Let’s Spread Positive Energy: Here Are 11 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

random acts of kindness day

On February 17th, we celebrate unconditional empathy and kindness, spreading joy and positivity nationwide. Random Acts of Kindness Day is an occasion to show generosity and compassion and to make a positive impact in the world.

Participating requires a simple desire to brighten someone’s day, help those who need it, or make a change that will impact others.

We’ll dig into some ways to celebrate this special event, but first, let’s learn how it came about.

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About Random Acts of Kindness Day

Initiated by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK), Random Acts of Kindness Day was first celebrated in 1995 in the USA. The positive impact quickly inspired supporters across America and is now also celebrated in New Zealand on September 1st.

Restoring Faith in Humanity

Founded to help restore faith in humanity and cherish relationships with the world around us, it is a day to celebrate compassion, empathy, and togetherness. It is an opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of positive deeds, selfless acts of kindness, and the impact they can make for the well-being of society.

Celebrated by Individuals and Groups

Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated by both individuals and organizations. The celebration inspires philanthropy and spreads love all around.

random acts of kindness ideas

Let’s Spread the Love! 11 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

There can never be enough positivity and joy in the world. Kindness and compassion can be shown in little, yet meaningful ways, serving as a constant reminder of the good around us.

Let’s spread love together with the following ideas…

Be Passive for the Day 

So often we try to get in line first, get the best parking spot, or rush things. On this day, let everyone else get ahead of you. Let yourself cherish the moment without attaching the competitive feeling of being first. As one of our random acts of kindness ideas, simply let others be the winners. You’ll be amazed at how rewarding it feels.

acts of kindness

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Clip Coupons & Leave Them Next to the Items in a Store

Kindness can be shown in little, unexpected ways and found in the most extraordinary places. Go on a little adventure and leave coupons for strangers next to the items they can save on at a store. Then watch as it brightens people up. Little gifts like these are always welcome, and they can greatly impact their day.

Write a Great Review for Your Favorite Store or Restaurant

Do you have a favorite spot that you love going to? Genuine compliments have the power to brighten someone’s day, so why not give one to the hardworking business owners and employees who work there? Positive reviews are not only motivating but will also make those who read them appreciative. So, let’s all leave one on this Random Acts of Kindness Day. 


Tell Your Boss Something Great About a Colleague

Your voice has the power to uplift and inspire others to make powerful changes that can mean the world to those around you. Say something positive about your colleague’s performance and abilities. Think about what you value in them and let that be known, not just to other colleagues but to your superiors. They’ll be glad to know and your coworker will love you for it! 

Leave Uplifting Notes in Public Areas

Have you ever come across a funny, motivating quote that instantly improved your mood?

We all need a daily dose of positivity in our lives to keep us going. Get creative and share your uplifting messages with the world in prominent public areas. Decorate your bus stop with a silly or encouraging sticker or leave a written note on the mirror in a public bathroom.

Inspiration can sometimes be found in the most extraordinary places, and you’ll be surprised how many days you’ll get to brighten. 


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Do Something to Make Someone’s Life Easier

Kindness is measured by acting from the heart, especially when it makes someone’s life easier. On this Random Acts of Kindness Day, get practical and shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk, cut their grass, or rake their leaves. Things like this take time and energy that many of us don’t have. If you have it, give it to others – it will mean so much to them.   

Call a Loved One Just to Say Hi

A simple call out of the blue to remind someone that they are deeply loved can go a long way. Many times, we forget to truly appreciate the connections we have and take our relationships for granted. On this special day, call those you care about just to say hi and ask how their day was. It will make them feel seen, heard, and loved, which is something everyone needs.

Do a Chore Your Spouse Usually Does 

It can truly lighten up your loved one's face when they get home after a long day and realize that something they were dreading is already done. Random Acts of Kindness Day can start by doing little chores, such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or chopping the wood for the fireplace. Taking some of the load they carry off their shoulders for one day is not only helpful but also an act of love and appreciation.

Meditate Together

Write Down 10 Reasons You Love Someone & Give it to Them 

We express love in many ways, but often it’s not as direct as writing down what we love about a person and giving it to them. Think about what makes someone special to you, what you appreciate and respect, or how they inspire you and put it in an envelope or frame it. It will serve as a constant reminder for them that there is always a ray of sunshine and love surrounding them, even when the path gets rocky.

Go to a Park & Pick Up Litter

Random Acts of Kindness Day is not only focused on spreading love to those close to us, but is also about doing things for complete strangers and the planet we live on. Picking up litter in your favorite park is a contribution to improving the quality of life for everyone around you, including the Earth and its animals.

Buy Someone an Uplifting Gift

Brightening someone’s day can be as simple as being thoughtful about the gifts we give. Spiritual jewelry, such as our Brilliant Oasis Bracelet, which includes high-vibration gemstones and spiritual symbols, will invite positivity and prosperity to the receiver.

Feng Shui Trees and Wall Blessings impact the energy of our environment, transforming the frequency of the room so that the space becomes a magnet for blessings. They welcome in the frequency of love, acting as a continuous source of nourishment and protection.

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Final Thoughts 

Kindness can be expressed in many ways, and even the smallest acts can bring abundance of positivity. Gestures and actions of goodwill are demonstrations of compassion and love; they will always be welcomed. Why not start making the difference today?

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