6 Types of Jewelry for Spiritual Protection: Enlighten & Guard Your Loved Ones

jewelry for spiritual protection

Energetic protection shouldn’t be a luxury. For this season, the best gift we can give those we care about, and ourselves, is the gift of ultimate protection. With growing unpredictability and uncertainty, turning inwards and doing what we can to raise our vibration is our best way to keep up with the changes.

The energy we are surrounded with gets quickly woven into our tapestry of life, and jewelry for spiritual protection is here to ensure that only bliss and joy become a part of it. Spiritual jewelry is designed to offer continuous assistance and support, even when we feel things are out of our control.

This is your guide to different types of energetic protection jewelry. Let’s dig in!

Womens Jewelry

オープンホールデル - ゴールドローズクォーツ邪眼ダブルポインターネックレス
オープンホールデル - ゴールドローズクォーツ邪眼ダブルポインターネックレス
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6 Types of Jewelry for Spiritual Protection

Negative energy accumulates in the body and grows in the mind. Spiritual jewelry that grants protection ensures that we are shielded from incoming low vibrations, but open to receive blessings.

Here are the most potent types of spiritual protection jewelry you can wear…

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Protective Rings

不安 - 赤文字列アメジストストーンブレスレット
不安 - 赤文字列アメジストストーンブレスレット
あなたの問題を特定するが、あなたの力とエネルギーを解決策に与えます。 「不安 - 赤の弦楽石ブレスレットを倒して、悪の目を避けて、害から安全に保ちます。邪眼の魅力の中心にある保護アメジストは豊富さと関連しています。したがって、繁栄を発しながらストレスを和らげる。
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The Evil Eye sees beyond the veil and masks. This ancient symbol has been used for centuries to ward off evil and malice. Wearing it prevents heavy vibrations from destabilizing the foundation of peace and blocks doubts and jealousy from interfering with the flow of positive energy. 

Karma & Luck’s Evil Eye Protection Jewelry blends the power of this ancient symbol with other potent talismans, crystals, and symbols to help create an unbreakable energetic shield.

Browse Evil Eye bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings and earrings to find a match that resonates. Evil Eye jewelry for spiritual protection will capture negative energy that is sent your way and trap it, making your aura impermeable to negative influences and thoughts.

Red String Bracelets

jewelry for protection red string

絶対至福 - チャクラマルチストーンオムチャームバングル
絶対至福 - チャクラマルチストーンオムチャームバングル
私たちのチャクラが整列したことで、宇宙のエネルギーは私たちの中で流れます。私たちが究極の静けさの状態を達成し、私たちの体、心、そして魂を凝集力にするときだけ - 達成されたバランスです。 「絶対至福 - チャクラマルチストーンムムチャームバングル」は、バランスと調和と同義で...
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Also known as the crimson string, the red string has been used in various parts of the world for protection and as a good luck charm for centuries. As a talisman, it has played a significant role in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Kabala. 

It absorbs harmful energies, guarding the wearer from malice and bad fortune. It denotes not only protection, but also faith and strength of the spirit.

Karma & Luck’s Red String Collection blends the crimson string with the power of spiritual symbols that enhance protection, bring clarity and peace of mind, and attract abundance.

Red string bracelets will help nurture virtues such as love and compassion, grant good fortune, and create energetic sanctuary that fully supports personal growth. Wearing this type of jewelry for spiritual protection will prevent the accumulation of negative karma and deflect and neutralize the effect of malicious intents.

Chakra Jewelry 

spiritual protection jewelry Chakra Healing

あなたの顔を日差しに保ち、あなたは影を見ることができません。成長は決して簡単、特に精神的な成長です。私たちのユニークな「ステイポジティブ - ローズゴールドハムズペンダントネックレス」はあなたの感覚への思いやりのある子守唄です。 Hamsaと人生の木のエーテルのオーラを生命...
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Karma & Luck’s Chakra Bracelet Collection is a selection of jewelry with potent, high vibration stones and symbols, blended together to bring balance and energetic cleansing. All pieces are designed to help promote the accumulation of positive energy in our energetic centers, while initiating the release of outdated, negative vibrations that are stored in the body.

It incorporates elements that activate Kundalini energy, bring enlightenment, and helps us establish inner equilibrium.

By unblocking and stimulating underactive chakras, chakra jewelry for protection will help you get unstuck and gear your efforts towards your authentic soul’s purpose. Gemstone colors resonate with chakra centers, providing profound healing and raising your vibration to keep you ever-protected.

Hamsa Charm Jewelry

Hamsa Necklace

前向きな感情があなたの心の支配的な影響を構成することを確認するのはあなたの責任です。私たちの一人種の「前向きの感情 - ゴールドメッキトルマリンストーンブレスレット」は、保護、接地、喜び、そして活力をもたらすために、ブラック、ブラウン、ピンク、グリーントルマリンのエネルギー...
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Appreciated for decades in multiple cultures, the Hamsa Hand has been used to stop psychic attacks and ward off malevolent intents. By forming a mighty defense, it prevents negative thoughts from other people from interfering with our blessings and flow.

It played a significant role in Middle Eastern traditions, where it was regarded as a powerful safeguard amulet for individuals, their loved ones, and their homes. 

Hamsa Charm Jewelry from Karma & Luck includes quality bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Blended with other symbols for protection, peace, and abundance, Hamsa Hand pendants ensure a steady flux of love, joy, and nourishment. Such a potent type of jewelry for spiritual protection will fend off jealousy, hostility, and bitterness.

OM Symbol Jewelry

OM Necklace

When our vibration is high and we feel aligned, we naturally repel negativity. OM symbol jewelry is a perfect choice to help you harmonize energy and change your frequency for the better. OM is a sacred, all-encompassing symbol that promotes absolute unity and balance between the three aspects of self: the spirit, the mind, and the body.

The jewelry for protection in our OM Symbol Collection helps us cultivate inner peace and stay present in the moment. These spiritual pieces are designed to uplift and empower us. Choosing an OM protection amulet can inspire us to cherry pick experiences that serve our highest good, allowing us to gracefully reject incoming low frequencies.

Healing Crystal Jewelry

Healing Crystal Jewelry for Protection

感情更新 - ローズクォーツ蓮チャームブレスレット
感情更新 - ローズクォーツ蓮チャームブレスレット
通常価格 $89
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Every crystal has a unique set of healing properties that target energetic centers, cleanse our aura, and draw in positivity.  Jewelry for spiritual protection with healing crystals acts as a catalyst for inner transformation, allowing us to better integrate the light and release the shadow.

Because they are so high vibrational, this type of jewelry changes what you attract into your reality, repelling psychic attacks and harmful influences. This is what makes crystals from our collections so potent for instigating positive shifts in frequency:

  • Amethyst – Alleviates stress and tension, soothes body and soul, tranquilizes and supports spiritual growth
  • Aquamarine – A calming and harmonizing stone that encourages acceptance, releasing control and giving into the natural flow of life
  • Citrine – Bringing optimism, joy, and hope, it’s a source of light, positivity, and encouragement
  • Hematite – Has a calming and centering influence that improves focus, determination, and willpower and absorbs negative energy
  • Jade – A magnet for opulence and prosperity in jewelry for spiritual protection, it cleanses away what no longer serves us, helping us manifest blessings
  • Labradorite – Offers psychic protection and improves our connection with the Divine and our Higher Self, while strengthening intuition and amplifying psychic abilities
  • Lapis Lazuli – A stone of wisdom and higher knowledge, it brings clarity and revelations into consciousness, promotes healing, and releases the old
  • Moonstone – Symbolizes gentleness and Divine Feminine energy, and as a part of spiritual protection jewelry, it brings emotional and spiritual balance, peace, and harmony
  • Pyrite – Assists us in creating and manifesting prosperity and abundance, strengthens and shields, brings clarity, and improves confidence
  • Rose Quartz – Connects us with the power of unconditional love, devotion, compassion, and kindness, while mending our relationship with ourselves and others
  • Black Tourmaline – Promotes healing of the shadow self and harmonizes energy, while centering, stabilizing, and fostering self-understanding
  • Black Onyx – Relieves tension, angst, and pain, calms the mind, and shields us from negative forces and harmful influences
  • Lava Stone – An inspiring and centering stone that is incorporated in jewelry for spiritual protection to help dispel negative thoughts, instigate positive change, and enhance our connection with Gaia
  • Tiger’s Eye – An empowering and strengthening influence that boosts self-confidence and perseverance and brings out the warrior within
  • Turquoise – A rejuvenating and therapeutic stone that elevates consciousness, harmonizes emotions, and promotes balance and prosperity

Healing Crystal Bracelets

Final Thoughts

When we are protected and our minds are focused, miracles happen. Jewelry for spiritual protection is a chic way to ensure that the path we walk is safe and rewarding. With designs that incorporate ethereal stones and mighty symbols, there’s nothing that will deter us from following our soul’s calling. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Women’s Jewelry

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