What You Need To Know About the 2023 Full Worm Moon

Full Worm Moon

Look up at the full moon in March, and you'll see a rare sight: a "Worm Moon."

It happens just once this year, and the worm moon will be at its peak on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 7:40 a.m. ET.  Worm Moon 2023 promises to be especially potent, and if you miss it, you’ll need to wait for its next appearance on March 25, 2024.

While the worm moon comes around every year in March, this year’s worm moon has a different story to tell, so be sure to settle under a moonbeam and take some time for yourself.

What’s A Worm Moon?

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, there are several theories behind why March's moon is referred to as the "worm moon." One theory says that March is the time of year when the worms come out of the earth, forced out by heavy rainfall and the thawing of the soil.

However, "an alternative explanation for this name comes from Captain Jonathan Carver, an 18th-century explorer, who wrote that this Moon name refers to a different sort of 'worm' — beetle larvae — which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time," the Almanac says.

Full Worm Moon 

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Significance of Full Worm Moon 2023

March's full worm moon will be in Virgo, signaling a grounding of Pisces’ emotional allure to fantasy. The moon will bring karmic endings and redirections, so get ready for change. Endings will feel like grand finales. This will be a time to take stock of what aspects of our lives we’ve been neglecting.

The Virgo-Pisces axis will reveal opportunities for community and global service. Be prepared to take a big leap of faith, and look toward your path forward with excitement and clarity. Reassess routines and make adjustments to include self-care of mind, body, and spirit.

How to Use the Full Worm Moon for Spiritual Growth

There’s a bit of a misconception about the moon cycles. The full moon encourages us to let go. It's about making amends and forgiveness. Save intention-setting for the new moon.

Through full moon rituals, we can harness the moon’s energy to release burdens. A full moon ceremony invites us to drop into a mystical space and tap into something greater.

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11 Rituals to Celebrate the Full Worm Moon

#1 Meditate

Before embarking on your full moon ritual, settle into a meditative state. Take deep breaths. Play calming music. Concentrate on what the full moon offers. The full moon is the perfect time to let it all go, to make peace with what is – and what isn’t – and to release any drama.

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#2 Pray

Not sure what to pray for? Start by using this prayer, if you wish:

“Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself for past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting to my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.”

#3 Write A Forgiveness List

Forgiveness work is the crux of any full moon ritual. Start your full moon ritual by writing down a list of grudges, grievances, and places of hurt that came to you while meditating. Then visualize forgiving each person.

Not ready to forgive? Remember, forgiveness work is for your benefit. Just because you're forgiving someone doesn’t mean that what happened is okay. It just means you’re deciding to release that emotional baggage and move on. Forgiving allows you to move forward.

#4 Burn Your Forgiveness List

The next step in a full moon ritual is to destroy the forgiveness list—ideally, by burning it. Fire may seem dramatic, but it's an essential component of the ritual. It's important to burn the list because you're putting your negativity out of your body and onto the list. This is very powerful.

Burn the piece of paper in the sink, or in the fireplace.

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#5 Write A Gratitude List

By this point in the full moon ritual, you've emptied yourself of resentments for the time being. Now it’s time to fill the void with gratitude. Think about someone or something that you're grateful for, then write it down on a gratitude list. Gratitude heals.

#6 Sage Your Space

Fire up the sage and palo santo to clean the energy in your space. Be sure to hit the corners in your home where negative energy can accumulate.

Full Worm Moon

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#7 Make Moon Water

The full moon only lasts for about three days. However, it's possible to take a bit of its cleansing energy with you by making "moon water" infused with the light of the full moon. Simply fill a cup or bowl of water and leave it out overnight, beneath the moonlight. Feel free to add herbs, flower petals, or healing crystals to the water. In the morning, the water will be infused with full moon energy. Use it however you wish.

Full Worm Moon

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#8 Take A Bath

The full worm moon is an ideal time to take a relaxing bath. Add high-quality Epsom salt to the tub. Envision that you're getting rid of all your resentment, bitterness, and jealousy—and allow the salt to draw it out of your energy field.

#9 Pull An Oracle Card

Oracle cards require no previous knowledge to use. Each card is accompanied by a clear message, with themes ranging from animals to angels. This can bring interesting insights following your release and gratitude rituals.

#10 Declutter Your Space

It’s time to release something to make room for what’s to come. Clean and declutter.

#11 Charge Your Crystals

Before going to sleep, place your crystals on the window sill. Let them set overnight under the light of the full moon. The full moon energy is beautiful for recharging and cleansing your crystals.

Full Worm Moon

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Work With Crystals


People have been using Amethyst to connect with intuition and psychic skills since the time of the ancient Romans. Incorporate Amethyst into your Full Moon ritual for help in deciphering the messages and information you receive. You can also call upon Amethyst’s protective abilities and charge your crystal with full moon energy to create a powerful protection talisman.

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Labradorite is a mystical stone that gets its brilliant flash from reflected light, similar to how the full moon is illuminated by reflected light from the sun. The energy of Labradorite and the energy of the Full Moon are like kindred spirits.

Work with them together to enhance any Full Moon rituals or activities. You can also use Labradorite during this moon phase to facilitate lucid dreaming and to promote insightful, intuitive dreams. Tuck a piece of Labradorite into your pillowcase.

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Rainbow Moonstone

Believe it or not, Rainbow Moonstone is a white variety of Labradorite. They’re the same stone, but where Labradorite has flashes of color on a dark, gray-colored crystal, Rainbow Moonstone has flashes of color on a light, white-colored stone.

Rainbow Moonstone works similarly to Labradorite for dreamwork, but it also encourages you to stay in flow with the lunar cycle all year long. Some people tend to notice the moon only when it’s full, but they miss out on the true benefits of living in tune with the moon. Work with Rainbow Moonstone to cultivate a lasting lunar practice that will serve you all cycle long.

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White Moonstone

With its soft, white shimmer, this gemstone was named for its resemblance to the moon. This crystal is all about wholeness and completion, just like the full worm moon. If something has been missing from your life, carry white moonstone to help draw it to you.


The full moon is not the time to start new projects. Rather, if you can, it's a moment for sitting back and relaxing. Don't feel rushed to start something new. The full moon is all about completion energy.

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