5 Best Necklaces for Dad: Foster His Intentions This Father’s Day

There’s no better way to surprise dad than with a carefully picked jewelry piece that reflects his authentic style. Here are some of our favorite necklaces for Father’s Day…

5 Best Necklaces for Dad

“Spiritual Energy” Lapis Lazuli Hamsa Necklace

This Father’s Day, choose a gift that illuminates and clears the path forward. Our Spiritual Energy Necklace transcends the aesthetics of a great necklace, helping him tap into the world of higher knowledge and wisdom.

This necklace features the Hamsa Hand, an ancient protection symbol, which is combined with the power of Lapis Lazuli stones for enhanced foresight, allowing him to fully experience the depth and beauty of the present moment.

This necklace for Father’s Day will not only enlighten and inspire, but will also serve as a source of serenity and calm.

“Brilliant Spirit” Triple Protection Necklace

Even the bravest, strongest men in our lives sometimes need protection. Enriched with powerful Onyx stones for protection, balance, and grounding, the Brilliant Spirit Necklace provides lasting stability and amplifies inner strength.

Black Onyx aims to evoke a deep sense of rootedness, eliminate tension, and draw out accumulated negativity from his energetic body. Blended with the power of these grounding stones, the Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand, and Om symbols work to harmonize and shield his aura.

When incorporated together in this necklace for dad, it will serve as a powerful energetic reinforcement, creating space for him to boldly go after his goals and aspirations.

“Spiritual Abundance” Sri Yantra Necklace

Help your dad manifest all the wealth and prosperity he dreamed of, by gifting him a real opulence magnet. The Spiritual Abundance Necklace includes a Sri Yantra pendant, an ancient symbol that motivates us to accomplish and transcend personal limitations and freedom. It will promote fruitful contemplation, allowing him to truly get in touch with and manifest his hopes and desires.

This necklace is crafted from quality black sterling silver and is a gift that is made to last for years to come.

“Courageous Beginnings” Onyx Tiger’s Eye Necklace

A magnetic blend of Tiger’s Eye and Black Onyx, and another one of our favorite necklaces for dad, the Courageous Beginnings Necklace is a gift that will elevate his self-confidence  and help him embrace life fully aligned with his highest self.

In combination with energizing stones, this necklace also includes a triple enhanced protective pendant that serves to eliminate low vibrations and heavy energy from his path.

With empowering and confidence-boosting Tiger’s Eye stones and Black Onyx to help him get centered, there’s no obstacle that will deter him from experiencing success and prosperity.

“Energetic Guide” Pointer Necklace

What can be better than a gift that lifts up, revitalizes and inspires? Our Energetic Guide Necklace is a piece that blocks off all sources of negativity, promoting the flow of prana and realigning chakras. It combines two powerful gemstones, Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye, both of which work as mighty stones for attracting abundance and manifesting success. On top of that, the crystal pointer pendant features an Evil Eye symbol, an ancient talisman for ultimate protection.

With a powerful piece like this to energize, motivate and shield his aura, there’s nothing that he won’t be able to accomplish.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual necklaces are small, yet powerful energetic tools for eliminating all that stands in the way of living a blissful, purposeful life. Quality jewelry that blends all elements needed for empowerment and manifestation is a choice you simply can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day.

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