The Sign Of Gemini

The Sign Of Gemini

Gemini, represented by twins in the main Zodiac pinwheel, is ruled by the planet Mercury and is the first Air Sign in the astrological wheel. In the constellation Gemini, the brightest stars - are both Castor and Pollux (known as the twins in Greek mythology) – both shared the same mother, but one was mortal, and one was born under the God Zeus, making him immortal, a deity.

One rode horses, and the other was a boxer, according to the myth – both brothers, twins, but from separate fathers – were active, vibrant, smart and cunning. Both were strong, imaginative and quick on their feet and quick witted.

Both brothers were known as the “savers” – saving lives of many in war, in sea, and from nature. The bond between these two brothers is the pinnacle of the Gemini zodiac sign, an attachment to life on Earth and the afterlife.

Because the signs of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication (interpersonal, telepathy and day-to-day communication) it is said that these two brothers continue to read each other’s minds in the Universe, and that everyone born under the sign of Gemini has an innate sense of psychic power, heightened intuition, a “sixth” sense of life able to conjure symbolic meanings in dreams, or the ability to Astro project one’s should to another place and time during sleep.

Those born a Gemini, whether located in the Sun, Moon, or Ascending place on a natal chart (check your astral chart at are typically organized people, with charts, and color-coded closets, and everything neatly lined up in a row on shelves, with books alphabetical order, and cans facing forward in the food pantry.

Gemini rules the throat, lungs, vocal cords as well as the hands – which is no surprise, since Mercury, the vocal “messenger” of our solar system is its planet. Those born under the sign of Gemini are empathic speakers and speak with their hands with emotion and vigor.

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They use their hands as “adjectives” while speaking as tools to help create, Imaginate and explain stories or sequence while using their voice to compound the emotion. Celebrities such as President John F. Kennedy, Jr., Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Sir Ian McKellen, Idina Menzel are just a few celebrities born under this sign; each can be identified with their specific voices – and many of us could identify them by their voice, alone.

Gemini, like twins, have a variety of hobbies and likes and dislikes. Like their Yin and Yang twinning, Gemini’s often like foods that are salty and sweet at the same time (sweet & sour chicken), or candy bars such as Snickers (peanuts, and chocolate) or Payday satisfy that need for both at the same time.

Gemini people are outgoing and can at times be the life of the party, the go to on a sports team, the party planner or the one that makes the policies for an organized group. But as soon as the task is completed to the best of a Gemini’s ability, there seems to be a downward spiral. It’s almost like holding one’s breath as they cross a finish line and then letting out the air with a power blow and passing out as soon as the dramatic task is complete.

The Sign Of Gemini

Extreme highs and lows take place with this zodiac sign, and some manic, and impulsive behavior patterns become apparent at a young age. It is not too far off to see a Gemini both laugh and cry at the same time as emotions come from both the twins in the DNA at the same times causing conflict, yet, at the same time, a marvel in the fact that those born under the sign of twins can pull off laughing and crying and sleeping with one eye open at the same time.

Geminis like to joke a write jokes; and are often the zodiac signs that creates whimsical games, word games and new apps. Those born under the sign of Gemini are likely to take their personal passions and hobbies and turn those hobbies into paying jobs; high paying jobs such as Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google, Dustin Moskovitz is an Internet entrepreneur. He is credited with co-founding the popular social networking service, Facebook, President Donald Trump and Aldo Gucci, oldest son and former CEO of the Gucci empire.

Both the Emerald (May) and Pearl (June) are the gemstones most associated with Gemini. Emerald for sharp wit, mathematics, money, investments, soul power, loyalty and faithfulness and Pearl, empathy, connectivity, reliability and growth of entrepreneur spirit.

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Gemini people are born claustrophobic and do not like to be in small spaces, planes, or cramped vehicles such as subways, trains or other forms of public transportation. A Gemini likes the open wind on their faces; hot air balloons, riding horses, running track or outdoor festivals where there are no barriers are right in a Gemini’s wheelhouse.

In love, Gemini’s often fall in love with the “opposite” of themselves – tall vs short, different hair types, different music, movie and literature likes, etc. those born under the fire signs of Aries and Leo, or the cousin air signs of Libra and Aquarius are compatible with their love of leadership, history, education, freedom and rulership – each possess a need to command and wander at the same time. Geminis seek passion – all the time – have heightened sexual appetites so it is no wonder that the “soul mate” sign of the sign of Gemini is Aries.

In tarot, the Lovers card represents the sign of Gemini – depicted as two soulmates, under the Sun (summer, clarity, entrepreneurism, and complete honesty) facing each other, uninhibited, vulnerable and ready to give the full gamut of love to each other. In modern day tarot, the lovers stand in unison with decisions, soul paths, and directives, almost mirroring each other’s moves and sentiments.

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In the beginning days of tarot, this card was called The Choice, and played upon the opposites of the lovers, the more Yin and Yang side of ego and alter ego for the card. Tarot readers in the modern age use both – The Lovers and The Choice in tarot spreads depending on the individual reader’s interpretation. The Lovers card has always been one of intrigue since the original is two, naked beings reaching out to each other by hand, but not touching. In between the two is a bellowing cloud, always reminiscent of the Universe, Source, the Almighty.

But they are not touching and that gives tarot readers a depth to work with – why aren’t they touching and why is the Universe intervening in this love affair, or is the Universe trying to push these two together? Behind the woman is the Tree of Life and behind the male is the Tree of Knowledge – some believe that therefore the original card was called The Choice.

After Adam and Eve at the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden for disobeying the Voice, the only tree that remained was the Tree of Life – allowing the tarot journey to move forward; if we make a mistake, we must learn the lesson and make ‘good’ on the mistake to move forward on our life’s journey. The Tree of Life has all 12 Zodiac signs embedded in it, to showcase that we are all a part of the whole.


These trees not only depict good versus evil, but they also represent the power of the Mind and the Soul and when in unison, it produces the highest form of energy, love. In the card, the Lovers are blessed by an Angel above the two – showcased in many decks as different angelic figures, the main deck shows that the Universes blesses healthy, equal give-and-take love.

It gives the tarot interpretation that the Almighty has a hand in bringing two soulmates together, and lovers, amazing, unified lovers, are brought together by purpose and not by free will or choice after all.


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