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Evil Eye

Evil eye benefits create an infinite list in so many cultures with never-ending power and impact. The main advantage of wearing an evil eye bracelet is synonymous with the curse itself - deflecting the malintent and damaging aura.

Like dissolves like is the principle of this magnificent symbol - looking at evil through a strong daze, the negative energy gets deflected onto the source that emitted it in the first place. Let the malevolent glare be reflected on those who have thrown it in the first place.

The situations when you can fully see the benefits of the evil eye are endless: preparing for an important milestone in life, day-to-day situations when you can feel something is hindering you, or even a feeling about the past not leaving you.

By wearing an evil eye bracelet in the first place, no ill will would come your way, maximizing your prospects for peace and prosperity. You may wonder, what are the main properties of the evil eye? 

  • Protecting You From All Harm

Nowadays, harm can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. What's certain is that we do not want it to disrupt our daily lives and our loved ones. Like an invisible guardian, the key evil eye benefit lies in the fact that it is like an alarm to our soul; whenever something evil comes out of the bushes, the evil eye creates a shield around your aura and alerts the chakras to guard their respective domain.

  • Express Your Uniqueness

The best way to express your respect for the numerous cultures curating the evil eye for such a long time is to truly understand the power of this symbol and wear it proudly.

With its magnificent appearance, wearing evil eyes would impact your daily outfit and appearance, infusing a touch of ethnic authenticity. This is a great way to raise awareness about one of the oldest symbols and spiritual shields in the world.

Evil Eye

Expanding Consciousness - Black Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Sterling GP - черный агат с бриллиантами
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  • Reenergize Yourself

The notion of safety brings peace of mind, which is the essential precursor to reaching our goals and being confident of our capabilities. Only when there is no room for negativity can we feel competent and ready to achieve our goals.

This is an essential point as negativity is often thought to come from external sources, however, experience proves that nowadays it comes from within. With the Evil Eye by your side, you will always have that dash of starter energy that always manages to move you.

Evil Eye

Balanced Path -  Enamel Evil Eye Chakra Necklace
Balanced Path - Enamel Evil Eye Chakra Necklace
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Benefits of Wearing the Evil Eye

Although its presence may have already bought you, it is ok to wonder: What is the actual benefit of the evil eye? It all starts with history as always. Evil thoughts have been thought of as arrows, striking through our bodies and doing us a lot of harm.

The evil eye accessory acts as a shield, which is believed to boomerang the evil intentions back to its caster.

Evil Eye

"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack
"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack
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  • Spirit Warden - Hematite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

This is one of the exceptional pieces that proves evil eye shields are not robust, as they create a kind of protection that is portable and sophisticated.

A key benefit of wearing the evil eye is also that people tend to stay positive with it. Not that suddenly all situations would become sunshine, but it’s more about your outlook and the way you handle things with an evil eye accessory by your side.

You tend to find solutions to problems in a way you never thought of before and issue that seemed deal-breaking before now become a minor nuisance. 

Evil Eye

Stress Soother - Evil Eye Bracelet
Стресс Soother Серебряный злой глаз Браслет
Вся жизнь человека может быть настолько занята, что открытие внутреннего удовлетворения может быть отодвинуто в сторону. Тем не менее, ко...
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  • Reflect Positivity - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

The Red String creates a perfect cradle for the not-so-usual shape of the Evil Eye. This vivid piece by K&L brings a whole new meaning to the Evil Eye symbol.

Many things in life have advantages and disadvantages, however, wearing evil eye jewelry only has benefits. Its energy and tradition can only propel you to new levels of protection while upgrading your mood and thoughts about the future.

Having all of its benefits in mind can bring you to only one conclusion when it comes to considering this as a new accessory - wearing the evil eye can be one of the best additions to your accessories bundle, both physically and spiritually.

Just because its look is very potent and striking, it does not mean that the benefits of the evil eye have to be reserved just for special occasions. Wearing this magnificent piece daily can gradually increase your energy levels and provide exceptional, constant protection.

What’s more, some people even like wearing it at night, as its care and nourishment can create a good night’s sleep. In the era when we go everywhere and track everything with smartwatches, it is handy to introduce protection in all places as well.

Evil Eye

Gentle Soul - Rose Quartz Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Gentle Soul - Rose Quartz Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Expand your heart to the wondrous love of the Universe. Rose Quartz imbues you with love, allowing passion and joy in your life. The "Gen...
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Evil Eye Properties

Experience and the ubiquity of the evil eye across cultures and traditions make the case for even the likes of Meghan Markle wearing this symbol often. The main reason for that must be the numerous evil eye healing properties.

Now, when we immerse into the realm of the spiritual and metaphysical, it is important to emphasize that these properties define the thin line between the traditional beliefs about the evil eye and the modern spirituality approach.

What does this effectively mean? A long time before, in plenty of religions and traditions, the properties of the evil eye included physical panaceas such as soothing headaches and curing many ailments. K&L doesn’t get too concrete about the metaphysical properties of the evil eye.

Instead, we believe in the power of its holistic protection in many ways possible. For example, when you raise your awareness levels and become more mindful, the evil eye in the form of malicious intent doesn’t get time and space to strike. The evil eye curse is mostly believed to attack during times when we are not conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. 

Evil Eye

Also, with its captivating appeal, it abides by the rules of aesthetics while being subtly intimidating to the potential evil eye curse casters.

By emphasizing the strengths of your aura and diminishing its weak points, a genuine shield is created around you, deflecting all negativity. After all, they don’t say “What goes around, comes around” for nothing. 

From a general point of view, it is sufficient to say that the most important property of the evil eye is the feeling of tranquility it gives to its wearer and his/her environment.

Evil Eye

Shop Evil Eye Jewelry

There is no better charm than the evil eye that can provide a uniform, always-applicable property to soothe your soul and propel your intent forward. Equally potent in women’s, men’s, and children's collections, the evil eye is a staple among those who are at least a bit spiritual.

Highly versatile and looking natural in all gemstone/charm combinations, the evil eye always manages to make room in the accessories with the most impact.

Discover your new energetic frequency and introduce this spiritually essential symbol to your accessories wardrobe. Afterward, explore the vibes around you, and rest assured that negativity and ill will is nowhere near you.

Evil eye properties are an important part of the evil eye tradition, and you can read our guide to get a deeper understanding of the symbolism and significance of evil eye jewelry.

Evil Eye

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