The Guide to Karma & Luck’s Evil Eye Earring Collection

Evil Eye Earring Collection

Looking for a way to protect yourself? Whether you are having doubts in physical, mental, or spiritual security, the sacred and all powerful evil eye can be your saving grace.

Used throughout the world as a defensive guardian against danger and evil, the evil eye symbol arose out of necessity to protect from the curse of the evil eye. 

The curse of the evil eye is generally believed to be any ill-intended gaze that one person throws in the direction of another. This malevolent stare most commonly comes from envy.

When someone is rising towards success or having a string of good luck, they are often met with jealous wishes of others for them to fail.  This sad but unfortunate truth, however, can be prevented and repelled. 

While walking on the path towards your highest potential and your greatest dreams, you will need some sort of divine protection. Wearing evil eye earrings can serve as the defensive guard you have been seeking.

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Evil Eye Earring Collection
最高の周波数 - 青いエナメル邪悪な目のスタッドのイヤリング
最高の周波数 - 青いエナメル邪悪な目のスタッドのイヤリング
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By clearing obstacles, lightening burdens, repelling danger, and dispelling negativity, the evil eye symbol surrounds you in its loving light.

Earrings with evil eye symbols stand vigilantly on guard, ready to stare right back at any danger that comes your way. Walk in courage and confidence, knowing that the evil eye always has your back. 

Intrigued by the idea of evil eye earrings? At Karma and Luck, we have a wide range of stunning options featuring this mighty and powerful symbol. Read on to discover a bit more about the evil eye, as well as a guide to our evil eye earring options. 

Universal Spirituality - Multi Symbol CZ Hoop Earrings
Universal Spirituality - Multi Symbol CZ Hoop Earrings
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love...
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Everything to Know about Evil Eye Earrings 

  • Meaning 

Created as a means to protect from the curse of the evil eye, the evil eye symbol, as we know it today, was born. According to ancient wisdom, the gaze of our eyes is more powerful than we know, and stronger than we could ever imagine.

It is believed that a malevolent look in someone’s direction can cause them bad luck, injury, illness, or any sort of downfall. Coming directly from the energetic power of our eyes, we are capable of causing great harm to others, consciously or subconsciously. 

It is believed that the more we succeed in life, the more susceptible we are to the unwanted, envious gaze of others. This envious gaze can cause us to lose all that we have worked hard to achieve.

The evil eye was designed to repel this curse, allowing us to shine brightly in our success and happiness in life. 

Protection from the evil eye can be found by wearing a pair of evil eye earrings. Instilled with the wisdom of the ages, real evil eye protection earrings will surround with a layer of white, divine light. With this symbol worn on the body, you will never walk alone again.

Evil Eye Earring Collection

  • Evil Eye Protection 

No matter what protection you seek, whether the danger is big or small, the evil eye is ready and willing to assist. Evil eye earrings, guarding you on both sides of the body, shine their powerful light on all that comes maliciously in your surroundings.

Filled with supreme energy, evil eye earrings for protection are your own personal bodyguard. Harmful gossip, physical abuse, illness, or anything else will be swiftly stopped in its tracks.

With fearless tenacity, evil eye earrings are here to protect your mind, body, and spirit. 

Womens New Arrivals Collection

Essential Divinity - Multi Symbol Amethyst Drop Earrings
Essential Divinity - Multi Symbol Amethyst Drop Earrings
When we connect to the Divine Feminine in each and every one of us, we discover that we are whole and healed, after all. In celebrating t...
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  • First known use of the Evil Eye 

With deep historical roots, the symbol of the evil eye holds purposeful meaning throughout the globe. With evidence of the evil eye first being used more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia.

From here, the evil eye symbol spread its reach far and wide. In fact, the symbol is important to Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths, and can be found in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. 

The evil eye originated as a means to protect oneself from the envious and harmful gaze of others. In ancient Greece, it was engraved into drinking cups, in Egypt, it was painted on ship bows, and in Turkey it was, and still is, placed in babies’ cribs.

With a variety of uses, an evil eye amulet’s main goal is to protect. Evil eye jewelry and evil eye earrings are now popular and stylish ways to harness the all powerful effect of this ancient symbol. 

Evil Eye Earring Collection

Karma & Luck’s Evil Eye Earring Collection

Evil Eye Earrings with Other Symbols

Combined with other powerful symbols, the effect of the evil eye is enhanced. 

Evil Eye Earrings with the Hamsa

Another ancient symbol, the Hamsa is a sacred guardian, amplifying the protective forces of the evil eye. 

Multi Symbol CZ Hoop Earrings

Universal Spirituality - Multi Symbol CZ Hoop Earrings

Featuring four sacred symbols, these “Universal Spirituality” evil eye earrings for protection are a powerful force of beauty.

In a stunning hoop earring design, these are 18k gold plated with sparkling CZ crystals. Allow your path to be enlightened and your courage to grow with the help of the gorgeous Hamsa and evil eye earrings.

Multi Symbol CZ Hoop Earrings

Fiery Intuition - Amethyst & Ruby Evil Eye Drop Earrings
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Fiery Intuition - Amethyst & Ruby Evil Eye Drop Earrings
Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. Use the Evil Eye symbol to your advantage, lighting the...
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Evil Eye Earrings with Gemstones

Allow the healing light of gemstones combine forces with the all seeing evil eye for optimal effects. 

Amethyst Evil Eye Earrings

  • Essential Divinity - Multi Symbol Amethyst Drop Earrings 

In 18k gold plated brass, these drop style evil eye amethyst earrings are supercharged with the power of multiple symbols and the healing light of amethyst.

In deep purple hues, amethyst fills the soul with soothing energy and relieves you of any stress. Tap into your truth. 

Multi Symbol Amethyst Drop Earrings

Enlightened Spirit - White & Navy Enamel Evil Eye Hoop Earrings
Enlightened Spirit - White & Navy Enamel Evil Eye Hoop Earrings
Trust in your spiritual guardians; they will follow where you lead and illuminate your path. The "Enlightened Spirit - White & Navy E...
通常価格 $129
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  • Fiery Intuition - Amethyst & Ruby Evil Eye Drop Earrings

If you get quiet enough, you can hear the wisdom of your soul. Let the divine power of these evil eye amethyst crystal earrings encourage you to trust your intuition and steer you towards the light. 

Amethyst & Ruby Evil Eye Drop Earrings

害虫 - ゴールドメッキネイビー邪眼スタッドイヤリング
害虫 - ゴールドメッキネイビー邪眼スタッドイヤリング
あなたが否定的なものから離れたときに素晴らしいことが起こります。良い雰囲気のみを握ります。私たちの驚くべき「嫌な忌避者 - ゴールドメッキ海軍邪眼イヤリング」はあなたの精神のための救助を表し、悪い考えを偏りさせ、あなたの内なる自己に到達するのを防ぎます。これらの輝くスタッド...
通常価格 $69
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  • Flowing Frequency - Aquamarine Evil Eye Earrings

By freeing you from the chains of fear and doubt, the evil eye encourages you to step into a deeper state of inner peace.

These evil eye aquamarine earrings assist you in finding a state of constant calm and tranquility. Float on waves on infinite bliss with these stunning earrings teaching you to go with the flow. 

Aquamarine Evil Eye Earrings

  • Spiritual Light - Citrine Evil Eye Drop Earrings

Harnessing the bright energy of the sun, citrine fills the spirit with positivity and warmth. Optimism flows, allowing you to open up to the miracle of life.

These evil eye citrine earrings shower you in positivity, reminding you that the path towards your dreams is clear and ready to be walked. 

Citrine Evil Eye Drop Earrings

  • Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

These radiant evil eye pearl earrings serve as your daily reminder to always seek joy. Fill your life with the things that bring you bliss, and you are sure to find success and fulfillment.

As you reach towards your highest self, the evil eye protects you, while the pearls allow you to vibrate with beauty, love, and imagination. 

Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

Luxury Evil Eye Earrings 

Designed with the gold, silver, and diamonds, these evil eye earrings are taken up a notch. 

Gold Evil Eye Earrings

  • Omen of Positivity - Gold Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

These 18k gold plated hoop earrings are crafted with beauty and intention in mind. Each time these gold evil eye earrings are put on, you are wrapped in the loving embrace of the Universe.

Blessings unfold, encouraging you to live each day with gratitude and a peaceful mindset. 

Gold Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

  • Enlightened Spirit - White & Navy Enamel Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

Allow the protective energy of the evil eye penetrate the soul, shaking you from your fears and self-doubt. In 18k gold plated brass, these evil eye gold earrings are splashed with colors of white and blue enamel, the traditional design choice of the evil eye symbol. Trust in your guides to lead the way towards spiritual bliss. 

White & Navy Enamel Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

Diamond Evil Eye Earrings

  • Harm Repeller - Gold Plated Navy Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Two dark blue enamel eyes stare back at danger, shining the protective and potent light of sparkling diamond chips. These sterling silver and gold diamond evil eye earrings assist you in protecting your own energy.

By not absorbing the emotions and feelings of others, your spirit remains clear and open to the abundance waiting for you. Let the gift of unconditional love and gratitude flourish in your life, as you live in courage and truth. 

Gold Plated Navy Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Find the Evil Eye Earrings for You

The power of wearing the evil eye symbol is infinite in its potential to protect you and heal your wounds. By slipping a pair of evil eye earrings on, you are courageously stepping into a place of power and strength.

The Universe rewards you for your bravery, sending you an infantry of guardians and an abundance of blessings. With the evil eye symbol worn on the body, you are free to walk boldly towards your dreams.

Obstacles are removed, making your path clear and easy to follow. Passions are re-enlivened and your true purpose is discovered. 

Ready to live a fearless life? Visit our website and browse our collection of stunning evil eye earring designs. 

Evil eye earrings are not only fashionable but also hold a mystical meaning that you can learn more about in our guide to evil eye jewelry accessories. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Evil Eye Earrings Collections

Evil Eye Earring Collection

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