11 Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact on the Environment (Physically & Spiritually)

Positive Impact on the Environment

In the pursuit of spirituality, there is often debate and skepticism around the efficacy of metaphysical healing. Yet in modern society, healing systems exist that rely on divine trust and intervention.

In Ireland, a hereditary system passed through the seventh son in large families carries a cure, a ritual or incantation that is believed to heal specific ailments. Attributed to folklore, some researchers argue that while no scientific proof exists to these cures, even as placebo effects, they may shift a person’s attitude about their chances to heal.

We need to adopt a similar mindset when we aim to make a positive impact on the environment. While many physically proven actions lead to healing and growth for the planet, investing in spiritual intentions can also influence how we contribute to ecological change.

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11 Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact on the Environment (Physically & Spiritually) 

We believe in holistic wellbeing through modern spirituality. That’s why so many of these steps to environmental healing incorporate both the body and the soul.

Let’s dig in!

Teach Your Kids to Care for the Earth

One of the most enduring ways to give back to the planet comes through teaching children how to take care of the earth. This requires a two-fold practice.

First as adults, we should commit to mindful eco-conscious living that models environmentally-friendly practices for our kids. After all, they pick up on a lot of our habits!

Second, make environmental education a focal point of learning for kids. Nature has so many lessons to offer us, and we can seek creative ways to grow an earth appreciation in our children. 

Buy an Elemental Bundle to Plant a Tree

Feng Shui Trees

We’ve committed to contributing a positive impact on the environment in our own business by helping you give back in ways you might not have realized. We’ve teamed with EcoDrive so that the Karma & Luck community can restore mangrove trees in North-Western Madagascar.

Our Elemental Bundles offer a constant reminder of grounding and respecting the earth with a Gemstone Tree of Life and a Red String Bracelet so that you can remember to be mindful of nature at home and on-the-go.

Planting trees in general contributes to healing the earth on many levels. Trees filter the air, restore soil health, and promote biodiversity. When you buy an Elemental Bundle, a new mangrove sapling will be planted, adding one more tree to the fight against detrimental climate change.

Walk or Bike, Instead of Driving

Here’s one of those dual-level initiatives we mentioned. Cutting back on the time we spend in gas-powered vehicles works on a physical and spiritual level.

Physically, by walking or biking to nearby places instead of jumping in the car or taking an Uber, we reduce carbon emissions and exercise our bodies. This in turn boosts endorphins and a sense of accomplishment at having avoided those steel boxes we ride around in. A positive attitude fuels our souls to do good, not to mention that spending less time in traffic will elevate our energy! 

Walking has a positive impact on the environment as it raises our awareness of what we can do to heal the planet.

Use Reusable Bottles & Bags 

This one is a mantra we can repeat before we leave home. Plastic waste has ravaged the earth, and we’re learning more and more that even if we reuse certain plastics, chemicals can leach into our bodies and the environment. Prioritize finding solid, safe, reusable bottles and bags and keep them with you – treat them like your wallet or keys!

Participate in Group Meditations

When we work together, we find a renewed sense of harmony and drive to accomplish our dreams. Let’s all dream of a cleaner, healthier environment!

Joining earth-focused group meditations can have a positive impact on the environment by bringing like-minded, motivated people together.

The thought of our individual contributions to climate healing may feel daunting, as if a single drop in a bucket can’t sustain the ocean. But when we come together and realize we aren’t alone, it becomes easier to see the strong waves of change we can bring together.

But group meditations don’t just build community and accountability. There is an energetic shift that happens when many people come together. As we all enter a collective state of thinking, pointing our thoughts and vibrations towards a common focus, the energy generated by a meditation group can amplify the earth’s own frequency.

Reduce Food Waste 

Food waste causes an immense amount of methane gas that contributes to ozone depletion, and when food scraps end up in landfills, there’s a wasted opportunity to continue the cycle of life. By paying attention to how we cook and dispose of our food waste, we can make a positive impact on the environment by regenerating the soil.

Making sure we cook amounts that we can and will consume rather than throwing food away is a great first step (and good for the wallet!). Finding out about how to use the often discarded – but often edible and nutritious – portions of fruits and vegetables means our produce purchases go much further. 

Shopping at farmer’s markets and opting for unpackaged foods prevents plastic use and leaching. Learning about at-home composting or looking for local resources that help people compost will go a long way.

Environmental Impact

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Support Local Businesses 

Many conscious people have switched to riding a bike to run errands, and in a similar way, we can also switch who we buy from. Finding local stores and businesses, even online, brings revenue and resources to communities to do better for the world. Avoiding mass-market online stores reduces our carbon footprint in terms of shipping and packaging.

Plant a Garden 

One of the best ways to have a positive impact on the environment is to help it grow! We already mentioned that buying our Elemental Bundles means a tree is planted, but we can go one step further by planting our own gardens. 

A garden doesn’t have to take up acres of land. It can be as small as a window box full of herbs. What matters is that we have added plants to the world by growing our own flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Set Positive Intentions Everyday

Every day that we wake up is a new chance to give back. So even if we don’t accomplish everything on our list each day, we can bring a fresh perspective to our intentions each day. Setting positive intentions at the start of our morning puts us in the mindset to give back.

Considering we want to help heal and nurture the earth, we can aim our intention towards Mother Gaia. We’ve suggested some powerful mantras that correspond to the four elements, bringing us in communion with Mother Gaia and contributing to her wellbeing.

Holding on to our intentions throughout the day is essential to keep them strong. Reminders of our goals and our intentions can help us focus. That’s why, Karma and Luck has created collections of jewelry that are curated to target specific intentions:

Shop at Thrift Stores

Fast fashion has negatively contributed so much waste to the ecosystem. The convenience of cheap new styles cannot outweigh the damage we do to the environment.

By trading in fresh new tags for thrifted items, we can prevent old clothes from landing up in trash heaps. When we avoid wasting money on new, cheap duds, we can save space and money for truly meaningful items that stand up to the test of time, like precious gemstones and jewelry.

Always Strive for Personal Growth

When we aim for personal growth, it is inevitable that we will assess how we contribute to the greater good on the planet around us. Our goal in providing products that promote modern spirituality and intentional living is to help people manifest their dreams, bridge cultural divides, and make the world a better place.

By committing to individual development, we give back to a collective energy that can have a positive impact on the environment. The more aware and conscious we become, the more we will recognize our unique and vital role in the world. 

Plant a Tree

Final Thoughts 

Our spirituality is a daily practice we must stay dedicated to in order to reap the benefits of enlightenment and peace. In the same way, a positive impact on the environment requires that we invest purpose and intention. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Elemental Bundles

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