Shower Friends and Family with Love - Our Guide to Evil Eye Gifts

Evil Eye Gifts

On this spinning rock we call home, there is so much beauty and love waiting to unfold. Each day promises new surprises and new opportunities, new faces and new places.

However, with so many different energies and intentions, sometimes things can get a bit fuzzy, or even difficult. Throughout our lives we are met with a variety of obstacles to face and hurdles to pass on our way to true spiritual bliss.

Just as we are aware of this, so were our ancestors, and we can learn from them in the way they chose to defend and protect their energy. 

One such tool that was popularly used in the past, and still carries significant weight to this day, is the ubiquitous evil eye symbol. Created over five thousand years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, the evil eye was born out of the need to defend from the same-named evil eye curse.

This curse is said to be sent from envious eyes and is capable of wreaking havoc on the life of the receiver. There are a variety of possible symptoms that can arise from the hex, including sickness, injury, bad luck, and overall destruction to one’s livelihood and well-being.

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Luckily, though, the beloved evil eye symbol was born as a defensive amulet to defend and protect from this malicious gaze. 

Staring back at the world with fearless determination, the evil eye repels and neutralizes any danger before it can ever cause you or your loved ones any harm. If you are looking for the ultimate gift to show your love, then an evil eye is just what you have been seeking.

With unparalleled protective powers, you can gift the ones you love with the power of safety, security, and comfort as they walk through all of life’s adventures and obstacles. 

Interested in giving an evil eye as a gift? Read on to learn more about this ancient symbol and why it makes such a wonderful gift for truly anybody and any occasion. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Lush Growth - Evil Eye Jade Double Pointer Necklace
0% OFF
Lush Growth - Evil Eye Jade Double Pointer Necklace
Embrace the abundance you deserve. Commence your new journey and trust that prosperity awaits, ready to reward your efforts. If you ever ...
通常価格 $199 セールスプライス $159
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Exploring Evil Eye Gifts 

The evil eye promises a wealth of benefits to those who choose to wear it, and given as a gift is sure to surround your loved one in its protective light. Read on to learn more about gifting this sacred symbol. 

  • Can You Buy The Evil Eye As A Gift?

The evil eye is an innately impressive force, but the evil eye as a gift is only amplified in its power and abilities. As this is usually given from family or friends to the people they love the most, the selfless energy attached to it ignites its properties even further.

An evil eye gift should be set with your intention for it, ensuring that it can get to work in the best and most effective way for the receiver’s individualized needs. 

Evil Eye Gifts

  • Can You Give Evil Eye Jewelry As A Gift?

Evil eye gifts are supercharged with loving intentions of gratitude and appreciation, shifting the jewelry’s frequency to a higher and higher state. When the person wears their new evil eye gift, they are sure to feel a notable shift in positive energy flowing within them and around them.

They will be forever reminded of your love and care each time they glance at their jewelry. Giving evil eye jewelry as a gift is highly recommended if you wish to keep your loved ones safe from harm and protected from negativity. 

  • Evil Eye Gifts Shop

Karma and Luck is your one stop shop for authentic, high-vibrational evil eye jewelry. We work with artisan partners across the globe, who skillfully craft each piece of jewelry with the highest level of attention and detail.

The materials and stones used are all genuine, ensuring the effectiveness of their ability to enhance the evil eye’s already impressive power. With options to accent your evil eye gift with silver, gold, healing crystals, and diamonds, there are styles and designs for every taste. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Deep Consciousness - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
深い意識 - マットオニキス邪眼ペンダントネックレス
私たちのエネルギーが揃ったとき、私たちは私たちの純粋な意図で世界を照らすことができます。「深い意識 - マットオニキス邪眼ペンダントネックレス」は、あなたが自分自身を変える力を持っているという力を持っていることを知っている間あなたの恐れや心配を落ち着かせるのを助けます。マッ...
通常価格 $89
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Best Evil Eye Gift Ideas

At Karma and Luck, we offer a wide variety of evil eye designs. Check out these two options to get started! 

  • Serene Delight - Jade Evil Eye Chain Necklace

Designed with the spiritual woman in mind, this jade necklace is far from average. This unique evil eye gift idea features jade stone, making it an exceptional conductor of manifesting energy. The wearer will be showered in abundance and blessings. 

Serene Delight - Jade Evil Eye Chain Necklace

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Peaceful Protector - White Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Peaceful Protector - Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Your inner and emotional well-being is everything. This will get reflected in your everyday actions. The "Peaceful Protector - White Enam...
通常価格 $249
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  • Peaceful Protector - White Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet

Adjustable in size, this evil eye gift for men will conveniently fit a variety of wrist sizes - so that you do not have to guess. Wrapping the wrist in white enamel evil eye beads, the wearer is shielded from any harm that comes onto their path. 

Peaceful Protector - White Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Mindful Guidance - Peridot Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
Mindful Guidance - Peridot Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
Look at the sunny side of everything. When you wear our joyous "Mindful Guidance - Peridot Evil Eye Pointer Necklace" you are signaling t...
通常価格 $169
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Sparkling Evil Eye Gifts for Her

We all have that woman, or women, in our lives who shaped us, raised us, or simply loved us through our best moments and our worst. Whether that woman is your mom, your sister, your daughter, your wife, your friend, or anything else, she would surely appreciate a show of gratitude from you.

An evil eye gift for her is one of the best ways to demonstrate the appreciation you have for all that she is and all that she does. By forever protecting her, this gift is more than just a beautiful design - it ensures her well-being, which is truly the ultimate sign of love.

If you are wondering how to gift an evil eye, rest assured that there is no right or wrong answer here. Simply give the evil eye with the highest, most loving intentions, and the evil eye will do all the rest!

Evil Eye Gifts

Check Out These 2 Stunning Evil Eye Presents For Women:

  • Mindful Guidance - Peridot Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

In verdant green hues, this peridot beaded necklace contrasts gorgeously against the gold plated evil eye charm. Peridot inspires the wearer to rediscover the joy of life, igniting a childlike wonder within them. Meanwhile, the evil eye keeps her safe and sound on every journey. 

Mindful Guidance - Peridot Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Energetic Protection - Evil Eye Arm Cuff
0% OFF
Energetic Protection - Evil Eye Arm Cuff
Replace your negative vibes with positive vibes, you'll start seeing great results. Our "Energetic Protection - Evil Eye Arm Cuff" acts a...
通常価格 $69 セールスプライス $55
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  • Energetic Protection - Evil Eye Arm Cuff

A beautiful and unique evil eye gift for her, this arm cuff is made for the spiritual goddess. Acting as a shield, this gold plated piece gazes right back at danger - destroying it before it can ever touch you. 

evil eye

Courageous Warden - Onyx Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Courageous Warden - Onyx Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Your courage is steadfast and adds up to your power. Strength paired with balance and inner peace can do wonders. Dive deep into the worl...
通常価格 $149
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Empowering Evil Eye Gifts for Him 

It is common for the men in our lives to try and take the world on their shoulders. Succumbing to outside pressures, they can become trapped by overly masculine energy, thus losing touch with their emotional and sensitive side.

It is so important, however, to keep these two sides balanced. Giving an evil eye gift for him can readily solve this problem, helping your guy to stay tapped into the yin and yang of life.

We could all use some extra protection in our lives, and the evil eye ensures his safety as he journeys towards his goals and dreams. Instilling him with confidence and courage, he will leave any self-doubts in the dust. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Check Out These Two Stylish And Sleek Evil Eye Gifts For Him:

  • Energetic Personality - Jade Pyrite Evil Eye Necklace

Jade and pyrite meet as the dynamic duo, ready to jump in and assist the mighty evil eye in this unique evil eye necklace for men. Jade ignites the energy of manifestation, while pyrite further encourages wealth and success. As you rise to the top, the evil eye watches over you and protects you from envious eyes.

Energetic Personality - Jade Pyrite Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Delightful Peacefulness - Evil Eye Ring
Delightful Peacefulness - Evil Eye Ring
It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up. Before even examining how to push our limit...
通常価格 $79
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  • Courageous Warden - Onyx Lapis Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

With one half of this bracelet surrounded in lapis lazuli, the other half onyx, and meeting an evil eye charm in the middle, this bracelet is one powerful force of healing energy. The evil eye offers unmatched protection, the lapis lazuli provides wisdom and truth, while the onyx promotes deeply grounding energy. 

Courageous Warden - Onyx Lapis Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

Balanced Life - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Bracelet
Balanced Life - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Bracelet
When we align with our truth, we open ourselves to the Divine. Let your energy go with the flow and direction of each and every Chakra co...
通常価格 $199
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Dive into the Deeper Meaning of Evil Eye Gifts  

If you are interested in gifting an evil eye, or gifting yourself an evil eye, then read on to learn more about this symbol’s meaning. 

  • How to Gift Someone an Evil Eye

If you are curious about how to gift someone an evil eye, then do not fret - it is very uncomplicated! The beauty of the evil eye is that you can truly give it to anyone and it can be given for any occasion.

There are no fancy rituals tied to it, however it is recommended to educate the receiver a bit on the evil eye gift’s meaning, as well as its cultural and historical significance. Not only does this background knowledge allow the wearer to take better advantage of all that this amulet has to offer, but it also respects the cultures from which it came. 

  • Is It Good To Gift An Evil Eye?

Some may still be wondering if it is good or bad to gift an evil eye, well, at Karma and Luck, we can say with a resounding “yes” that it is, in fact, a wonderful idea to gift an evil eye. This symbol of universal protection is the perfect way to say “I love you”.

By blessing your loved one with an energetic shield, you are showing that their well-being is important to you. While wearing their new evil eye gift, you can rest easy knowing that they are being watched over and guarded at all times. 

Evil Eye Gifts

  • What Does It Mean To Gift An Evil Eye?

Gifting an evil eye means that the health, security, success, and well-being of the receiver is important to you. An evil eye gift’s meaning is attached to love, which is why it is generally given as a sign of affection from family, friends, and romantic partners.

As the eye gazes back at danger, destroying any negativity that comes the wearer’s way, you can stay calm, cool, and collected knowing that your loved one is always safe, no matter what adventures or risks they may be taking. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Browse These Evil Eye Gift Ideas For Men And Women!

  • Guarding Spirit - Green Evil Eye String Bracelet

Designed in the color of abundance, this rich green string bracelet showers infinite blessings upon the wearer. Success is at your fingertips with this bracelet worn daily. 

Guarding Spirit - Green Evil Eye Green String Bracelet

Stress Soother - Evil Eye Bracelet
人生の人生はとても忙しくなる可能性があり、内部の履行を発見することができることを脇に押すことができます。それでも追求および発見されたとき、それはどんな障害や不快感を排除することができます。 私たちの保護的なマイティマットオニキス石を備えていますストレスのそんなに銀の邪悪な目...
通常価格 $59
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  • Delightful Peacefulness - White Enamel Evil Eye Ring

With a cz crystal serving as the pupil, this evil eye ring sparkles with its protective light. In pure white enamel, your energy is cleansed - opening up space for goodness to flow right in. 

Delightful Peacefulness - White Enamel Evil Eye Ring

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Shielding Aura - OM Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace
Aura - OM Evil Eye Hamsaネックレス
それがあなたが遭遇した人々の悪い意図から自分自身を遮蔽することになると、あるトリオは私たちの「シールドオーラ - 邪悪なアイハムズネックレス」で死亡しています 問題に対処するための素晴らしい方法として。ハムサ手、悪目、およびOMシンボルはすべて、あなたの周りの否定性を戦うこ...
通常価格 $139
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Can You Give An Evil Eye As A Gift?

We may be biased, but at Karma and Luck, we believe the evil eye to be one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts you can give. The evil eye given as a gift shows that person that you truly care about their security as they move through the world.

Not only will an evil eye gift protect your loved one from physical harm, but it also defends them on their spiritual and emotional journeys. Any goals or dreams that they have are more readily within their grasp with their new evil eye gift worn on a daily basis.

Inciting courage and confidence, the evil eye liberates the wearer of any self-doubts, fears, or worries that may be holding them back. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Gifting an evil eye tells that person that you believe in them. It shows that you are rooting for their success, and supporting the rise towards their highest potential. True love is wanting what is best for someone, and allowing that necessary growth to take place, and an evil eye gift does just that. 

At Karma and Luck, we hold a special place in our hearts for the evil eye, which is why we offer a wide variety of styles showcasing this powerful symbol. While shopping for a loved one, you can choose to give them one singular evil eye piece, or you may choose to give a full evil eye gift box.

By giving them a pair of evil eye earrings, an evil eye bracelet, and an evil eye necklace, for instance, you are giving them different options to wear each day. This ensures that no matter what style they are rocking, there will be at least one evil eye item that goes with their look.

An evil eye should be worn on a daily basis to ensure protection, which is why it is advised to have more than one evil eye jewelry item in your collection. 

Evil Eye Jewelry for Protection

Uncover our Top Evil Eye Jewelry Gifts For Everyone

No matter what style your loved one has, there is sure to be an evil eye design perfectly suited to them and their needs. At Karma and Luck, we have evil eye bracelet gifts, evil eye necklace gifts, evil eye gifts for the home, and so much more! Read on to check out some of our favorite options. 

  • Balanced Life - Multicolor Chakra Evil Eye Bracelet

An explosion of color, this vibrant evil eye bracelet for women inspires unshakeable joy and freedom. Portraying the seven colors of the chakras, your energy is balanced and aligned. This evil eye bracelet gift’s meaning is to keep your channels open, allowing divine wisdom to come through. 

Balanced Life - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Bracelet

Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue
Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue
Step out of the circle of time and step into the circle of love. The "Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue" will act as a ...
通常価格 $89
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  • Stress Soother - Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Dark matte onyx stones wrap the wrist in their cooling and calming energy. The onyx stones relieve stress, while the evil eye repels any bad vibrations that try to shake your bliss. 

Stress Soother Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Nocturnal Peace - Evil Eye Ceramic Statue
Nocturnal Peace - Evil Eye Ceramic Statue
Without darkness, you'd never see the stars. Create a serene environment in your cradle of happiness with our "Nocturnal Peace - Evil Eye...
通常価格 $89
Check it out

Evil Eye Necklace Gifts 

  • Heightened Imagination - Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Heightened Imagination - Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Necklace

For all the women afraid to stand out and make a statement, this evil eye necklace is for them. Boldly looking back in the face of danger, negativity is quickly destroyed. The gleaming mother of pearl inspires imagination and creativity to blossom, while also connecting the wearer with the divine feminine. 

  • Shielding Aura - Om Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace

Featuring the evil eye, the om symbol, and the hamsa hand, this triple threat necklace is supercharged with optimal protective powers. Your soul is liberated - allowing you to look ahead to growth and enlightenment. 

Shielding Aura - OM Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace

Evil Eye Home Gifts

  • Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Statue

Align your energy to the high-vibing frequency of love with the help of this stunning evil eye statue. Placed in any room, this evil eye gift for the home fills your space with positivity and affection. 

Surrounded by Love - Evil Eye Heart Ceramic Statue

  • Nocturnal Peace - Evil Eye Ceramic Statue

Portraying peaceful, celestial vibes, this evil eye gift for the home is a unique and thoughtful housewarming present. Ideally placed in the bedroom, this ceramic statue ensures that your dreams are sweet and your sleep is sound. 

Evil Eye Gifts

Shop Evil Eye Jewelry with Karma and Luck

Giving gifts is never an easy task - especially when it is for someone you love so dearly. We all search for that gift that really demonstrates how much you care and how much you are paying attention to their needs and wishes.

That is why a piece of evil eye jewelry or an evil eye gift box is the perfect choice - regardless of who is receiving it. Everyone can benefit greatly from the protective powers of this sacred symbol, and all will cherish the miracles it brings into their life.

You, on the other hand, can rest easier knowing that your loved one is forever watched over and guarded from danger. 

Did you find the perfect evil eye gift, or are you still searching? Visit our website to browse our full collection of stunning evil eye designs for men, women, children, and even pets!

Evil eye gifts are a powerful way to bring protection and good luck to a loved one. Discover the rich symbolism behind these gifts in our comprehensive guide to evil eye jewelry meaning and history. Start Your Journey Here: Evil Eye Designs for Pets

Evil Eye Designs for Pets

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