Wearing the Tarot: Necklace, Accessories & Gifts to Inspire Your Journey

Tarot Necklace

The history of tarot readings hold secrets as mysterious as the cards. They first arose as a means of entertainment, held by wealthy families in France and Italy, who would break out a deck for fun in the evening or at parties.

At first glance, this might suggest a disconnect from the divine meaning and spiritual messages we glean from tarot today. However, that’s not the case at all.

Some suggested in the 17th century that the skill of reading a tarot deck came from Egyptian priests and healers but had been hidden by leaders in other religions because of its deep occult power. Soon readings took on much more serious truth than parlor games.

In general, tarot has served to help a person dive deeper into a personal spiritual dilemma or question or to provide insight on specific things happening in their lives. Laid out as a story, tarot readings inspire us to consider what we really feel inside and how our subconscious interprets its meaning.

Why is Tarot so Inspiring?

Tarot tradition has expanded through the centuries. Let’s get a better understanding of why we love tarot accessories as spiritual healing tools. 

It Helps Us to Look at the Bright Side

Tarot Necklace

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Often when we seek a tarot reading, we are facing a problem in our lives or we feel a general malaise. With the help of a trained, experienced tarot reader, we let our energy guide us to clearly articulate a narrative of what is happening. Putting our intention forward, the cards that are meant to speak to us rise forward in the deck.

An interesting part of tarot is the duality of meaning presented in the cards, whether dealt right-side up or upside down. By taking a moment to slow down and reflect, tarot inspires us to consider more than our own perspective, to look at it from the opposite side.

This new view can truly give us the clarity we need to see that what we thought was a problem might be a very positive thing. It’s important to brighten our vision when we face trials, and wearing a tarot necklace can remind us to reframe our experience, no matter what we go through. 

Tarot Accessories

It Helps Us to Move Forward in Our Lives

A crucial aspect of tarot is that it is not meant to predict the future or to magically fix a situation. Instead, we use the process to make decisions on how to move into the future.

Crises and struggles can keep us stuck, but it’s so important to get out of a rut and move forward. Tarot readings teach us to recognize what is in our control to change and what we have no control over. When we understand how we can face challenges, we can either endure, knowing it is temporary, or we can make a fresh start into something new.

It Empowers Us to Improve

One of the greatest tarot gifts we can receive is the recognition that we hold the wisdom and strength within us to overcome anything meant to knock us off our intentional path. As our story gains clarity through tarot cards, our inner strength to accept our situation and find peace will grow.

Tarot aids us in comprehending our own abilities and grasping the willingness to put them to use to improve our lives.

5 Tarot Necklace & Accessory Options to Inspire Your Inner Journey

When we turn to tarot for guidance, we’ve taken a huge step in our spiritual growth. Continue to nurture the lessons gleaned from a reading with these incredible tools. But grab them soon – they’re part of a limited edition collection!

#1 World Tarot Card Hamsa Diamond Necklace

Like we said earlier, a tarot necklace provides a reminder of the message a reading has offered us. We have several styles that not only keep our lessons safe in our aura but also provide added protection and inspiration.

The World Tarot Card Hamsa Diamond Necklace incorporates spiritual symbolism with the powerful World Tarot Card. This card reminds us that we play an integral role in the world and that we have unique gifts to use if we are willing to reach for our full potential.

Transposed on the Hamsa Hand, we can feel safe and secure knowing that the divine universe wants us to shine. Diamond chips, Black Onyx, and Mother of Pearl offer added balance from their powerful vibrations. 

LIMITED EDITION - The World Tarot Card Hamsa Diamond Necklace

限定版 - 世界タロットカードハムサダイヤモンドネックレス
限定版 - 世界タロットカードハムサダイヤモンドネックレス
それぞれの新しい旅は、バランスのとれた心、体、そして精神で始めることを可能にしますので、私たちは私たちの最高の可能性に達するかもしれません。私たちの意味のある「限定版 - 世界のタロットカードハムサダイヤモンドネックレス」は、あなたが自分自身を変える力を持っているという力を...
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#2 Spiritual Wholeness World Tarot Card Sapphire Diamond Necklace

Another tarot necklace that features the World Tarot card is the Spiritual Wholeness World Tarot Card Sapphire Diamond Necklace. The significance of this card empowers us to realize the potential we possess and how much we have already accomplished in our lives.

The Sapphire stone included in this design keeps our minds honed to the wisdom we’ve gained through our journey.

Spiritual Wholeness - The World Tarot Card Sapphire Diamond Necklace

#3 Cosmic Optimism Sun Tarot Card Necklace

The Sun Tarot Card reminds us to find joy and optimism in whatever we face. We gain success and abundance when we strive to make a positive impact and to shine on others.

The Cosmic Optimism Sun Tarot Card Necklace puts this card at front and center, inspiring us with bands of color and Diamond chips. This tarot necklace injects confidence in our aura, urging us to lead with love and divine wisdom.

Cosmic Optimism - The Sun Tarot Card Necklace

宇宙楽観主義 - 太陽のタロットカードのネックレス
宇宙楽観主義 - 太陽のタロットカードのネックレス
太陽が惑星でのすべての人生の源泉であるように、あなたが自尊心と積極的な積極的に放射することを許可するとき、新しい機会と経験が新たに出現します。私たちの一人物の「宇宙楽観主義 - 太陽のタロットカードのネックレス」は、成功、豊富さ、そして非拡張喜びを意味します。それはあなたが...
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#4 Divine Guidance Moon Tarot Card Necklace

The Sun usually gets the credit as the illuminator, but the Moon actually holds a much greater ability to light our path forward with its lustrous fullness. The Divine Guidance Moon Tarot Card Necklace offers us the essence of both the full moon and new moon to set forth our intentions and plans.

By trusting in the Moon and leaning on the power of Mother of Pearl in this necklace, we ignite our intuition to better understand the story that tarot delivers to us.

Divine Guidance - The Moon Tarot Card Necklace

神のガイダンス - 月のタロットカードのネックレス
神のガイダンス - 月のタロットカードのネックレス
あなたの夢と直感はあなたが耳を傾け、あなたの判断を使って潜在意識のメッセージを解釈するのを助けるためにあなたをより高い理解に向けて前進させます。 「神のガイダンス - 月のタロットカードのネックレス」は、神の女性らしさとつながっていて、深く直感的な洞察と日常生活を超えたもの...
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#5 Spiritual Evolution Satin Tarot Scarf 

Besides jewelry, a great tarot gift is the Spiritual Evolution Satin Tarot Scarf. This scarf displays the images of the Sun, the Moon, and the World Card symbols. When we drape it on our shoulders and around our necks, we harness the energy of the universe and find union and harmony with the divine realm.


Final Thoughts 

Whether a tarot necklace or satin scarf, these accessories allow us to access the lessons of tarot whenever we wear them. We have the power to write our own stories, and tarot guides us to dig into the rich details and adventures of our lives so we can find great meaning and inspiration in their depths.

Tarot jewelries

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