The Power Of Amethyst, February Birthstone


Amethyst is one of the most splendid gemstones associated with peace and harmony and is the main birthstone for the month of February-preserving the latter part of Aquarius and protecting the late February (but early days) of Pisces, the door guard of the Zodiac.

Amethyst is the stone genetically, spiritually and mystically attached to intuition. But a rare and deep understanding of Amethyst reflects in its innate ability to help stir up our natural sense of instinct.

The stone Amethyst creates a heightened sensitivity to understanding everything around us. It is the key to eternal knowledge and can unlock all blockages lead by fear and anxiety as it connects us to the primal source and the root of our intuition.

Amethyst is a direct connect to the Divine – by way of understanding our deep, inner core feelings and truth from the inside, out.

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Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that is part of the Quartz family. There are numerous trace minerals in the formation of Amethyst, but one that should be addressed more than others is the presence of iron (Fe) a vital piece in the puzzle that allows the quartz to appear purple – Iron, in the bloodstream is a key transporter of Oxygen in red blood cells to our tissue; metaphorically speaking,

Amethyst is the gemstone of ‘direct connect’ and our conduit of connecting our intuitive self with the Universe – and, then, boomeranging that instinct back to our actions and initiatives here in our daily lives.

It's main healing property is to become one with the Universe, whole, balanced and intuitively guided – connecting our “gut” intuition with our heart and mind – solar plexus meets Heart Chakra meets Third Eye Chakra. In all, Amethyst is the gemstone of Mind, Body and Soul.

AmethystAmethyst is the stone of insight, awareness, sexuality, sensuality and six sense of just intrinsic understanding. It is the stone that helps all of us understand our psychic abilities, our native sense of understanding and mostly, the congenital way we balance our left brain and our right brain. Again, promoting structure and stability which inevitably creates calmness and balance.

Amethyst crystals are formed inside pyrogenic volcanic rocks known as basalts (another reason why Amethyst is purple.) . These are the direct result of volcanic lava.

There is a tedious, altering three-part process that creates the unique, light and crystal version of Amethyst that includes water, and rapid dramatic changes in weather patterns. It is a process that undergoes an unimaginable span of time – more than we can comprehend. It is said that Amethyst geodes are “older than humanity.”

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Amethyst is most noted as the “purple” gemstone but can vary in colors from blush to deep periwinkle, lavenders, violets and electric raspberry. In some cases, Amethyst can appear brown, or rustic, and in other rare instances and depending on cut and beveled, it might appear a deeper blue than purple. But to the world of mainstream, Amethyst is reflective of all shades of purple and because of its deep purple hues, it is often called The Royal Gemstone.

It is the stone of seeking guidance, inward and is the stone that we often use to meditate and activate manifestation. In the world of tarot card divination, Amethyst blends two Major Arcana tarot cards – #2 The High Priestess (The one that knows all and tells no one) with #9 The Hermit (The one that removes itself of people, places and situations and seeks within to learn a lesson.)

Like Amethyst, the shade of purple ignites imagination. It is the color of inspiration with a little bit of pushing the envelope. Celebrities associated with the color of purple include Elizabeth Taylor known for her violet color eyes, and master musician, guitarist and visionary – Prince; and Pop Icon Justin Bieber, defining trendsetting in his youth was associated with the color.

The Power Of Amethyst, February Birthstone

The decadelong popular movie series, The Twilight Saga shot much of its cinematography in purple hues, And the award-winning book The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker, turned into an 11-time Academy Award nominated film was about transformation, and ascension.

Purple Skies are a balance of how the sunlight interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere, blue oceans, and various other weather factors. When the sky turns purple, the metaphysical world believes we are being encouraged to begin a spiritual journey and that it is time to pay attention to our dreams, our inner guides and the vast number of synchronicities (number patterns, repeating sequences, etc.) that are around of each day.

A purple sky, like the amethyst stone, has the power of setting us forth on a transformational change. Or a change of heart. A change of career. A change in the way we behave. A change in the way we think. Or a change in the way we see situations and act upon them.

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Amethyst is also the gemstone known to help curb anxiety and has mineral properties that help reduce mood swings, irritability, depression, fear, and nervousness.

It is a stone that helps headaches, fatigue, mental anguish. It is said to help calm thoughts to be able to turn rash decisions into calculated risks; almost lighting a pathway of milestones to achieve goals.

Amethyst is a healing stone and is used to calm nerves. It is a stone to use for wellness. First, in our homes – Amethyst can be set near the front entrance to balance the energy of those that come and go. Almost used as a protective gatekeeper, those who walk through our doors will almost be demanded to set for a conversation of honesty and integrity; only truth is allowed to walk into a sacred space of “home” when protected by Amethyst.

In jewelry, wearing Amethyst is symbolic of being “anti” intoxicating – it was said to reverse the of alcohol and make one “balanced.” Wearing Amethyst then – and today – symbolizes a sense of self awareness, self-value, self-worth and a strong , poised disposition.

The Power Of Amethyst, February Birthstone

In certain cultures, wearing Amethyst is a symbol of reaching the stance of a “higher being,” - someone that has mastered intuition and has a wealth of knowledge beyond simple earthy understandings. Those that wear Amethyst are considered “Old Souls” – people who have learned lessons and ascended to almost a Godlike aura and may have been reincarnated repeatedly during the past 500,000 years.

Amethyst worn by children helps stir up imagination, creativity and a sense of self value. It is a gemstone of reading and writing and might open the Third Eye Chakra in kids to a world of fantasy, invention and fiction. It will also help calm nerves brought upon by peer-to-peer situations. It is a stone that promotes anti-bullying and strength.

Amethyst can be found in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia Uruguay, and Zambia. In the United States, Amethyst can be found in the deep caves of Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine and Colorado.

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