Meaningful & Unique Corporate Gifts

Promote employee and client wellbeing through the gifts of gratitude. Give them unique, luxury corporate gifts that will offer them health, prosperity, and good luck.

Manifest & Protect Their Dreams

Feng Shui Tree of Life

Handcrafted copper trees with authentic gemstone leaves, curated by intention. Help them manifest their dreams while cleansing their environment of negative vibes.

Wrap Them in an Aura of Protection

Red String Bracelets

Give the gift of the Crimson String, an ancient protection bracelet that is paired with your choice of crystals and symbolic charms. Protect and support their goals in work and beyond.

Adorn Them in Crystals & Spiritual Symbols

Jewelry for Him & Her

Thoughtfully handcrafted jewelry designed to awaken inner callings and release good energy into the world. Support them in living life with intention and meaning.

Shield Their Spaces With Beauty

Wall Blessings

Handmade wooden and ceramic wall plaques infused with gemstones, protection symbols, and good vibes to protect and change the energy in any room.

Smudge Away the Bad Vibes

Sage Intention

Stunning sage smudge sticks wrapped with complementary medicinal herbs to release negative energy and invite peace and positive blessings into their space.

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