Blue Lapis Stones & Crystals - Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Lapis Lazuli Stone Jewelry

The Blue Lapis stone resonates with the vibration of enlightenment and truth. The powerful intensity of the bluestones is perfect for opening the third eye. It stimulates the pineal gland.

Throughout the history of the Blue Lapis stone, it has more value the bluer it is. Since ancient times, the stone has always been a prized value and is considered to be the world’s most beautiful blue crystals.

September Birthstone Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life

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In this article, we will tell you more about blue lapis stones jewelry. We will also talk about blue stone meaning and benefits. For example, did you know that Blue Lapis Lazuli is a wisdom stone, brining mental focus, concentration and enhancing creativity.

The blue Lapis gemstone is said to stimulate the third eye and throat chakra, allowing you to gain greater insight and share your wisdom with others. Also you can use gemstone Lapis Lazuli Bonsai Trees of Life for home protection from negative energy.

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September Gemstone Blue Lapis Women's Bracelets

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Blue Lapis Stone & Crystal Meaning

The Blue Lapis meaning is worn to is said to relieve anger and ease the frustrations that the anger is coming from. It relieves one of the negative thoughts.

In history, we are told that the king or queen’s energy is resonated by the Blue Lapis stone. It was considered a stone of royalty. The beliefs are that this crystal also helps to balance the male and female aspects of your personality. You can also order blue crystal lapis lazuli women's necklaces as good as blue lapis lazuli crystal men's necklaces for gift.

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Where Did The Blue Lapis Come From?

The Lapis stone’s meaning is dated as far back as ancient Persian. ‘Lazur’ is a Persian word that the stone is named after, which means ‘blue stone’. Ancient Afghanistan mines are where you’ll find the best blue Lapis stones have has been for 2,000 years. The stone is also found in Chile, Egypt, Italy, and the United States.

This stone polishes up beautifully, making it a very popular stone. It is most common in blue, but also found in various colors, making it a most unique stone.  In its opaque predominantly shade of blue, you will see silvery pyrite and white calcite. All of this can make for a very unique appearance within each stone.

Bestowed Strength - Lapis Lazuli Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

How Is the Lapis Blue Stone Worn?

These blue stones have an energy can intensify channeling, intuition, and psychic abilities. It has been said that this stone helps the person wearing it connect with their guardian angel. The demands for this stone are great because of the amount of energy is stimulates.

You will find the Blue Lapis stone in different forms of beautiful jewelry. When worn as jewelry, it balances the inner self with the external self. It brings harmony between the male-female facets of the personality and allows the person to relax.

Very large Lapis stones as a necklace provide energy while providing stunning looks. It easy to obtain these beautiful pieces in a bracelet or necklace. It is a birthstone, which makes for a wonderful birthday gift for either a Pisces or Sagittarius.

September Gemstone Blue Lapis Men's Bracelets

Lapis Lazuli Blue Stones and Crystals Jewelry for Sale

Psychic abilities and power are initiated by using this stone at the third eye. This will bring enhanced visionary abilities for the person wearing the stone. It is believed that it stimulates the imagination and will activate the throat chakra

Many people who wear the stone find the energy to be challenging strong and unique. It has been found that there are spiritual growth and health from this stone.

September Blue Stones Lapis Lazuli Women's Necklaces

Creativity is aided through this spiritual stone through the fifth chakra. Those with psychic abilities and gift are better able to communicate with others while wearing this stone. It aligns these abilities with those of the Divine Will. One’s thinking becomes clearer and more deeply with the Blue Lapis Stone. Referred to as the truth crystal because it ensures the personal truth is what you speak.

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September Blue Stones Lapis Lazuli Men's Necklaces

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