Red Gemstones: Bring More Passion, Action, & Vitality Into Your Life

The colors we wear and surround ourselves with have more impact on our vibration than we think. Every color impacts our mood, emotions, perception, and frequency, and by choosing certain colors, we also choose the type of energy we want to bring into our space.

For instance, the color red is one of the most potent drivers of positive change, as it evokes passion and enthusiasm, which are powerful motivating forces.

Similarly, red healing crystals have the power to spark our inner flame, lift our spirits, and raise our vibration to a much higher octave. Because of their healing capacity, they further amplify the power of red. Let’s learn more about what makes red gemstones so potent for personal growth and development.

The Color Red & Its Ties to Passion, Action & Vitality

Red is one of the most potent colors for awakening one’s true potential. It inspires positive change and is deeply entwined with the fire element.

Here’s what red symbolizes and what makes red crystals so powerful…


Pursuit of Passion - Garnet Feng Shui Tree
現在、瞬間はあなたの情熱を追求することになっています;各々のステップで、実現により近いあなたの夢を招いてください。あなたを興奮させることに集中することから来る力を感じてください。我々土のガーネットStoneがあなたの限界を最大限の方に押して、Passion Feng Shu...
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Red symbolizes intensity and burning desire. It represents our magnetism, allure, and everything we are magnetically drawn to. Often associated with physical intimacy and romantic love, it represents the undying flame of love, physical union, inspiration, and excitement.

Red brings out our lust for life and helps us release inhibitions. It inspires us to experiment, learn, and connect with others and our desires freely and passionately.


Red gemstones awaken and invigorate us. Red is a high-energy color; it’s a color of alertness that draws attention. It symbolizes all things that make us feel alive and present and is linked with life itself.

It is associated with the animal kingdom, instincts, health, and vitality of every being that bleeds. Like blood and flesh, which are integral parts of our physical form, the color red signifies all things that make us human, from our instincts and needs to our unbreakable connection to Gaia.


Red is the color of ambition and purpose. It represents our zest, our drive, and our desire to conquer obstacles and overcome anything that stands on our path to fulfillment. Red propels us to take decisive action toward our goals and dreams.

Being associated with the Root Chakra, it pertains to a state of alertness and is associated with decisiveness, determination, and the ability to take concrete steps towards achievement.


Historically, red was often a symbol of blood, dominance, power, and strength, both mental and physical. It symbolizes a warrior within and denotes strong personality and strong presence. As such, red gemstones represent courage, personal empowerment, and assertiveness. 

Red demands attention and respect and is linked with self-worth and trust in oneself and one’s capabilities. Being a color of fire, it inspires bold personal expression and fearlessness, and is associated with authentic expression and a sense of security and personal value.

Garnet January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

Endless Passion - Garnet January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Endless Passion - Garnet January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
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7 Red Gemstones to Enliven Your Life

Red healing crystals have magnificent properties that can revitalize, awaken, and inspire you. These natural stones enhance our inherent positive qualities and have a profound impact on our environment and our vibration.

Here are some of the best stones to try…


Ruby is nurturing and signifies infinite passion and profound, heartfelt love. It brings a spark of inspiration and heightens our instincts and intuition, improving self-perception and confidence in oneself and others. This is a stone of emotional wisdom that will help illuminate your true desires, helping you accept their credence and embrace them joyously, honorably, and maturely.

To bring healing Ruby red crystals into your life, check out our Conscious Motivation Bracelet and Supreme Bliss Earrings.


Garnet is a harmonizing, yet motivating force. It offers us grounding energy when an overactive mind threatens to imbalance us, helping us keep a clear head without losing enthusiasm. It inspires and motivates so that we can take decisive action when we are invigorated. Garnet will support our drive to accomplish, keeping our confidence high and our feet firmly on the ground.

To get grounded without losing our spark, incorporate the decorative ’Pursuit of Passion’’ Copper Tree with red gemstones into your interior, or wear the ’Divine Passion’’ Bracelet with Onyx and Garnet.

Red Tourmaline

Lavish Blessings - Tourmaline Feng Shui Tree
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A stone of love, compassion, and strength, Red Tourmaline inspires profound mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. It awakens latent Kundalini energy and unblocks lower chakras, harnessing inspiration and passion, encouraging us to show kindness to ourselves and others. Its healing and expansive effect can help us cultivate positive mindsets and habits, boosting our morale during important breakthroughs.

To enrich your life and space with these uplifting red stones, try the ‘’Lavish Blessings’’ Feng Shui Tree, or wear our “Generous Heart” Earrings enriched with lotus symbolism.

Red Tiger’s Eye

霊的な活力 - マットオニキスレッドタイガーのアイブレスレット
霊的な活力 - マットオニキスレッドタイガーのアイブレスレット
真実と共鳴する人生を生きる際には、バランスのとれた精神の喜びを発見します。私たちの強力な「スピリチュアルな活力 - マットオニキスレッドタイガーブレスレット」はあなたの未来を喜びと繁栄で満たされた優れたパッケージで包みます。あなたの体を保護エネルギーで遮蔽することによって、...
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Being a powerful uplifting force, Red Tiger’s Eye helps break the shackles of stagnation and pessimism, replacing them with a positive outlook and trust. These red gemstones refine composure and have an empowering effect, helping us assert ourselves confidently and gracefully.

Using these gemstones can strengthen our inner self and willpower, supporting authentic expression and development of a healthy self-image.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper brings dynamism and creativity where there is a need for peace and balance. It claims and stabilizes tempers and racing minds when we are not grounded. It unblocks our lower chakras and awakens our carefree spirit while simultaneously helping us stay grounded. It helps develop a stronger sense of inner stability and wholeness, and it works to cleanse our aura from negativity and dark energies.

These red gemstones can help you feel more secure in yourself and your abilities, inspiring you to take decisive action toward your goals and aspirations.

Red Carnelian

Carnelian Feng Shui Tree

I am Creative - Carnelian Feng Shui Tree
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Red Carnelian is a stone of joy, fun, confidence, and abundance. It has a revitalizing effect on the physical and spiritual body, and it promotes the flow of prana through energy centers. It awakens and sparks optimism, and brings fun energy to help contrast a dull routine, helping us find joy in the littlest things. Although a powerful stone for igniting passion and motivation to achieve, it is also incredibly soothing and has a balancing effect.

To awaken your inner child, spark a zest for life, and find joy in little things, choose the Red Carnelian Tree of Life with these mighty red stones for your interior.

Red Agate 

Conscious Motivation - Ruby Agate July Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Conscious Motivation - Ruby Agate July Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
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A stone of strength and endurance, Red Agate offers mighty support for building foundations and developing stamina and courage. It promotes awareness of the magnitude of our inner power and helps us connect with the warrior within. It aims to amplify our trust in ourselves and our capabilities, sharpen our focus, and teach us persistence and patience.

Hold these red gemstones when insecurities and uncertainty plague you to help you get grounded, regain confidence, and come home to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Red is the color of blood, passion, and life itself. Utilizing its power and using red healing gemstones in your daily spiritual practice can help you get in touch with the lion spirit within, inspiring you to use all your potential and do so bravely and unapologetically. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Garnet Collection

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