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Do you ever look at somebody at a party or at work and wonder how they manage to have that complete look with their jewelry and clothes matching? You look at them and feel awkward and clumsy with your ensemble? Well, we are going to provide you some helpful tips on how to boost your confidence with accessorizing!

It’s no secret that what you wear is a strategist tool in the business world. And the jewelry you accessorize with is an essential part of that tool working. With so many beautiful and inspiring pieces of jewelry, though, it can be hard to determine the best styling option.

With that being said, the trick you need to know is in discovering which pieces can and will add the best finishing touch to your outfit. Here are 5 tips and tricks used by fashionistas and model the world over to get that right every time they step out:

Jewelry: A Value Add

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Each piece of jewelry that you wear must add value to your complete outfit. Coco Chanel always recommended that before you stepped foot out the door, look at yourself in a mirror and remove one item of jewelry. This advice is still wise but you may look to see if you need to add a piece instead.

It can be easy to over-accessorize as well as under-accessorize. Every outfit you wear may not need that sentimental piece of jewelry. And the professional business person should have some fun with accessorizing!

Should Be Proportional

Accessories and jewelry should control where the eye is drawn when people look at you. The result should be their focus is on you and what you’re wearing is a complement to your body and face. These things should support your features and divert attention from your flaws. And the size of your jewelry is key to making this happen.

For instance, the layered necklace look should divinely provide style to your outfit without overpowering you. Same is said about the length of the necklace as well. It should not shorten your neck. Your earrings should not overlap or overwhelm your earlobes either. With a simple shift dress or plain shirt and slacks, a bold cuff could be the perfect accessory as long as it doesn’t make your arm look short. Your jewelry should never take the attention away from you when you’re talking.

It Should Complement Your Skin and Your Outfit

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The jewelry you choose should look good with your outfit and enhance you. Choose gemstones and metals that illuminate your skin tone. With the various hues of amethyst, gold rose gold, silver, turquoise, and other, your choices are endless. A blue turquoise may look better with your skin tone than a green turquoise. Or a bright yellow gold may be a better choice for your outfit than a rose gold or silver.

Occasion Appropriate

The rules for clothing and jewelry styles are lenient today. Whether it is at work or play, it is acceptable to wear pearls with jeans and bright color baubles day or night. But the basic rules should still be considered. For example, where you may wear a sophisticated crystal necklace to a business meeting at the office but it wouldn’t be right to wear it when you present your case in court. The brightness of it would distract the jury from listening to your case.

The tone and the vibe of your jewelry and outfit should either complement or fit one another, such as mixing centuries and/or seasons. If you’re going to wear jewelry that is contrasting your outfit, be sure they complement each other. Mixing a black evening gown with daytime floral jewelry most certainly won’t work, but adding a vintage style bracelet from the 1920s would sit well with a tweed jacket.


Accessories and jewelry should bring an additional interest to your outfit. If a piece of jewelry isn’t going to compliment several items in your wardrobe, then it may not be the best buy for you to make. You want your pieces of jewelry to match and mismatch several items, not just one or two pieces for one or two occasions. Going with matching sets of a bracelet, earrings, and necklaces isn’t a good value either. Break up the sets and mix them with other pieces.

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