8 Ways to Identify Rocks and Crystals


There is a large variety of crystals and a number of factors that define their uniqueness. These crystals have evolved over time due to chemical reactions. Because the earth is constantly evolving, new crystals are found every day.

How to Identify Crystals

The composition defines uniqueness of a crystal, thus, its structure is completely based off its composition. The balanced structure of diamonds gives them harmonious energy making it blister and drizzle. Some crystals like Apophyllite aren’t so highly balanced.


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Identify your Crystal by Color

A very common way to identify crystal is by their color because of its link to specific healing properties. Identification by color can be confusing because some crystal come in a lot of colors but still here’s a guide for identifying their colors.

Black – powerful and mysterious, present in Hematite

Blue – common and great for emotional balance, common in Azurite

Brown – Linked with Earth and trees, they absorb negative energy. Found in Branzite

Yellow and Gold – it represents happiness and joy, common in Amber

Green –These have a balancing effect on emotions, found in Malachite

Orange – powerful and awakens the spirit, represented by aragonite

Pink – demonstrating love and affection, it is present in Lepidolite

Grey – means expansiveness of universe and protection, found in moonstone

Purple – Representing enlightenment and intuition and have magical  luster, represented by amethyst

Red – color of passion and energy, found in ruby

White – Purity and transformation, in stones like selenite

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Review Our Gemstones List

It can help you identify number of crystals according to their color and composition.

Search for a Stone by Chakra

Gems are linked with chakras, which are 7 originators of body energy and different stones associate with different chakras.

Crown Chakra – the transcendence and enlightenment occurs at the head. White stone are good companions to crown chakras.

Third Eye – it is linked with the wisdom. Indigo stones work well with it.

Throat Chakra – This represent communication of all sorts which makes it popular for necklaces.

Heart Chakra – This radiates love from the body and strengthens relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra –Yellow stones are helpful with these encouraging optimism and joy..

Sacral Chakra – when unbalanced, it can be devastating. And when overactive, you could be overly emotional, thus balance is highly recommended.

Root Chakra – This will contribute to increased confidence paired with smoky quartz

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Search for a Gemstone Based on Astrology

Combining crustal with Astrology has great potential. Thus the following guide is provided

Aries – Pair the passionate Aries with Carnelian boosting creativity, clearing thought and purpose.

Pisces - coupled with aqua marine can stimulate heart chakra.

Aquarius – This boosts the community spirit and when paired with yellow jasper heals emotional wounds

Capricorn– the determined Capricorn need energy like garnet to balance their overly practical nature

Sagittarius – the curious Sagittarian can benefit from bronzite

Scorpio –Its moody and unpredictable nature requires Amethyst to balance its emotion and decisions

Libra – Lapis Lazuli helps Libra stay focused and in decision making

Virgo – The glorious Virgo requires a boost from Red Jasper

Leo –It requires attention thus Garnet helps it ignite its passion.

Cancer – Moonstones helps it to be sensitive

Gemini – Rutilated Quartz helps it to stay connected with itself throughout its dynamic personality

Taurus – Abundance and prosperity couples up with practicality of Taurus

Rose Quartz

Find a Stone Based on Intention

Different moments in life require different crystals thus find what each moment is looking for not just stick with one. For unconditional love, accommodate a Rose Quartz but wealth can only be associated by Citrine and such.

Check Out Crystal Books

Keep crystal identification books with you to help you with new and rare specimens. Different books can help you with your crystal healing rituals and such

Ask at Your Local Crystal Shop/ Gem Show

If books aren’t off help, seek an expert on the subject. Sometimes Gem show are of help too as they exhibit some rarely found gems too.

Find the Right Crystal for Your Needs

Most of the time the crystal will find you and you most follow your intuition and always keep experimenting

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