in shiny black rhodium steel beads, and showcases a cubic garnet stone charm. 

    • Benefits 

    The benefits of wearing garnet stone jewelry is seemingly endless. Matching its fiery hue, garnet energizes the mind, body, and spirit. The wearer is rejuvenated from head to toe, filling them with the motivation and courage to chase their dreams. Romance and love are also inspired by this multi-purpose stone, and it is believed to bring passion back into relationships. 

    Providing more than just spiritual benefits, this garnet birthstone bracelet is also full of physical healing properties. A powerful purifier, garnet cleanses the blood, lungs, and heart. It also boosts the immune system, helping the wearer’s body to fight off infections and disease. 

    Garnet Bracelets for Men

    • Healing Properties 

      • Inspires Passion & Love
      • Rejuvenates the Soul
      • Energizes the Body & Mind
      • Boosts the Immune System 
      • Purifies the Heart, Lungs, and Blood
      • Provides Motivation, Disciple, & Direction
      • Brings Good Luck to Relationships
      • Protects from Evil & Negativity
    • How to Wear & Care for It

    Garnet gemstone jewelry has the potential to be cherished for a lifetime. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure its durability. Here is a suggested routine for cleaning your garnet stone: 

    1. Fill a bowl with warm, soapy water. 
    2. Place your garnet bracelet in this warm water for about one minute. 
    3. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft cloth, gently clean your stone of any debris or dirt. Do not scrub hard, and avoid the top of the stone. 
    4. Fill a new bowl with clean, warm water. 
    5. Place the freshly washed stone in the clean water to rinse. 
    6. Dry your garnet jewelry with a microfiber towel. 
    7. Store away in a soft cloth for later use. 

    Garnet Bracelets for Men

    • The Karma & Luck Promise

    Promising the highest-quality jewels, Karma and Luck has been a trusted source of gemstone jewelry for years. Sourced for quality, each piece of jewelry is guaranteed to provide optimal healing benefits to the wearer. Working with skilled artisans around the world, each piece is created with the ultimate care, love, and attention to detail. 

    • Shipping time 

    Need your jewelry quickly? At Karma and Luck, we provide a number of shipping options to make your life easier. For all orders within the United States, we are proud to provide free standard shipping. If you need the jewelry quicker, however, we also have options for expedited and express shipping. 

    For international orders, we are happy to offer free shipping to all purchases over $200. Expect seven to twenty one days of shipping time for international orders. 

    • Quality

    Aligned with our vision of providing positive vibrations through stunning jewelry designs, we provide only the highest-quality gemstones and crystals. Following general maintenance and care, you can expect your new jewelry to last a lifetime. 

    Garnet Bracelets for Men

    #2 Divine Passion - Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet

      Serving as a reminder to stay positive and hopeful, this men’s garnet bracelet is complemented beautifully by black onyx. Passion is sparked, encouraging the wearer to stay true to his goals.

      His path is illuminated before him, and any obstacles that once stood in the way are swiftly overturned. The energizing nature of garnet jewelry inspires him to uncover his full potential and step into his power. Paired with black onyx, the wearer is healed, calmed, and grounded. The garnet bracelet meaning is attached to growth, self-confidence, and drive. 

      Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet

      Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Divine Passion - Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet
      0% OFF
      Divine Passion - Garnet Bracelet
      Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. The "Divine Passion - Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet" encourages you t...
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      • Qualities of this Men’s Garnet Bracelet

      Created by skilled artisans in Jaipur India, this garnet bracelet features an adjustable draw-string closure. Conveniently fitting a variety of wrist sizes, this piece of garnet birthstone jewelry makes a wonderful gift. 6 mm garnet heishi stones in deep shades of red are accompanied by 6 mm black onyx heishi stones. Breaking up the dark hues are golden charms that add a vibrant touch to the bracelet. 

      • Benefits

      Providing the wearer with passion, health, and energy, garnet is beloved for its rejuvenating nature. This grounding stone assists the wearer in balancing their root chakra, while also purifying the heart, lungs, and blood. Ruled by the planet Saturn, garnet stone jewelry motivates the wearer to push on with his dreams. He is propelled to new heights, and encouraged to step fully into his highest potential. 

      Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

      Stress Soother - Evil Eye Bracelet
      Stress Soother - Evil Eye Bracelet
      A man's life can get so busy that discovering inner fulfillment can be pushed aside. Yet when pursued and discovered, it can eliminate an...
      Regular price $59
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      • Healing Properties

        • Grounds Energy
        • Fills the Wearer with Confidence & Motivation
        • Sparks Creativity & Passion
        • Boost Immunity & Health
        • Energizes the Whole Body
        • Heals the Spirit
        • Calms the Nervous System
      • How to Wear & Care for It

      In order to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new, it is important to care for it properly and regularly. We recommend never wearing your garnet bracelet while swimming, showering, or cleaning, especially when using harsh chemicals. If it does get wet, try to dry it as quickly as possible to avoid tarnishing or rust.  

      • The Karma & Luck Promise

      We promise to provide our customers with only the best jewelry - all enriched with the highest vibrations. We carefully source all of our gemstones and crystals to ensure that each piece of jewelry is able to fill our customers’ lives with more love, beauty, and positivity. 

      • Shipping Time

      Offering a variety of shipping options, you can get your jewelry when you need it! For all international orders, purchases over $200 ship free. For all purchases within the United States, we are happy to provide free shipping on all orders. Need your jewelry quickly? Select one of our expedited or express options. 

      • Quality 

      At Karma and Luck, quality is our priority. Our artisan partners around the globe are incredibly skilled and have a fine eye for detail. Each piece is made with love and the highest-quality materials. So long as proper maintenance is taken, each piece of our gemstone jewelry promises durability. 

      Tiger's Eye Lava Bracelet

      Streak of Luck - Tiger's Eye Lava Bracelet
      Streak of Luck - Tiger's Eye Lava Bracelet
      We are all a great deal luckier than we realize, we usually get what we want – or near enough. The unique Lava Stone is bound to dispel t...
      Regular price $69
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      Give the Gift of Garnet

      Have a special guy in your life with a birthday in January? Shower him in love with a new piece of garnet birthstone jewelry. Making a wonderful gift, garnet is specifically tuned to the energy of all those born in this month, and is believed to perfectly balance out his energy.

      With the help of this fiery stone by his side, he is able to fully step into the highest version of himself. His motivation and drive skyrockets and his passions are reignited. Nothing can get in the way of him and his dreams. 

      Interested in gifting yourself or a loved one garnet gemstone jewelry? Visit our website and browse our full collection! Start your journey here: Men's Birthstone Jewelry

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