The Mystical Meaning of the Evil Eye

The Mystical Meaning of the Evil Eye

With ties to mysticism, religions, and cultures around the world, the evil eye symbol has surely left its lasting impact on history. Created as an ancient symbol to ward off evil curses, it is nothing short of a wonder that people still wear and respect this powerful amulet. Its continued reverence can be owed to its proven potential in protecting us from harm’s way. 

First created more than 5000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, the evil eye then spread its reach to other countries and cultures across the map. With roots in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, the evil eye is a globally revered amulet.

Although the meaning of the evil eye will vary slightly depending on which culture you are looking at, the common thread is its ability to defend and protect. 

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Meaning of the Evil Eye

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Today, the evil eye's meaning has been more important than ever to humans everywhere, as a way to protect their mind, body, and spirit from the negativity that surrounds.

In fact, big name celebrities have even been spotted sporting this sacred sign as jewelry. As a fashion statement or a call for blessings, the evil eye has a wealth of benefits.

We have all seen the evil eye decorated on jewelry, clothing, homewares, and more, but do you know the true meaning behind this sacred symbol? Read on to discover all there is to know about the ubiquitous evil eye. 

The Curse of the Evil Eye

The evil eye has a name that may be a bit confusing for many people. As a protective charm of positivity, it seems strange for it to hold a name of evil. However, the symbol of the evil eye should not be confused for the curse of which it defends against. 

Not sure what the curse of the evil eye is? Well, actually, the evil eye curse is something we are all too familiar with - a mean or ill-intended gaze thrown in our direction.

Generally, this malevolent glare is said to be born from envy. According to ancient wisdom, the more we succeed in life, the more envy we attract. It is an unfortunate truth of human nature, that often people wish destruction upon those who have more than them. Sadly, there are people out there who would rather see you fail than succeed. 

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When the evil eye is gazed upon you, it is said to cause bad luck to befall upon you. With a range of negative effects, it can cause illness, injury, accidents, and a general downfall.

The human eyes are believed to be more powerful than we can ever imagine, and for that reason are capable of causing a great deal of harm - whether that be consciously or subconsciously. For that reason, the counteractive evil eye symbol was born. 

The Mystical Meaning of the Evil Eye

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What Does the Evil Eye Symbolize? 

Created as a way to defend against the evil eye, also known as “nazar” in Middle Eastern cultures, the evil eye amulet was designed. Depicting an ever watchful eye, the symbol is intended to stare right back at the evil it is fighting. As the evil eye curse is a gaze from envious eyes, this ancient symbol glares right back in the face of danger. 

This all-seeing eye stands vigilantly on guard, ready to deflect any negativity that comes our way. As humans, we can not always see everything that is happening around us, which is why we recruit the power of another eye to help us see the things that we cannot. With this dutiful guardian by our side, we are forever protected and watched over. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

The Meaning Behind Evil Eye Amulets and Talismans 

By wearing an evil eye amulet or talisman, usually worn as jewelry, you are signaling to the Universe that you are in need of extra protection. It is akin to calling in back-up forces in times of turmoil.

Along your spiritual journey and road to success, there are destined to be many obstacles and challenges that come your way. However, wearing an evil eye talisman will ensure that you are able to overcome each and every barrier, coming out stronger than ever before. 

As you start shining your light brighter, you will attract the attention of positive forces into your life, but will unfortunately also bring some darker forces into your life. These darker energies may try to destroy everything you have been working hard to build.

Luckily, the powerful meaning of the evil eye will keep the darkness at bay, repelling any harm or negativity. Wear an evil eye amulet and watch the positive light shine fervently upon you.

Meaning of the Evil Eye

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What Is The Meaning Of The Evil Eye

With deep roots across the continents, the meaning of the evil eye varies slightly depending on where you are on the map. The common thread, however, will always be its powerful protective properties.

Defending from problems both big and small, the evil eye is ever ready to defend no matter the situation you are dealing with. From petty gossip to serious physical harm, the evil eye will protect you. 

Due largely to jealousy, the evil eye curse is thrown at people who are accomplishing great things or making a lot of achievements. This fear of the curse can even cause people to avoid succeeding, or at least not sharing in their joy for their feats.

Using an evil eye symbol, however, is one way to continue reaching for your goals without the fear of being struck down by others. 

Cultures across the world believe so strongly in the meaning of the evil eye that it can be found worn as jewelry, hanging from car mirrors, tucked into baby cribs, painted on ships, and many more uses. Although the method may change, the goal is the same - protection and security. 

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Evil Eye Jewelry meaning

What is the meaning of evil eye jewelry? Dig in to explore the reason for wearing this sacred amulet on the body. 

  • Is It Good Luck To Wear An Evil Eye?

The evil eye is a powerful magnet for good luck. By deflecting negativity, harm, and danger, the evil eye frees up more space for positivity to flow. By placing a piece of evil jewelry onto the body, you are sending a signal to the universe that you are ready for the infinite blessings of abundance and prosperity. 

There are endless gifts awaiting you, however if you are bogged down by negative, dark energy, those gifts are unable to come through.

A piece of evil eye jewelry surrounds you in the loving, protective light of the divine, serving as your loyal and trusted gatekeeper. Good energy is allowed in, while the bad is dispelled. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • Why Wear Evil Eyes On Jewelry?

Evil eyes depicted on jewelry is the perfect way to harness the sacred gifts of this ancient symbol. As jewelry is a simple thing that you can wear each day, it makes it easy to carry the protection it has to offer you. 

Popularly worn as rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the evil eye sits close against the skin, allowing its penetrative gaze to fill your spirit with white light.

This protective light surrounds the mind, body, and spirit, wrapping you in its nurturing embrace. The meaning of evil eye jewelry is to subtly call in the protective forces of the universe, repelling any darkness that tries to come your way. 

Curse of the Evil Eye

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  • What Does Evil Eye Jewelry Signify?

Worn for thousands of years, the meaning of evil eye jewelry is to protect and defend. No matter what you are trying to repel, the evil eye is ready and willing to assist. 

In gorgeous and varied designs, evil eye jewelry gazes fearlessly back in the face of danger. Not only a unique fashion statement, evil eye jewelry fills your life with positivity and good luck. 

If you have recently been hit with a string of bad luck, then a piece of evil eye jewelry may be just what you need to set things right again. Wear an evil eye necklace, ring, or bracelet, and watch as the miracles begin to unfold.

As roadblocks are removed, your purpose is revealed. Believe in the powerful meaning of your evil eye jewelry and watch in wonder as all your dreams start to come true. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

The Meaning of Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil eye bracelets are one of the most common ways to wear this sacred symbol. Worn around the wrist, this is a subtle way to call in protective forces. Although there is no “right” or “wrong” way to wear them, according to some, the meaning of evil eye bracelets is amplified when worn on the right wrist.

As the right side is your emotional side and carries the heart, the evil eye is said to be most effective when attached to this side of the body. 

  • Meaning Behind Evil Eye Protection Bracelets 

Worn to deflect harmful energy from the spirit world or the physical realm, the meaning of evil eye bracelets is largely tied to their ability to protect and defend. The powers of this ancient force are seemingly limitless in guarding you from all that tries to cause you pain.

Defending the mind, body, and spirit, evil eye bracelets diligently deflect negative energy in any form it takes on. Wearing an evil eye protection bracelet protects you from big things such as physical harm, to smaller things like mean gossip. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

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  • Meaning Behind Evil Eye Good Luck Bracelets 

An evil eye bracelet can be worn as a means to promote good luck to flow freely into your life. By repelling negative energy, the evil eye opens up new doors of opportunity and frees up space for goodness to rush in.

As barriers are busted down, your path to success is cleared and ready to be walked. The evil eye is ready to shower you in abundance and blessings. 

Evil Eye Bracelet Collections

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  • Meaning Behind Evil Eye Bracelets with Other Symbols

Commonly found paired with the hamsa, tree of life, Om, and many other sacred symbols, the evil eye works in conjunction with these powerful forces. The meaning of the evil eye is amplified and enhanced when worn with other symbols, gemstones, and crystals

Meaning of the Evil Eye

The Meaning of Evil Eye Necklaces

  • Evil Eye Necklaces For Protection Meaning

Worn close to the heart, an evil eye necklace blesses you with the gift of protection. An evil eye necklace's meaning is attached to its ability to defend from an array of difficulties, challenges, and dangers.

By wearing this symbol around the neck, you are wrapping yourself in divine light and love. May you walk fearlessly towards your dreams with an evil eye necklace guiding the way. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

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  • Evil Eye Necklaces for Good Luck Meaning

An evil eye necklace's meaning, although most commonly attached to protection, is tied to its ability to welcome in good luck and prosperity.

By repelling negativity, evil eye necklaces allow positivity to flow effortlessly into your life. Worn in constant connection with the heart, you are inviting the loving energy of this symbol to fill your days with abundant gifts. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • Meaning Behind the Symbolism of Evil Eye Necklaces 

Worn for a variety of purposes, an evil eye necklace is ready to fight your individual battles. Each person is unique and is dealing with different problems, and the evil eye knows that.

Every time you slip on your evil eye necklace, simply state your intentions and let the symbol know what help you are looking for that day. Give your gratitude for its watchful protection, and be sure to always cleanse your evil eye piece from the accumulated negative energy. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

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Meaning Behind the Different Evil Eye Colors

What is the meaning of each evil eye color? Keep reading to find out the various purposes for this colorful symbol. 

  • What Do The Different Colors Of The Evil Eye Mean?

Found in a variety of colors, designs, and depictions, the evil eye is constantly evolving. Once only found in blue glass, evil eye amulets can now be found in just about every hue of the rainbow. 

Each evil eye color has a different meaning, and can be worn for different purposes. For instance, some are worn to relieve stress and anxiety, some are worn to boost creativity, and others are worn to promote courage and strength. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose the right evil eye color for you. 

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  • What Are The Meanings Of The Evil Eye Colors?

With a variety of meanings, each color of the rainbow is tied to a different energy. When paired with the evil eye, this energy is enhanced. Wear blue evil eyes for stronger communication and tranquil vibes, an orange evil eye for happiness and creativity, a yellow evil eye for boosted immunity, or a pink evil eye for fulfilling friendships. These are just a few of the many options when it comes to choosing an evil eye color.  

  • What Is The Best Evil Eye Color To Wear?

Each evil eye color corresponds to a different meaning, signifying that there is no “best” color. When it comes to our individual needs, there really is no “one size fits all”. When choosing an evil eye amulet, consider which energies you are hoping to call into your life and what type of protection you are seeking. Depending on these answers, you will find the best evil eye color for you to wear. 

Evil Eye Bracelet Collections

  • What Color Is The Original Evil Eye?

The original evil eye color is dark blue with concentric circles of white and light blue, and featuring a black pupil in the middle. Known as the color of good luck and good karma, blue was commonly used to call in the blessings of the divine.

This traditional style, usually crafted in glass, is still commonly found in markets and street stalls throughout the Middle East.

Meaning of the Evil Eye

The Colorful World of the Evil Eye

Nowadays, evil eye jewelry can be found in a variety of colors, and featuring a variety of stones and crystals. Let’s explore the meaning behind the different colors of the evil eye.

  • Red Evil Eye Meaning

With its ability to diminish fears and worries, wearing a red evil eye frees you of the anxieties that chain you. This bold color sparks passions, filling you with newfound energy to chase your dreams.

  • Blue Evil Eye Meaning

Float on endless waves of tranquility with ocean-blue evil eye jewelry. Providing calm energy, the blue evil eye also enhances communication and protects from karma and fate. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • Black Evil Eye Meaning

A powerful protector against harm and misfortune, the black evil eye fills you with strength and stamina. Your confidence grows, magnetizing prosperity straight to you. 

  • Pink Evil Eye Meaning

With a pink evil eye amulet, you will feel cool, calm, and collected. This lovely evil eye hue surrounds you with the healing power of supportive and fulfilling relationships.

  •  Meaning

Boosting the immune system, the green evil eye promotes good health. This verdant shade of the evil eye can be worn to increase chances of success and contentment in all that you do. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • Purple Evil Eye Meaning

The meaning of the purple evil eye is attached to imagination and creativity. With its rich hues, it removes any barriers that stand between you and your dreams. 

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  • White Evil Eye Meaning

Start anew with a white evil eye guiding the way. This refreshing color inspires new beginnings. Its purifying energy removes obstacles from your path and relieves anxiety from the mind. 

  • Yellow Evil Eye Meaning

With its energetic nature, the yellow evil eye welcomes sunshine into your life. With a brighter, more positive outlook, you will be able to take on each challenge with focus and determination.

  • Light Blue Evil Eye Meaning

Similar to looking up at the clear blue sky, a light blue evil eye opens you up to new perspectives. A light blue evil eye meaning is connected with feelings of inner peace and serenity. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

Evil Eye Protection Meaning  

Explore how the evil eye works to protect you from danger, harm, and negativity. 

  • What Does The Evil Eye Protect From?

The evil eye protects from all that wishes to harm you. By slipping this piece of jewelry on, you are welcoming in this ancient symbol’s incredible powers. Filled with seemingly limitless energy, the evil eye stands vigilantly on guard, forever ready to guard you.

Throughout the day, we are met with a variety of challenges and obstacles - be them big or small. No matter what ails you, the evil eye's meaning is that of protection. 

Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

  • What Does The Eye Protection Symbol Mean?

Depicting an ever-watchful eye, this sacred symbol glares back at the dreaded curse of the evil eye. Coming from envious or hateful eyes, the evil eye curse wishes destruction upon all that you have worked hard to build.

Luckily, we have the evil eye to protect us from this downfall. Fearlessly glaring back at danger, the evil eye symbol shields us from harm and surrounds us in loving energy and light. 

  • What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye Protection Bracelets?

Worn wrapped around the wrist, the meaning of evil eye protection bracelets is to stare right back at any negativity that comes your way. By sending its gaze out into the universe, an evil eye bracelet promises to always watch over you. As the right half of the body is the emotional side, it is generally recommended to wear your evil eye bracelet on the right wrist. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye Protection Necklaces?

Constantly in connection with the heart, an evil eye protection necklace tunes us into the highest vibration of universal love. From this new level of consciousness, negative energy is unable to harm us. The meaning of evil eye protection necklaces is to fill your spirit with courage and to surround your body with defensive power.

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Spiritual Evil Eye Meaning 

What is the evil eye’s spiritual meaning? Read on! 

  • How Does The Evil Eye Protect You?

Said to be more powerful than we can ever realize, the human gaze is bursting with powerful potential to both heal and destroy. Depending on how you use and direct your energy, you can either send out love into the world, or well, the opposite. Subconsciously or not, many people’s envious or hateful gaze ends up causing a world of bad luck for others. 

The evil eye symbol was created out of intention to dispel the negative effects of the evil eye curse. With ancient wisdom and dynamic strength, the evil eye glares right back at danger and harm. Boasting fearless and bold energy, the evil eye symbol breaks and dispels the ill-intentioned gaze of the curse. 

Essential Peacefulness - Red String Navy Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

  • What Is The Evil Eye In Spirituality?

The evil eye is a highly revered and respected symbol in the metaphysical and physical world. With roots in a variety of cultures and faiths throughout the globe, the spiritual meaning of the evil eye is universally important.

While walking your own spiritual path, no matter what that looks like for you, be sure to recruit the defensive powers of the evil eye. 

Evil Eye Symbol Meaning  

Read on to understand the profound meaning of this sacred symbol. 

  • What Does The Evil Eye Symbol Really Mean?

Used for thousands of years, the evil eye symbol promises divine protection. Its potential to defend and protect has been proven over and over again, allowing it to have a lasting and positive impact on our lives. 

The meaning of the evil eye symbol is best known for its protective qualities. However, its potential extends even further than that. Depending on how you use it, which color it is, or what stones and symbols it is paired with, the meaning and potential transforms. 

The evil eye has the ability to deflect negative energy, welcome in good luck, promote loving relationships, and assist in removing obstacles. With so many different uses, it is important to set your own intention while wearing the evil eye.

Meaning of the Evil Eye

  • How Do You Use The Evil Eye Symbol?

In order to harness its infinite potential, the evil eye symbol can be used in a variety of ways. This ancient amulet can be worn as jewelry, embroidered on clothing, engraved in cups, painted on walls, and hung from car mirrors, just to name a few ideas.

However you choose to showcase this ancient symbol, its divine wisdom will surely be felt by you and anyone in your surroundings. 

If you wish to protect your own energy and physical body, it is advised to wear the evil eye as jewelry. In the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, the potent energy of this talisman can be welcomed into your life.

If you wear evil eye jewelry, be sure to consistently cleanse and purify the pendant, as to remove any built-up or stuck energy that it has accumulated. 

Hoping to protect your home and family? Try hanging an evil eye in front of your doorway. This method uses the meaning of the evil eye symbol to guard your home from unwanted energies and visitors. 

Meaning of the Evil Eye

Meaning of Evil Eye Amulets & Talismans 

Amulets and talismans, although both powerful and protective, have slightly different uses. Amulets are worn to call in protection from the Universe, whereas talismans are worn to amplify your own powers and energies.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of evil eye talismans and the meaning of evil eye amulets, as well as see how to use each one for optimal effect. 

Evil Eye

  • What Is The Evil Eye Amulet Used For?

Evil eye amulets are worn as a way to surround the mind, body, and spirit in protective energy. Worn as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings, these amulets serve as defensive guardians for the bearer.

No matter what challenges, danger, or obstacles the wearer faces, an evil eye amulet has the ability to keep them safe from harm’s way. 

An amulet is worn to protect from danger, and the evil eye is one of the world’s most popular and important examples. Depending on your own unique situation, you can employ the use of an evil eye talisman to guard you.

Whether it is a mean bully at school, an aggressive co-worker, or a dangerous job, the evil eye is ready to assist with any level of challenges. 

An evil eye amulet makes your problems theirs. An evil eye amulet’s meaning is most importantly concerned with your safety. Once your security is ensured, you are free to make the life of your dreams. 

Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

  • What Is The Evil Eye Talisman Used For?

The evil eye talisman’s meaning is concerned with building more courage, confidence, and strength within you. Whereas an amulet serves to protect you, a talisman works to amplify your own innate energy and potential. 

Wearing an evil eye talisman allows you to channel the potent and divine nature of this sacred symbol. Charged with the wisdom of the ages, an evil eye talisman fills your spirit with bold and fearless power.

Once equipped with these characteristics, you are liberated from any doubts, fears, or worries that once held you back. As you begin believing more fully in yourself, a world of opportunity opens before you. Dreams and goals that once felt out of reach are now suddenly attainable. Your strength and potential are unlimited. 

Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Embrace the Meaning of the Evil Eye in your Own Life

Although varying in magnitude and style, we all face challenges and obstacles in this life. We can choose to let them get us down or we can take control back. Using different methods, talismans, and amulets, we can call in ancient wisdom to help us live a more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe life.

The evil eye, being one of the world’s oldest and most important symbols, is supercharged with the ability to protect and defend.

By deflecting negativity and removing barriers, this sacred symbol allows us to create the life of our dreams. Depending on your individual needs and desires, choose the colors and stones that best accompany your evil eye jewelry. 

Interested in adding a piece of evil eye jewelry to your collection? Visit our website and browse our full collection of stunning evil eye designs for both men and women. 

The mystical meaning behind evil eye is a fascinating topic that you can discover in our guide to evil eye jewelry meaning and symbolism.

Meaning of the Evil Eye

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