The Universe Is Calling: PICK UP

“The Universe is calling you to be a little braver.” Elaine Welteroth

The first question to ask is “why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?” 

But we do “fit in” don’t we? In fact, we’re trained early on in life to fit in, find that niche group that fits our personality, and even become paralyzed in our teens to let our individuality and personality shine through. We become small to stay safe and that safety net also blocks us from discovering and thriving in our purpose-filled life.

We went on a mission, a quest if you will, and an incredible journey to find the answers we are all so desperately wanting to the question...


YO! Universe, what is my purpose and how can you help me? 

Thankfully enough, the Universe has already answered all of these complicated questions and provides us with everything we need. It’s called intuition. They are always reminding us to pick up and listen to what they have to offer and to listen to our own intuition. But there are a few rules.

First, you need to recognize how AWESOME you are. Second, that you have a mission and a purpose on this planet and have to admit that you got lost along the way, and third, understand that success is all yours for the taking.

By simply following these Universal “belief principles” you will begin to feel the fear and tension fall away and faith find its way. 


With all of the noise in the world and in your head, it’s time to get quiet and listen for that call, which is your intuition. It won’t happen by running around in circles trying to figure it out and incessant noise, it works through prayer and quiet conversations and affirmations. What is the best way to tap into the Universal energy? With Mala beads and crystals.Their grounded energy, will help you stay still and hear the calls coming in.

Traditionally used in prayer and meditation, Mala beads are also a beautiful reminder of your intentions. Made with original gemstones that match the intention of your practice, Malas are the perfect way to create affirmations. Mala necklaces will add strength to your intentions and are a constant friend and reminder that your happiness is the only thing the Universe wants.

Here is what the Universe is asking of you.

Get ready to pick up that call.

Simply Start Listening

There is a divine flow that happens for each of us in our lives. The problem starts when we feel we need all the answers. Universe says, they will come, don’t push it, talk to us so we can figure it out together.

Mantra: I am listening.

Keep dreaming, begin trusting: Inside every one of us is a dream

“I want to be an actor, doctor, activist, chef.” What is your dream job? What does your dream day look like? Knowing what you do want is every bit as important as already knowing what you don’t want. That excited feeling and goosebumps you get when you think about your dream job is the Universe saying “we created you for this, now trust the process.” 

Mantra: I am in pure trust.

Ask The Universe 

Be specific in what you want. Every night for 7 nights, ask the Universe to help guide you with answers. Most of us know what our dream life looks like. For those of you who “kinda know” will need to do 14 nights of mantras. Universe says you will get the answers.

Mantra: I have my answers.

Never put off tomorrow, what you can let go of today

FEAR! It’’s time to LET GO of fear. Oh, you’re going to feel it as you venture into this new world called “I deserve a happy life.” Tell your fear to back off. Universe says, there is so much more waiting for you on the other side.

Mantra: I have no fear.

Failing is inevitable. Staying down is a choice

Your purpose is infinite. Remember that. There are no sets of times that you will fail and it is permanent. It is temporary unless you decide to quit, and you’re no quitter. Your dream job is yours for the taking. You just have to work hard to get there. Universe says, get UP!

Manra: I won’t quit.

Start your day with positive thoughts

Plan on being positive, while you plan on planning. When you live by those two principles, the rest will fall into place. Universe says, stay positive and keep planning your strategy.

Mantra: I am positive.


You already have what it takes

It’s in your DNA. Most of us are programmed to believe we can’t be Olympians, Oscar-winning actors, top chefs, writers, doctors, etc….what a load of crap. Someone is doing that right now and they work hard to get and stay where they are.. Universe says if they can do it, so can you. 

Mantra: I can do it.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

And it wouldn’t be worth it. Hard work gets you everywhere. But so does focusing on spiritual balances and practices. It is even more important to focus on removing the negative thoughts and beliefs out of our heads and start listening to your hearts. Universe says meditation and positive mantras work and they are a gift.

Mantra: I am listening to my heart.

The most important goal is having one

So let’s make one. Your body and soul already know what your purpose is and hopefully, by now you’re comfortable with acknowledging it. Universe says, start writing down your goals and intentions and put an affirmation next to it. 

Mantra: I am in my intention.

You were born to be real, not to be perfect

Age and time have absolutely nothing to do with where we are going from this day forward. You know what your desires are, you know you can set goals for yourself and you know you’re a spiritually grounded person. Universe says, don’t be perfect, be practiced.

Mantra: My intentions are clear.

Be thankful 

For what where you are now and keep fighting for where you want to be tomorrow: One day and one step at a time. When it gets too hard, sit quietly, and ask for guidance. Universe says we’re listening.

Mantra: I am thankful.

There is beauty in simplicity

Working hard and creating goals is wonderful. Don’t forget to stay grounded in the simplicity and beauty of nature, music, laughter, friends, and family. Universe says, take a break sometimes.

Mantra: I am in gratitude.

You were born enough

More than enough. Repeat all day as needed. “I am enough.” Universe says it’s a must.

Mantra: I am enough.

When nothing seems to go right, go left

The Universe is designed to throw us occasional upsets. Look at hurricanes. When you’re stuck and everything seems useless and tough, take a break and find an alternative route. Universe says there is always an alternative route.

Mantra: I have my solution.

Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself

This doesn’t mean your famous around the world. Unless that’s what you desire, then you can certainly achieve it. This means, let them know your reputation, your name, and how incredibly gifted you are so much so that one day, everyone will know who you are and what you have to offer. Universe says we created something a lot bigger for you, just reach out.

Mantra: You are limitless.

Lost not lonely

When you get lost, it’s okay to stop, to look up, to look within for the answers—they’re always there. Universe says you’re never lonely, we’re here, just talk to us.

Mantra: I am never alone.

Dream big

Work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people. In that exact order. Dreaming is a form of planning: Never forget that. Your dreams and desires are the Universe’s request for you to take action. Universe says, it’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.

Mantra: My dreams are recognized.

You can do anything, but not everything

Pace yourself. While you and the Universe are having conversations about your future, keep in mind that progress is best gained through baby steps, walking and eventually running. Universe says, stay focused.

Mantra: I am focused.


Start each day with a grateful heart 

The Universe is kind enough to guide you through this time, make sure you repay by being grateful for the good times and the challenges too. Universe says we love your heart. Fall often so we can succeed sooner: It’s that simple. 

Mantra: I am so grateful.

The Universe Is Calling: DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP.

Great achievements never come from staying in our comfort zone. The Universe has your back, as long as you have your own. We hear every single day “believe in yourself” and that is amazing, but not as simple as just reading the words. You have to repeat those words every day, often, and share them with others. 

The Universe is calling for you to be great. Don’t let them down.

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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