Healing Stones Zodiac and Symbols

Healing Stone Attributes


Auralite- 23 - The Soul Healer.  Connect with the angels and learn to think before you speak.  This is a stone of awakening on every level.  Use this stone for code clearing, DNA healing, and cellular activation.  If you are on your path to awakening let this stone guide you to new and deeper levels of understanding. It brings peace and tranquility, optimism and hope and great for deep meditation. Enhance and magnify your ability to connect to your highest self.

Carnelian - Get motivated by adding the electric energy of carnelian. Intensify your creative spirit or add some exciting sexual energy with this stones direct connection to the sacral chakra.  Carnelian is also beneficial for those healing from abuse.  Learn to trust yourself. Use this stone to help unresolved feelings of anger and hostility and instill a powerful sensation of well being.

Citrine - An energizing stone that connects you to the power of the sun.  Bring in happiness and positive energy while this stone also eases anxiety and instills love.  Clear your mind and stir up the soul into taking action.  Awaken creativity and imagination to the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. This powerful stone encourages fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Madagascar Desert Jasper - Protection and a powerful healer that grounds your energy and brings you closer to your primal awareness.  This form of Jasper is not only beautiful and full of many colors but offers its deep compassion to bring you courage and help to transform.  Good for mending relationships and self-discipline all the while increasing your chi energy.

Hematite- The stone of grounding and focus.  Bring this stone into your life to naturally assist you to connect deeply to the heart of the Earth. Once in your hands, you can feel your direct connection to the magnetic field. Assist yourself in detoxing on all levels mind, body and spirit with this most powerful grounding stone on the planet.  Remove your self-limiting behaviors and help overcome addictions while manifesting your dreams.

Septarian - Known as dragon stone, This stone is wonderful to help build confidence and aid in public speaking as it allows you to gain an audience’s attention.  A grounding stone that helps with better tolerance, patience and emotional flexibility.  As a blend of yellow calcite, brown agate and grey limestone it brings all their qualities together.  This stone harmonizes emotions with intellect.

Rose Quartz-  The stone of love.  Open your heart to all types of love.  Raise your self-esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions.   Heal your emotional wounds and release stress all while uniting with Divine. Learn trust and feel hope as this stone helps in your release of past trauma.

Amethyst - The Stone of stability, strength, and peace.  Sedative energy. Facilitates spirituality and contentment. Excellent for meditation.  Enhances psychic ability and brings health and beauty upon its bearer. Filled with calming energy.  Gives protection for travelers.  Bring this tumbled stone into your life to open your third eye to see your true vision of life.


Agate -  This stone comes in many colors.  A stone of persuasion, attraction, harmony and special attention, This stone gives courage and guards against danger while protecting its bearer against worldly troubles. Some mystics believe that agate can help children overcome fears, learn to walk earlier and maintain their balance. Also known to help with a sluggish metabolism.


Amber - Amber can bring the soothing light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It is said to help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities by clarifying though and bringing wisdom.  It can draw out negativity and bring in patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, and sensuality.


Amazonite - A powerful filtering stone that blocks geopathic stress. Absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations and protects against electromagnetic pollution.  Open the throat and heart chakras and soothes the brain and nervous system.  Also, helps to see both sides of a problem and fights negative energy.


Botswana Agate -

This is a beautiful stone to aid in attracting harmony, courage, special attention and to guard against danger.  This stone encourages a reconnection with the divine qualities of mother earth.


Garnet -

With the electromagnetic energy of this stone release outworn habit patterns by destroying guilt and fear.  Use this stone to clear the way for new beginnings.


Green Jasper -

This stone works with you to awaken a primal awareness and connect to the animal kingdom. Green Jasper also balances obsessive tendencies and restores harmony to the emotional body, allowing one to gain control over thoughts.


Howlite -

Howlite reflects and transfers spirit energy throughout the body and cleanses the mind and emotions of negative thoughts.  Attract the calm and peaceful energy we all crave with this beautiful stone.  

Jade - Use the magnetic energy of jade to attract abundant riches and prosperity.  This extremely powerful stone can also be used to open your heart to love, bring you luck and to quiet the mind.


Jasper - Get in touch with this stones to deeply connect with our planet that we all call home.  Aiding in security and protection this stone offers Mother Earth's nurturing and healing.

Lava - The grandfather stone.  Bring in the stability of the proud, strong and powerful grandfather with this stone.  It connects to the womb of the earth and can assist you in the release of toxic energy and protect you from negativity.  


Labradorite - Awaken the gifts that lie in your soul with this magic stone.  Receive the medicine of moving forward and taking the right action in your life.  Open your third eye and crown to receive a divine push in your true direction.


Lapis Lazuli - This once popular stone of ancient Egypt was used to help recall and utilize past life experiences. Use this stone to bring forward the gifts and wisdom from your soul's past and sever karmic ties.


Moonstone - Bring in the qualities of the moon and intensify your feminine Goddess energy with the ability to balance the inner vibration of your masculine-feminine energy. Embrace your hidden psychic gifts.  Use this stone to enhance your feelings and encourage fervent desires, eager expectation, and heartfelt resolve.


Onyx - This powerful stone registers with the gravitational pull of the earth.  Use this stone to aid in grounding, concentration, protection, self-discipline, self-control and to absorb negativity from the environment.


Opal - Magnify your hidden strengths, ensure your safety, protect yourself against those who wish you harm or simply bring good fortune. These are only a few of the many reasons to bring opal into your life.


Pearl - Purify the moods with this watery stone.  Great for mothers-to-be or menopausal women, healers offer the purity of the soul and comfort for the heart.


Red Coral - The stone of strength.  Red coral works with your body on a cellular level and is thought to help calm anger, jealousy, and hatred.  This beautifully connected stone brings the healing of the ocean and is known to help aid the healing of broken bones.


Sodalite - Sodalite promotes peace and harmony being clearly communicated.  This stone of communication is wonderful for writers as well as athletes as it helps with endurance.  Use this stone to harmonize your inner being.  Give yourself the confidence to speak your truth.


Tiger’s Eye - The stone of courage. Protective and lucky as well, this stone will aid its bearer with stabilizing energy and the ability to make decisions with discernment. Add tiger’s eye to bring abundance, discipline, concentration, prosperity and financial independence.

Turquoise - Healing, protection, and self-definition.  Abandon your fears and replace