8 Strength Crystals That Bring Stability & Personal Power

The following strength crystals ward off insecurities and self-doubt from our minds while grounding our hearts in the present moment.

Whether you are seeking crystal jewelry or crystal kits for strength, follow your intuition as you choose the strength stone that aligns with your unique essence…


This crystal for strength has the valuable quality of grounding and protecting our aura from evil forces. Hematite promotes emotional and material stability to manifest our truest, most harmonious life. It is beloved by men and women alike.

Stay Grounded - Hematite Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet
Stay Grounded - Hematite Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet
The world is full of beauty, and choosing to embrace your blessings will allow you to see all the good that you’ve been given. The "Stay ...
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Labradorite is one of the most powerful crystals for stability. It helps us release our most profound emotional wounds and prompts us to regain control of our destiny.

This mighty gemstone creates a powerful protective aura that shields our vibrational field from negative frequencies. 


Agate is a crystal for strength that enhances our perception and focus. It grounds our energies and unlocks our root chakra, the energetic center that is in charge of our emotional sense of security.

Agate aims to reduce anger and anxiety, allowing us to approach our circumstances with more confidence and clarity. 

Lava Stone

The intense energy of this strength stone infuses our soul with courage and wisdom to build a deeper sense of stability. Lava Stone can help us relieve anxiety as it shields our heart from deep rooted fears and insecurities.

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Balance & Courage - Lava Tiger's Eye Wrap Bracelet
バランス&勇気 - Lava Tigerのアイラップブレスレット
自分自身が地上に釘づけにされると感じるのを許してください、そして、あなたは静かで最も嵐の道さえ進むことができます。我々のユニークなブレスレットは、2つの正面に取り組みます。最初のものはLava StoneとタイガーのEyeの接地特性に関連があります。そして、調和して働くため...
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Black Onyx 

The soothing properties of the Black Onyx stone works to stabilize our emotions, releasing fear and anguish so that we can welcome peace and wisdom into our lives.

This strength crystal makes us feel more centered and objective, helping us address the root cause of our most pressing problems.

Grounded in Love - Black Onyx Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
Grounded in Love - Black Onyx Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
With every step, take comfort in knowing the divine love of the Universe protects you. Our brilliant "Grounded in Love - Black Onyx Heart...
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Smoky Quartz

This crystal for stability can help us clear our minds of negative preconceptions or harmful biases. Once we are detached from our painful emotions, we can ground ourselves to our spiritual core.

Smoky Quartz is a purifying crystal, deflecting negativity from our lives and attracting positive outcomes and relationships.

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Brighter Side - Smokey Quartz Mantra Pendant Necklace
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Brighter Side - Smokey Quartz Mantra Pendant Necklace
Throw away any darkness life gives you with the Smoky Quartz crystal. It is a powerful grounding and balancing stone known to bring inner...
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Amethyst is a soothing strength crystal that eases anxiety while enhancing our psychic skills. It protects our vibrational field from harmful energies even as it heightens our spiritual wisdom.

Red Jasper

This strength stone has powerful protective properties that ward off harmful and evil forces. It also relieves aggressiveness and turns it into personal power. Those who work with Red Jasper often find that it stimulates an overall sense of well-being that increases over time.

Top Women’s Jewelry Containing Crystals for Strength

Our Strength and Stability women’s collection features healing crystals and ancient symbols of universal protection that infuse our character with stability and courage. When we wear them, less will stop us from moving forward on our spiritual journey, regardless of the challenges ahead.

“Grounded in Healing” Hamsa Hematite Necklace

Our spirits need enough space and time to heal, away from the intense pace of our modern lifestyle.

The Grounded In Healing - Gold-Plated Hamsa Hematite Necklace shieldsour inner spirit from these overwhelming experiences, grounding our desires and turning them into practical actions.

“Blessed Equilibrium” Amethyst Hematite Lotus Bracelet

祝福された均衡 -  Amethyst Lotus Hematite Health Bracelet
祝福された均衡 - Amethyst Lotus Hematite Health Bracelet
あなたの最高の目標として心の安らぎを設定し、その周りのあなたの人生を整理します。あなたの魂がアメジストの石と目覚めさせることを許可し、否定性が隠されているヘマタイトであなたの道を避けるのを避けなさい。 「祝福された均衡 - アメジストロータスヘマタイトヘルスブレスレット」は...
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Our Blessed Equilibrium - Amethyst Lotus Hematite Health Bracelet soothes our tensions while infusing authenticity and deeper meaning into our lives. A stable emotional state helps us see beyond our insecurities, paving the way to a better expression of our true essence.

“Improved Endurance” Onyx Hamsa Bracelet

あなた自身を信じるとき、あなたの最も高い潜在性を達成する不屈の精神を有する。 私たちの改善された持久力ハムサブラックオニキスブレスレットは、あなたの不安を洗い流し、あなたの長期的な願望のためにあなたを準備する あなたの心が明確で受容されたら、黒いオニキスの石はあなたのすべて...
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The strength crystal known as Black Onyx and the protective hamsa hand charm create a powerful combination that can diminish thefears and insecurities that are stored in our hearts.

Our Improved Endurance Hamsa Black Onyx Bracelet helps us overcome the most painful consequences of fear while empowering us to go beyond our limitations.

Top Men’s Jewelry Containing Strength Stones

Our Strength and Stability Men’s Collection is purposely aimed at courageous men who are ready to embrace their spiritual journey. The strength stones and universal symbols of protection featured in this collection invite all men to rely on their inner power to move forward.

“Stay Grounded” Hematite Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

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The hematite stones contained in our Stay Grounded - Hematite Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet has calming and grounding properties that keep us focused on our personal journey.

At the same time, it shields us from the ill intentions of envious people who are sending negative vibes our way, whether they know it or not.

“Grounding Force” Hematite Macrame Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Grounding Force - Hematite Macrame Bracelet
接地力 - ヘマタイトマクレームブレスレット
忍耐力は寒さに対して服がかかるので間違いに対する保護として機能します。太字の「接地力 - ヘマタイトマクレームブレスレット」は、聖シンボルの中心的なトリオのための完璧な接地ベースとして機能します:OM、Hamsaの手、そして悪の目。一方では、悪の目とハムサの手はあなたに霊的...
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Our alluring yet discreet Grounding Force - Hematite Macrame Bracelet fosters patience and endurance to navigate our personal challenges with integrity. It offers ongoing spiritual shielding to ensure the more subtle aspects of our identities do not fall prey to disruptive forces.

“Positive Thoughts” Smoky Quartz Evil Eye Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Positive Thoughts - Evil Eye Smoky Quartz Slab Necklace
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肯定的な考え - 邪眼スモーキークォーツスラブネックレス
人生があなたの日陰を投げるとき、スモーキークォーツクリスタル、そして平気の接地と平衡な舞台裏で舞台裏で投げます。否定性を解放することによって、私たちの「肯定的な考え - 邪悪な目のスモーキークォーツスラブネックレス」はあなたがより高い意識状態に移動し、あなたの可能性を最大限...
通常価格 $149 セールスプライス $119
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All dark and confusing scenarios will turn into meaningful opportunities to evolve with our Positive Thoughts - Evil Eye Smokey Quartz Slab Necklace. You can unleash your full potential without worrying about the wear-and-tear effects it entails. Ground yourself in the present and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

The strength stones included in our enticing collections have the unique function of protecting our most vulnerable side and allowing our spiritual roots to grow more vigorously.

Strength and sensitivity are not two different qualities. They are essential elements that help us find our own voice amidst the chaos of today's modern world.

Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Women’s Strength & Stability Collection

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