Lava Stone and Crystal Jewelry - Meaning, Properties, Benefits and Chakra

Lava Stone

Formed from the lively output of volcanoes, lava stones are packed with explosive and dynamic energy. Although these stones are often grouped with gemstones, they are not really gemstones at all - geologically speaking anyways.

Lava stones also go by the names of “volcanic rock”, “pumice stone”, and “igneous rock”.  One of the world's oldest and most common stones, they have been used as jewelry and decoration throughout human history.

When volcanoes erupt, lava is formed into these special stones. If you imagine a volcano with lava pouring down the sides of it, the lava stones are created from the hot liquid that ultimately dries.

The stones, which are typically black but can also be gray or brown, have a porous surface that resembles a honeycomb.

As a result of the spirited trip it makes towards the surface of the Earth, lava stones are charged with both intense and calming energy. They are said to eliminate feelings of laziness, as well as any stale emotions that prevent your energy from flowing smoothly. As an energetically absorbent stone, it makes room for positivity to flourish. This stone is said to be a symbol of bravery and safety. 

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Meditating with a lava stone is believed to anchor oneself in the energy of transformation. However, not every change in life necessitates a whole transformation.

When it comes to making healthy decisions, perhaps you just need to be a little more consistent. To change your mindset to a more positive state, connect to the go-with-the-flow energy of lava stone.

You will instantly feel inspired to seek constructive growth thanks to the serene, goal-oriented vibration that this powerful stone provides. Lava stone will give you the emotional support you need to quickly return to your driven mentality even if your behaviors start to falter.

Ready to learn more about this dynamic volcanic rock? Read on to discover its meaning, properties, benefits, and more!

Lava Stone

The Meaning of Lava Stone

Lava stones are tied to great symbolism and meaning. According to legend, lava stones can reduce anxiety, encourage emotional calmness, and instill emotions of peace and relaxation.

The spiritual influences of lava stones on the human mind are supposedly powerful. It is known to inspire creativity and cleanse negative ideas and emotions. Additionally, it enhances your daily interactions with others and has very strong qualities when dealing with dream work. 

It is commonly known as a "grounding stone", which is thought to deepen the wearer's connection to Mother Earth, as well as provide courage and strength under stressful or changing circumstances. This volcanic stone is also said to bring a sense of bravery and direction when you need it most. 

It is said that military troops were once handed lava stones as a way to assist them in maintaining their composure and summoning the strength needed to win the war.

Lava Stone

Enchanting Properties of Lava Stone 

Due to its origin deep within the Earth’s crust, lava stone has various therapeutic qualities. It is the stone of new beginnings and rebirth.

Connected to the grounding energy of the root chakra, this stone keeps us firmly rooted in our power and our truth. By aligning this important chakra, here are some of the healing qualities this stone brings:

  • Stronger and more consistent energy
  • Grounding and stability of the spirit
  • Strength and bravery
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Brings clarity and focus to communication 
  • Calms feelings of anger
  • Improves the mood and facilitates feelings of joy
  • Reduction of anxiety

Lava Rock can help you find your inner flame and let your natural expression shine. You can use your innate strength to overcome any obstacle in your life by channeling the courageous energy of this beautiful stone.

Giving you the boost you need, lava stone can help you achieve even your wildest dreams

Allow the stone's power to uplift, inspire, and motivate you. Providing you with the strength you need and the knowledge to center you, lava stone will be your rock through tough times.

Lava Stone

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Interestingly enough, lava stone’s balancing effects have been said to be enhanced by the use of essential oils. Due to its porous surface, this stone is ideal for absorbing oils and amplifying the energy they both provide to the wearer.

Think of lava stone as an entirely natural oil diffuser. You can place just a couple drops of your favorite essential oil on the piece of jewelry featuring this stone and let yourself float on the bliss the oil and stone give off. 

The use of lava stones as jewelry comes with a plethora of benefits, one of which is the ability to diffuse our preferred essential oils through the stones. People who suffer from allergies, in particular, may get relief from the use of lava stones in this manner.

For example, if you suffer from a runny nose, you can place some essential oils onto your lava beads and wear them throughout the day to ease any respiratory issues. This simple and natural method can provide serious relief from your symptoms. This may help you feel more refreshed as well as provide relief from the allergies you experience. 

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The Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Benefits of Lava Stone 

Lava stones are supercharged with the explosive energy of the Earth, which means that they are full of emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits for those who work with them or wear them. Listed below are just a few of the many advantages. 

  • Health Advantages

Lava stones have a luxurious and alluring appearance and are said to have extensive healing properties for the body and the mind.

Even when dealing with severe diseases, wearing lava stone chains, rings, or lava stone bracelets is said to speed regeneration and healing. It is also said to provide much-needed relief to sore or overused muscles. 

  • Emotional Advantages

Lava stones are excellent for reducing anxiety. Made of raw energy, the stones are thought to signify rebirth and the shedding of unnecessary layers of emotional attachment.

As it is the only rock created entirely from fire, lava stone is the physical representation of power and strength. The lava stone will readily provide someone who is hesitant or has trouble making decisions to push onwards with their goals and dreams. 

As lava stones provide willpower, character strength, and invincibility to their wearers, they can also boost one's self-confidence.

This lively natural stone also encourages your creativity and desire for spiritual independence. Amazingly, this energy is so strong that it can positively affect you, as well as the surrounding environment and people. 

  • Spiritual Advantages

Similar to other therapeutic stones, lava stone should be worn as close to your skin as possible. Better absorption and more direct access allows a more fluid flow of energy.

It is recommended that you wear a bracelet with lava stones, kept close to your pulse, in order to eliminate negative feelings. Or, you can wear a lava stone necklace to keep the stone always close to your heart.

Lava Stone

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Lava Stone & the Root Chakra

Lava stone has a profound connection with the Muladhara or root chakra. It is the first of the body's seven major chakras and is found at the base of the spine.

This chakra is tied to masculine energy and the grounding nature of Earth. It is represented by the astrological signs of Taurus and Cancer.

The significance of the base chakra is frequently disregarded in favor of the higher, more spiritual ones.

However, no chakra is more significant than another. In fact, if one chakra is energetically weak or blocked, it will negatively affect all the other chakras.

The Muladhara is crucial to our day-to-day existence. It serves as the basis of our existence on Earth and assures both our survival and the continuation of life. Think of yourself as a tree - if your root system were weak, you would topple over and constantly feel ill. For this reason, it is referred to as the root chakra.

Lava Stone

Lava stone can help us enhance our ties to the land by grounding us and keeping us in the present moment.

We frequently get stuck thinking about the past or the future, which can be harmful to our mental and physical health. The only area we can truly have an impact is in the current moment, which is where true value is found.

When the root chakra is balanced, we experience security. We make sensible decisions, hold ourselves to reasonable standards, and are self-assured enough to consider other courses of action. For survival and personal development, all of these traits are essential.

Feelings of unease and fear may arise when the root chakra is obstructed or out of balance. We can quickly become overwhelmed by worry, which leads to anxiety and despair.

By wearing the lava stone we can align the root chakra and stay in a place of grounded power.

Lava Stone

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A volcanic eruption is Earth and fire energy embodied - making the lava stone one of the most lively stones available. Bursting with dynamic vibrations, this stone is ready to heal the deepest layers of the soul.

Keep your feet firmly planted on the Earth, so that you can stay grounded in your truth and find power in each step you take. Your spiritual journey will become easier as lava stone removes the burdens and obstacles that stand in your way.

As your root chakra becomes balanced, you will find yourself better equipped to make decisions, take bold action, and stay confident in yourself.  

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