5 Bracelets for Mom: Show Her How Much You Love Her

With Pearls to symbolize love, Moonstone beads to symbolize motherhood, and spiritual symbols and crystals that protect and spread unconditional love, these bracelets are the gifts that multiply blessings and last a lifetime.

Try these 5 options from our special collection…

“Love Generator” Moonstone, Pearl, Pink Opal Bracelet Bundle

The Love Generator Bracelet brings the power of love to your mother’s doorstep and asks it to stay. With a blend of powerful, yet gentle healing energies of Pink Opal, Pearls, and Moonstone, these bracelets represents tenderness and care. A symbol of genuine, one-of-a-kind connection between a mother and a child, it will serve as a constant reminder of the special place she has in your heart. This bundle of three bracelets for mom also includes a heart symbol that will nourish this unique heart-to-heart bond, and a Hamsa Hand to keep your beloved mom protected at all times.

“Dreamlike Protection” Pearl Charm Bracelet

Your Mom deserves nothing but pure bliss and joy. When the path becomes rocky, our Dreamlike Protection Bracelet will awaken her inner child, sparking her imagination and allowing her to embrace inspiration wholeheartedly. Featuring Pearls that bring serene, gentle energies into her space, and the Evil Eye Charm for protection, this is a gift that will propel her to dance with life and cleanse her aura from stress, worry, and negativity.

“Iridescent Grace” Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet

With a gold-plated heart to symbolize your unconditional love and affection, and Pearl stones to represent peace and beauty, the Iridescent Grace Bracelet is a gift that will melt your Mom’s heart. A representation of genuine care, this bracelet will bring her insight and guide her to move gracefully through each day. A perfect choice among bracelets for mom, it will help her see beauty and blessings all around her, motivating her to dream big and follow her heart.

“Transcending Awareness” Lotus Wrap Bracelet

Our Transcending Awareness Bracelet is for loving, spiritual moms who have believed in their children when no one else did. One of the most potent ancient talismans for protection, the crimson string is blended with Mother of Pearl stones that will help attract and multiply the opulence and blessings she deserves. Pearl stones and lotus symbolism will cherish her strong, yet tender heart, making all her endeavors fruitful and her thoughts positive and fertile.

“The Light Maker” Bracelet

One of the most stunning bracelets for Mother’s Day, The Light Maker Bracelet will highlight her connection with the Divine, restoring hope and optimism to her soul. It blends the power of uplifting and empowering Citrine with the soft and balancing energy of Moonstone. This bracelet heightens intuition, helping her tap into her brilliance and pouring more love into her cup. The Hamsa Hand will block anything that threatens to impede the peace and flow of abundance that is meant for her.

Final Thoughts

There’s no love that’s more nourishing and enriching than the love that a mother has for her child. Our whole lives, our mothers have been there to guide, protect, and nurture us. Gifts from the heart are small but genuine ways to show your mom how blessed and honored you are to have her.

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