Top 14 Crystals That Increase Motivation – & How To Use Them

Feeling a bit slothful these days? Some will tell you to just get up and get moving! Easier said than done. Right? Or is it…

Mother Nature has been here all along to help us uplevel our vibrations so we can pulse with motivation and gain momentum to create the life of our dreams.

So, what does our good Mother offer us to get -- and stay -- motivated?

Well, for one…crystals!

Using crystals is no longer considered taboo, or as some call it, woo woo. People have used crystals since ancient times.

So let’s have a look at how we can use them to increase motivation.

First of all, to soak up all of the high vibrations emitted from crystals, you’ll want to clean your chakras. You can do this by heading outside for a power walk. This helps get energy moving. Another idea? Put on some music that revs your engine -- and jump in place. Yes, jump. Jump for a song or more, if you can. The proof of how well this works is in how you feel afterward.

Using crystals can help clean the sluggishness from your chakras, too, and in a powerful way. Get your mitts on some black tourmaline, obsidian, and black onyx – the heavy hitters that obliterate negative, stuck energy. Keep these in your energy field for protection and to hold toxic junk at bay.

Now if some of you science-minded types are kind of sitting on the fence about the power of crystals, consider this: Quartz, yes, the crystal or gemstone – is used to keep the finest watches moving with precision. It’s called the Piezoelectric effect.

Lots of other crystals help us to level up our vibrations and kick up our motivation, and they work on different levels. That’s why it’s a great idea to start a collection of these different crystals.

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Best Crystals To Increase Motivation

#1 Clear Quartz

This crystal is known as a master healer, and for good reason. Among its many benefits, clear-quartz helps you find the motivation you need to complete your daily tasks. Clear quartz helps to release emotional and spiritual clutter. Let’s face it. When we’re overwhelmed with negative emotional junk, it’s pretty hard to stay motivated. Use clear quartz by itself or with other gemstones to further amplify their strength.

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#2 Bloodstone

If you want to be a force to be reckoned with in the workplace, make sure you have a bloodstone crystal nearby. This crystal will provide you with energy and strength so you can recharge and tackle your duties with ease.

Bold and beautiful bloodstone packs a lot of motivational vibes.

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#3 Tiger’s Eye

Count on lassoing superior motivation when you use this exotic-looking crystal. Tiger’s eye boosts confidence and energy, which are needed for motivation.

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#4 Calcite

As soon as you see the vibrant orange color of calcite, you’re sure to feel a surge of energy. This powerful crystal helps you to find your strength and embrace your energy. If you want to be motivated, you have to possess the energy to do so. With calcite, all this and more is possible!

Calcite helps to clear the heavy weight of life’s issues from your days and helps you find the lightheartedness you crave. This energy-boosting stone is a good one to have in your motivation collection of crystals.


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#5 Apatite

The blue and green apatite stone resembles the beautiful ocean water, and its lovely color is an excellent motivator in and of itself. In addition, you can use this crystal to put apathy on the shelf and embrace inner ambition.

When you carry apatite stone with you, you’ll tap into the higher vibrations that help you get motivated.

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#6 Aventurine

Leave the past behind with the help of this beautiful green-colored gemstone. Being stuck in the past is a sure way to suck the motivation right out of you. Use this crystal to release the past so you can move on to better things in the future.

This crystal promotes motivation to move ahead with your plans and achieve higher goals.

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#7 Selenite

Add selenite to your collection of motivational crystals if you need a reset. Selenite helps clear heavy energy to allow you to move ahead with peace and motivation.

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#8 Amethyst

    Access clear thoughts with the help of this gorgeous purple crystal. When your mind is clear, you can embrace motivation and get things accomplished.

    Amethyst is a guidance stone that will help you see your options and choose a clear path. This stone activates our intuition, which is our highest guidance. We all have it. Amethyst will help us use it.

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    #9 Carnelian

    This reddish-orange stone is fabulous to rev up energy and motivation. It helps keep you grounded, plan your goals, and achieve your dreams.

    Carnelian is an excellent creative manifesting stone that will help boost your motivation. For example, if you’ve been working on a set project for a while and feel as if your energy is diminishing, use a carnelian crystal to help you stay motivated. Wear a carnelian necklace or place a carnelian stone on your desk.

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    #10 Fluorite

      Lack of focus is certain to block motivation. Fluorite is the crystal for you when fuzzy focus is a problem.

      When your mind wanders or your thoughts seem scattered, hold on to a piece of fluorite for focus. Even better, wear it as a beautiful piece of jewelry. This crystal helps you gather your thoughts and motivate you for the day ahead.

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      #11 Rose Quartz

      From time to time, motivation may wane if we don’t feel supported and loved. Enter rose quartz. Use this crystal to move into your heart space so you can move forward in life from love, not fear. Do this, and watch your motivation soar!

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      #12 Garnet

        Garnet is a stone of passion. And when you have passion for something, you have the steam to cross the finish line. With the help of this crystal, you can put any doubt aside and complete your tasks with confidence.

        This rich red stone can be worn as a fashion statement in the form of jewelry. You’ll also find loose garnet stones that you can carry in your pocket or purse.

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        #13 Citrine

        Citrine is one of the most popular crystals for Joy. Like sunlight, citrine radiates positive energy. You may even find that when you wear it as jewelry, your Joy will affect uplift those around you. What fun it is to be contagious in this way!

        Natural citrine promotes a sense of happiness, energy, and new beginnings. This stone has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy, and it is a helpful aid when working to manifest your dreams.

        Citrine Labradorite Moonstone Wrap

        #14 Blue Apatite

        Blue Apatite radiates uplifting energies, promoting courage and power, which raises our overall vibration. This crystal is a highly motivating stone that inspires creativity and vanquishes the monkey mind. This is a fabulous crystal to keep in your workspace and home.

        Apatite Aquamarine Wrap

        How to Use Crystals for Motivation

        Wear ‘em!

        If you want an easy way to take your motivation crystal with you wherever you go, try wearing it as a stylish piece of jewelry. You’ll find many different types of crystal jewelry, ranging from citrine necklaces to amethyst bracelets. By wearing your crystal, you’ll be in constant contact with a high motivational vibe.

        Carry ‘Em!

        If you’d rather keep your stones for motivation close to you in a different way, you can always carry loose crystals with you. Stash a handful of motivational crystals in your pocket or purse. Keep ‘em in the console of your car.

        Crystals That Increase Motivation

        Decorate With ‘Em!

        Gemstone trees are certain to bring feng shui motivation your way! These are delightful to look at, and radiate powerful energy that uplifts your space at home or at work.

        Place a tree on your desk or anywhere in your home, and watch what happens!

        Meditate with Them

        You can also use your crystals with your meditation practice. Meditation sessions offer an ideal way to gain inner peace, strength, wisdom, and yes, motivation. Holding a motivational crystal during meditation can boost your practice.

        Place a clear quartz or amethyst next to you while you meditate. Or you can even wear one of these crystals as a piece of jewelry during meditation. Set your intention, ask the question…and listen! You’ll be amazed at what you find.

        Crystals That Increase Motivation

        How To Pick The Right Motivational Crystal

        So, with so many options, how do you choose the right one? Perhaps you can let the crystal choose you. Simply wave your hand across the crystal, and see if it speaks to you. Do you feel the energy coming from the crystal? If you do, this crystal likely resonates strongly with you.

        Can’t make it into a Karma and Luck retail store? You can still choose the perfect crystals online when you use this checklist:

        • Choose a crystal that makes you feel happy when you see it. Perhaps the color will speak to you.
        • Think about whether you’ll be using your motivation stone at work or at home. Take a look at the beautiful collection of feng shui gemstone trees to bring the highest vibes to your space.
        • Check out motivational crystals in the form of jewelry that you can wear to keep motivational energy at its peak. Crystal jewelry doubles as a fashion statement and vibrational tool.
        • Select a motivation stone that’s the best size for your needs.
        • Decide how many motivation crystals you want to add to your collection.

        Crystals That Increase Motivation

        Check Out Motivating Crystals From Karma & Luck

        People have used crystals for their vibrational benefits since ancient times. Using crystals is no longer considered to be woo-woo. You’ll find crystals on the desks of powerful CEOs, and on the wrists of A-list celebrities.

        Through the Piezoelectric effect, science can explain how quartz makes quartz watches keep perfect time. Using crystals is also intuitive, and intuition is a gift that never lies.

        Emerging Beauty Lotus Pendant Necklace

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