How to Use Astrology, Tarot, Symbols & Crystals to Make This Your Best Year

Astrology Zodiac Tarot Jewelry

Whether we’ve bought a new power drill, washing machine, coffee maker, or any other device to help make our lives easier, the manufacturer sends along a very specific command before using it.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Embedded in an instruction manual, we find steps, symbols, images, and more to make sense of the item we have purchased.

We can think of our holistic healing toolkit in a similar way – it may seem daunting and complex at first. When we learn to use the various tools gifted to us by the Divine, we unleash powerful energy to stimulate and amplify optimum wellbeing.

Our astrology zodiac and protection symbols act as the icons and emblems to remind us of the intention of our healing, while tarot readings offer instructions and pathways to travel.

Keeping healing crystal jewelry on our bodies increases our auric resonance into the universe, like constant maintenance and care for our wellness toolkit.

How to Use Astrology, Tarot, Symbols & Crystals to Make This Your Best Year

If we have all of these amazing symbols of protection and healing – from astrology and tarot to signs and gems – at our reach, let’s learn how to use them to truly transform your year into an intentional, fulfilling journey on an enlightened path. 

Learn About Your Zodiac Sign & Flaunt It

astrology zodiac jewelry

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One of the best ways to start a healing process that leads to empowerment and purpose involves getting to know our deepest, most natural self. We can look at the astrology zodiac to understand how our lives have been shaped since the moment of our birth.

Using astrology constellations, we can dive into our natal charts, revealing the unique combination of sun signs and moon signs that correspond to the moment and location of our birth.

Every single person on earth has an individual reading unlike anyone else’s, and when we learn about astrological symbols that resonate with our innate essence, we can harness them to grow into our conscious bodies.

Of course, many of us have notions about what each zodiac sign means, which leads us to make assumptions about the personalities of our favorite Leos, Scorpios, Virgos, etc. Why not lean into it?

Embrace a sensitive flow that guides you to take time and ease towards your dreams in a Tender Soul Pisces Constellation Necklace. Transmute your fiery energy through the Truth Seeker Sagittarius Zodiac Necklace to realize your potential and purpose.


Remember, we aren’t limited to connecting with our own zodiac signs. By tapping into the astrology of the season, we can work on other aspects of our personality that need attention.

In the summer months, capture the essence of Cancer energy in the Sentimental Being Cancer Zodiac Anklet and experience a femininity and compassion to infuse your relationships.

Connect with the divine by keeping an Extraterrestrial Notion Aquarius Keychain handy to remind you to give back and bring a balance of positive energy into the universe.

Get a Tarot Reading & Wear Tarot Jewelry as a Reminder

Tarot Jewelry

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Tarot and astrology complement one another. We adhere to the signs of our nature through astrology and tarot leads us to understand how the universe has put other forces into play, challenging us to grow and build strength.

It’s important to understand that tarot readings are different than metaphysical healing practices like clairvoyance, although they can overlap.

Tarot relies on symbols and our human processing of stories and myths to aid us in confronting and interpreting the characters and events that have influenced our lives. 

It’s not such an unfounded healing process when we consider that psychoanalysts, philosophers, and writers – like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell – explored how humans across cultures relate to similar myths and stories.

Tarot readers can rely on metaphysical connections to tap into our subconscious during a session, but ultimately, our deepest mind will help us uncover the story that is meant to be told.

protection symbols

During a reading, we look at cards from two types of decks or Arcana, the Major with 22 cards and the Minor with 56. These cards have suits that correspond to the elements and numbers and symbols.

Laid out in various spreads of shapes like the Celtic Cross or the Tree of Life, we can read the cards as the answer to a burning question or to make sense of what has happened to us.

To honor the tarot reading process, we’ve launched a limited edition collection of tarot jewelry that showcases particularly poignant cards in the deck.

Wear a reminder of the very human experience of Spiritual Evolution in a Satin Tarot Scarf. Or accept your crucial role and place in the universe’s scheme with the World Tarot Card Hamsa Diamond Necklace.

Discover the Protection Symbols That Resonate With You

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Protection symbols play to our healing needs in many ways. On the one hand, they can be simple reminders to connect with the divine throughout the day in order to keep spiritual guidance in our hearts. On the other, these spiritual symbols can resonate powerful vibrations to create a forcefield around our aura. 

With symbols like the Evil Eye, the Eye of Horus, and the Hamsa Hand, we can secure a shield around us that repels negativity and doubt from our energy fields. Combining a protection symbol with another potent amulet like the Red String, as in the Brave Gaze Red String Matte Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet, maximizes the spiritual guardianship we can rely on.

More abstract spiritual signs like Infinity and Om remind us of the limitlessness of the universe and the gifts that it can give to us. Wearing the Eternal Protection Hematite Infinity Bracelet imbues endless energy and passion into whatever we put our minds to do. 

Geometric shapes like the Star of David provide direction and ancient wisdom, but this stunning collection that includes the Wise Journey Lapis Lazuli Star of David Necklace is only available for a limited time.

Turning to nature, the LotusTree of Life, and Moon and Star fortify our connection with the earth, as all this spiritual exploration can leave us floating high in the atmosphere. We need to remember our roots and to ground with the earth, knowing that anything we experience here can be overcome, especially in the Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus Bracelet.

Wear High Quality Healing Crystal Jewelry

healing crystal jewelry


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Finally, the timeless nature of gemstones and crystals makes these mighty pieces ideal for healing and change. Healing crystal jewelry features powerful stones like MoonstoneJade, and Tiger’s Eye to tap into different auras in our body – spiritual, mental, and physical.

We can opt for crystals that align with our various chakras. These are examples of stones that correspond to each of our physical chakras, from the top of the spine to the base:

Another way to incorporate healing crystal jewelry into our daily practices is by targeting our intentions and what we need to work on. For example, Onyx has an important grounding quality that helps us feel balanced on our own two feet while able to trust in the Divine plan. The Courageous Beginnings Onyx Tiger’s Eye Necklace energizes us with this message.

Lapis Lazuli sharpens our focus while opening our minds to perceive cosmic knowledge, as in the Wise Glance Lapis Evil Eye Bracelet, which hones our awareness of spirit guides.


Final Thoughts

There’s nothing standing in the way of incredible transformation. Add protection symbols, healing crystals, the astrological zodiac, and tarot jewelry to a cache of wellbeing practices so you can jumpstart an abundant, fulfilling year steered by intention. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our New Arrivals!

Genuine Emotions - Cancer Card Necklace

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