Karma and Luck - Fashion Show Mall Branch

fashion show mall

Our Fashion Show Mall location opened in July 2018.

It is located in the heart of Fashion Show Mall, an upscale
shopping mall on the Las Vegas strip. This is a lively area full
of activity and visitors located across the street from the famous
Wynn and Encore hotels and casinos.

Our Karma and Luck store sells beautiful jewelry and home decor
made with positivity and inspiring intention. We focus on designing
high quality, hand crafted pieces made of authentic gemstones and
sterling silver.

Our Karma and Luck store at Fashion Show Mall features a large
Buddha statue at the entrance, inviting all of our wonderful customers
to experience our world.
Each purchase of a Karma and Luck item is treated to a singing bowl blessing
to infuse your new item with purpose and intention.

The blessing process is so special and will leave you feeling energized
and excited to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your soul will
be treated to a one of a kind experience that is guaranteed to have you
talking and telling everyone you know.

Come and visit Karma and Luck today for the experience of a lifetime. 

Karma and Luck - Fashion Show Mall‏
3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard #1795‏
Las Vegas, NV 89109