Light Up The Night In Red, White, & Blue This 4th Of July

4th of July

The Fourth of July is coming up, and with this day comes barbecues, parties, fireworks, and parades. A day to celebrate, we encourage you to find gratitude in your heart for  independence and freedom - two things that others around the world may not be so lucky to claim. Putting aside political opinions and preferences, use this Fourth of July as a day to count your many blessings. This year, as the fireworks burst in the sky, filling the world with colors and lights, be sure to find some joy in your heart, and celebrate this beautiful life you have been given. 

Looking for high-vibrational jewelry to wear on the Fourth of July? We have you covered with stunning designs that help you put a spiritual spin on tradition. These designs are sure to inspire the energy of freedom within your soul. Celebrate the day by being fully, independently, and uniquely you! 

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2 Red Jewelry Designs for Men & Women

Bold and vibrant, red reminds you to be independent and free. Celebrate the Fourth by invoking the energy of this fiery hue. 

  • Karma Protector - Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Encompassing all the colors of Fourth of July, this bracelet is a great way to go with traditions, while still packing a serious punch of spirituality and individualism. Sitting on a woven red string base, this bracelet calls in the energy of abundance and prosperity. Renowned as a symbol of good luck, red string has been showering its wearers in blessings for centuries.

Paired with a 7x15mm rhodium plated blue and white enamel evil eye charm, this bracelet is your new protective amulet. The evil eye keeps a steady and watchful gaze upon you and your surroundings, ensuring that any negativity or harm is swiftly deflected. The powers of this piece are further amplified by a black onyx chip, helping to keep you grounded and secure.  

Evil Eye Red String Bracelet


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  • Enlightened Soul - Lotus Multi Symbol Red String Bundle 

Celebrate the Fourth of July in a mindful way with this set of two red string bracelets. The “Enlightened Soul” bundle harnesses the prosperous energy of red string, which has been used for centuries as an amulet of good luck and abundance. One of the bracelets features a diamond-studded, white enamel lotus charm, symbolizing new beginnings and transformation.

The other bracelet welcomes the healing powers of multiple symbols, such as the evil eye, the om sign, and a heart, to take this bundle’s healing abilities to new heights. Take a glance down at the sacred symbols lining your wrist, and remember that you are the change you wish to see in the world. 

Lotus Multi Symbol Red String Bundle

Karma Protector - Evil Eye Red String Bracelet
Karma Protector - Evil Eye Red String Bracelet
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2 Blue Jewelry Ideas for Men & Women

Calming and soothing, blue is a color of bliss. Stay stress-free this holiday season with blue stones keeping you afloat. 

  • Vigorous Mind - Lapis Lazuli Mantra Bracelet

Inspiring truth, awareness, and wisdom, lapis lazuli is the perfect stone for celebrating independence. This rich blue gemstone has been used for centuries to embolden spirits, and to reconnect the wearer to their true inner power. The blue stones are set against oxidized 925 sterling silver mantra tube barrels, helping to activate spiritual energy and enhance concentration. No matter how crazy the world around you gets, this bracelet helps to keep you centered and relaxed. 

Lapis Lazuli Mantra Bracelet

  • Ultimate Wellbeing - Jade Lotus Mala

Handcrafted in a mala style, this necklace reimagines traditional designs. Sparking hope and optimism, this piece is a great way to joyfully ring in the Fourth of July. Using the powers of an 18mm evil eye charm, you are forever protected on all spiritual and physical pursuits. The sacred evil eye keeps a steady gaze over you, ensuring that any negativity or harm is swiftly deflected from your path.

Meanwhile, the lapis lazuli stones enhance wisdom and awareness, opal promotes intuition and healing, and the aquamarine stones create soothing vibes and tranquil energy. The blue tassel lets you embrace the traditions of Fourth of July in a subtle, spiritual, and unique way. 

Ultimate Wellbeing - Jade Lotus Mala

White Jewelry For Men & Women

Similar to the dove, white is all about purity and peace. Let wearing these stunning white designs be your prayer for peace throughout the whole world. 

  • Universal Confidence - Biwa Pearl Paperclip Chain Necklace

Showcasing the soothing energy of Biwa pearls, these treasures are found in freshwaters. These stones exude compassion and love, reminding you to live a heart-centered life. Wearing this necklace fills the soul with a sense of unwavering inner peace, encouraging you to meet each new day and each new person with grace. These gleaming stones also enhance intuition, helping you to see the world around you more clearly. The pearls pair beautifully with an 18k gold plated brass paperclip chain, giving this piece an exceptionally distinct and stylish touch. 

Biwa Pearl Paperclip Chain Necklace

  • Vibrant Light - 7 Chakra Lotus Multi Stone Mala

Colorful and vibrant, this beautiful mala style necklace’s energy is uplifted with the healing powers of multiple gemstones. Each of the seven stones surrounding the chain are connected to the chakras, assisting you in balancing and activating these energetic systems of the body.

Regardless of how busy the world around you gets, alive with festivities and events, you can always come back to that peaceful place within you. This necklace is accented with an 18mm lotus charm, promoting enlightenment, new beginnings, and transformation. As the fireworks explode into the night sky, hold onto your new mala necklace and make a wish or two. 

7 Chakra Lotus Multi Stone Mala

How Will You Celebrate the Fourth?

This Independence Day, let freedom ring in your heart, mind, and soul. However you choose to celebrate, we, at Karma and Luck, wish you a blissful day spent with family and friends. Happy Fourth of July! 

Searching for more spiritually-charged jewelry designs? Visit our website and shop our full collection. 

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4th of July

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