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calming energy, stress relief, spirituality, peace
Amethyst calming energy, stress relief, spirituality, peace
Aquamarine tranquility, fluidity, soothing
Aventurine good luck, manifestation, optimism
Carnelian protection, stability, vitality
Citrine happiness, positive energy, imagination
Jade unconditional love, self-reflection, balance
Labradorite awareness, illumination, curiosity
Lapis Lazuli truth, awareness, wisdom, peace, harmony
Multistone abundance. prosperity, good luck
Black Onyx protection, endurance, perseverance, grounding
Pearl innocence, beauty, foresight
Pyrite prosperity, clarity, protection
Rose Quartz unconditional love, friendship, compassion, tenderness, forgiveness
Tourmaline growth, deep grounding, fertility
Turquoise healing, balance, prosperity
Calming Spirit - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
Grounded in spirituality, we allow our spirits to soar. Our soothing "Calming Spirit - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree" will help you to gather your energy and focus it on healing your soul.
Tree of Life symbol
growth, deep grounding, fertility
10 Inches Tall
Amethyst Geode Base
Copper Branches
balance, grounding, harmony, stability
Amethyst Leaves
calming energy, stress relief, spirituality, peace.
"Manifest Your Dreams" card and envelope included.