Give the Gift of Garnet Jewelry - 20 Stunning Birthstone Designs

Garnet Jewelry

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to shower the important people in your life with love, attention, and gratitude. Although these people should be celebrated always, a birthday provides a wonderful chance to dedicate an entire day to them.

Without our beloved friends and family, where would we be? Use their birthday as an opportunity to really express just how much they mean to you this year. Throw them a party, take them out to a fancy dinner, make them breakfast in bed, or plan a fun day of activities to show them that you really wanted to make it special for them. 

As for the gift, that is always the hard part! How can you possibly show just how much someone means to you in one singular gift? Well, you may have just found it with birthstone jewelry. Each of the twelve months of the year is not only attached to a zodiac sign, but also with a particular birthstone. Twelve months of the year and twelve birthstones to match.

あなたの中には、治癒の力が宿る エネルギーは、それぞれのチャクラの宝石の流れと方向性とともに、成功への道を合理化し、願望を満たすようにしましょう。 自然状態の喜びと活力から、あなたを抱きしめられた有毒な感情を吸収するために、スピリチュアル・ヒーリング・チョークラー・チョーカ...
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With rich historical roots, the tradition of birthstones has been around for thousands of years. Chosen with care, each month’s birthstone is specifically tuned to the energy of that birth month. When one wears their birthstone, it is said to have a profoundly healing, energizing, and harmonizing effect on them. 

The birthstone of January is the deep red garnet stone. Have a January baby in your life? Garnet stone jewelry is the perfect way to spoil them this year. This warm, soothing, and passionate stone balances out their energetic system, while also enhancing their positive traits. Inner peace is achieved for the hardworking busy bees of January.

Read on to learn more about garnet, as well as discover our collection of garnet birthstone jewelry

Garnet Jewelry

The February Birthstones

Although every month is most commonly connected to one famous birthstone, they actually are linked to more than just one stone. For instance, January’s iconic birthstone is rich red garnet, but it is also home to the dark green emerald stone. Keep reading to learn more about these two stunning birthstones. 



Most commonly discovered in shades of deep, dark red, garnet can also be found in green, blue, yellow, black, pink, and brown, just to name a few. The red variety, also known as almondine, is the most widely available, while the Tsavorite variety, a sparkling green garnet, is the most rare and most costly. Garnet has been a treasured stone for thousands of years, not only for its mesmerizing beauty but also for its exceptional healing properties. 

In its hues of red, garnet is deeply associated with love. This stone is said to heal broken relationships, inspire passion, and encourage fidelity. A stone of commitment, garnet makes a wonderful gift to give between lovers.

Encouraging more than just romantic love, however, it also helps promote compassion for one’s self, as well as with family and friends. With this stone, the wearer is tuned to the healing vibration of love, allowing them to reflect that love upon everyone they meet. 

An energizing stone, garnet rejuvenates the soul and revitalizes the whole body. This birthstone fuels creativity, allowing one’s passions to guide them. Success is wildly important for those born in January, and this stone ensures that their life is filled with prosperity. 

Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet


Dark green in color, the emerald stone has been captivating souls for ages with its mystical charm. Beloved by royalty across cultures, emeralds were the chosen obsession of Cleopatra, and prized by Aristotle and Alexander the Great. The Aztecs, the Incas, and the Mayas, as well, were under the spell of this stunning stone, and they used it in their sacred rituals. 

Exuding ancient wisdom, this stone sparks the intellect. Emeralds are wonderful stones for enhancing communication skills and making one a better conversationalist. Wearing emerald fills a person with undeniable wit and charm. 


Emeralds, with their rich green hue, are said to be lucky charms. Their alluring energy magnetizes success and wealth right into their lives. The wearer is blessed with good fortune, opening up doors of new opportunities and positive experiences. 

Connected to the heart chakra, emerald is a stone of love. Its compassionate nature shines upon the wearer, drawing loving relationships to them. Any relationship that is struggling can also benefit greatly from the help of this stone. 

Physically healing, as well as spiritually, emeralds are known for their heart-healing effects. Wearing this stone results in a healthier cardiovascular system and circulatory system. It is also highly noted for its assistance in healing eye-related issues. 

Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Pursuit of Passion - Garnet Feng Shui Tree
現在、瞬間はあなたの情熱を追求することになっています;各々のステップで、実現により近いあなたの夢を招いてください。あなたを興奮させることに集中することから来る力を感じてください。我々土のガーネットStoneがあなたの限界を最大限の方に押して、Passion Feng Shu...
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Why Birthstone Jewelry Makes an Impactful Gift

This year, give something unique to those you love on their birthdays. For all those January babies in your life, give the gift of garnet birthstone jewelry. The perfect way to show you care, garnet jewelry wraps the wearer in its loving embrace. See why we love gifting birthstones! 

  • Memorable 

A piece of garnet birthstone jewelry will not easily be forgotten. With its stunning red hues, garnet sparkles with immeasurable beauty and power. Featured on a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings, garnet mesmerizes wherever it goes. Unwrapping a piece of garnet gemstone jewelry is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

  • Healing 

Perfectly matched and tuned to the energy of January, garnet birthstone jewelry is incredibly healing to all who are born in this month. Specifically chosen for the goals and nature of this birth month, garnet fills in any areas these individuals are lacking, while enhancing the areas in which they are skilled. 

Garnet Jewelry

  • Thoughtful 

Birthstone jewelry shows that you care. Rather than giving a generic gift that could be enjoyed by anyone, a piece of garnet gemstone jewelry shows that you are thinking only of this January baby. By gifting birthstones, you are demonstrating that their needs, desires, and goals are important to you. 

  • Long-Lasting

Earth’s greatest treasures, gemstones are not only stunning, but are also durable. Of course proper care and maintenance should be taken to ensure that your jewelry continues looking shiny and new. 

  • Individualized

Fine-tuned to the energy of those born in January, garnet gemstone jewelry is the most individualized gift you can give. Of all the stones in the world, this one, in particular, is best matched to their personalities and goals. 

Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

精神を浸し、癒しのエネルギーが新しい高さに輸送されるようにします 私たちのユニークなブレスレットは、その日を誘惑し、人生を最大限に耐えることを勧めています。 ジャイード・ストーンの癒しの特性をチャネルし、精神に強い光を感じ、精神的な冒険に対する信頼できるパートナーを感じてい...
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20 Gorgeous Garnet Jewelry Designs for Your Loved Ones

Discover our favorite garnet designs from the Karma and Luck birthstone Collection. 

  • Invigorated Life 

Balancing the chakras, this colorful piece of garnet jewelry showcases amethyst, citrine, carnelian, peridot, and iolite. With the help of a golden lotus charm, new beginnings are welcomed with open arms. The wearer is encouraged to grow and develop into their highest potential. 

Charm Bracelet

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  • Life Force 

A stylish piece of men’s garnet jewelry, this bracelet surrounds the wrist in black rhodium stainless steel beads. Featured in the middle, the deep pink-purple garnet stone shines with powerful force. Energizing the spirit, the wearer is filled with the motivation and drive to achieve his goals. 

Garnet January Birthstone Bracelet

Budding Life  - ロータスマルチストーンチャクララップ
Budding Life - ロータスマルチストーンチャクララップ
うれしそうな瞬間と全体のマインドフルネスは、私たちの「Budding Life - Lotus Multi Ston Chakra Lap」に精通しています。それはとても多目的で、ブレスレットやネックレスとして着用することができます。すべてのユニークな宝石の本格的な力と...
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  • Endless Passion

Dark red stones shine in this garnet beaded bracelet for women. This gorgeous piece of garnet gemstone jewelry gently nudges the wearer in the direction of their dreams. She is inspired to find the things that bring her joy, using bliss as her compass. The added evil eye charm helps to deflect negativity, while allowing positivity to flourish. 

January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

着実なガイダンス - エメラルドの悪眼のネックレス
0% OFF
着実なガイダンス - エメラルドの悪眼のネックレス
あなたの可能性は無限です。あなたの輝きは豊富です。私たちの「安定したガイダンス - エメラルド邪悪な目の魅力のネックレス」を許可して、幸運や悟りへの道であなたの道をあなたの道であなたの道を軽減します。育成した鮮やかなエメラルド石はあなたの最も深い情熱にあなたの信仰を保証し、...
通常価格 $159 セールスプライス $127
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  • Renew & Energize 

Endlessly stylish with a double gold chain, this garnet necklace sparkles with rejuvenating energy. Any woman born in January will fall instantly in love with this stunning piece of garnet birthstone jewelry. Reigniting her passions, she is reminded to always follow her bliss. 

Garnet Evil Eye January Birthstone Necklace

咲く活力 -  Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
咲く活力 - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
宇宙はあなたの旅へのあなたの旅を支持します。蓮の根は泥の深さにありますが、弾力性のある花は美しく咲くために表面の上に上がります。あなたが私たちの「咲く活力 - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary」を着ているたびに、その大いに触発される。あなたが自分の中で...
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  • Divine Passion

A powerful piece of men’s garnet jewelry, the “Divine Passion” bracelet helps the wearer live his life to the fullest. Joining forces, black onyx and garnet work together to serve as grounding agents for the soul, helping him to stay motivated, driven, and confident. A perfect blend of black, red, and gold, this men’s bracelet is sleek and stylish. 

Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet


爽快な生活 - マルチストーンチャクラロータスチャームブレスレット
爽快な生活 - マルチストーンチャクラロータスチャームブレスレット
私たちのより高い目的で共鳴する人生を生きる際には、バランスのとれた精神の喜びを発見します。うれしそうな瞬間と全体のマインドフルネスは、私たちの「活気のある生活 - マルチストーンチャクラロータスチャームブレスレット」に精通しています。すべてのユニークな宝石の本格的な力とそれ...
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  • Spiritual Courage

A stunning piece of garnet gemstone jewelry, this stretch-style bracelet shines with dark red beads and a golden charm. The wearer is inspired to be the creator of her own destiny, boldly paving the way to her dreams. Filled with confidence, she can finally step into her power. 

Garnet Shajin Brave Troops Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Divine Passion - Garnet Black Onyx Bracelet
0% OFF
神の情熱 - ガーネットブラックオニキスブレスレット
世界で素晴らしいことは何も情熱なしで達成されたことがありません。 「神聖な情熱 - ガーネットブラックオニキスブレスレット」はあなたがその日をつかみ、そして人生を最大限の可能性に推移させることを勧めます。それはあなたが常に光のビーコンになるように思い出させ、あなたの周りの人...
通常価格 $99 セールスプライス $79
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  • Spirit of Love

In a beautiful wrap-style, this women’s bracelet is the perfect way to showcase the healing power of garnet. Tuning the wearer to the positive vibration of love, she is filled with compassion and understanding. Not only is she encouraged to be more gentle with herself, but with others as well. 

Stone Wrap Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Life Force – January Birthstone Garnet Onyx Bracelet
Life Force – January Birthstone Bracelet
Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Immerse yourself in the unconditional love you exude when wearing ...
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  • Abundant Sunshine

This vibrant collar style necklace exudes confidence and a deep sense of individuality. Created for the woman who is unafraid to stand out, this piece of garnet birthstone jewelry also features carnelian, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, sapphire, and amethyst. Each of these colorful gemstones is connected to the seven chakras, helping to align the wearer to her truth and her purpose. 

Multi Stone Chakra Collar Necklace

Endless Passion - Garnet January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Endless Passion - Garnet January Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Do it with passion or not at all. Passion is energy. It is your responsibility to explore what excites you and seek more of it. Our fiery...
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  • Transportive Energy

Featuring the hamsa charm, this garnet bracelet serves as the ultimate protective companion. Negativity is swiftly repelled from sight, while positivity is warmly welcomed. The deep red-purple garnet stones activate passion, energy, and health, tuning the wearer to the vibration of their highest self.

Meanwhile, soothing green jade stones encompass the wrist in their lucky frequency. These prosperous stones are believed to invite the flow of abundance into one’s life, allowing success and wealth to flourish. 

Jade Stone Hamsa Bracelet

Renew & Energize - Garnet Evil Eye January Birthstone Necklace
Renew & Energize - Garnet Evil Eye January Birthstone Necklace
Do it with passion or not at all. Passion is energy. In life, it is your responsibility to explore what excites you and seek more of it. ...
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  • Grounded & Ambitious

Designed with the Capricorn constellation, this gorgeous piece of garnet birthstone jewelry is the perfect gift to give your favorite Cap. This earthy sign of the zodiac is as ambitious as they come, constantly seeking new heights within themselves.

Their long list of goals can quickly tire them out, though, which is where the soothing nature of garnet steps in. This loving stone reminds the busy bee of the zodiac to take time for rest and to lighten up their load. Blue topaz stones pair perfectly with garnet in this ring, and are wonderful for improving communication, enhancing wisdom, and strengthening bonds of love. 

Capricorn Constellation Ring

  • Vibrant Outlook

A rainbow of colors make up this multi stone bracelet. Aligning the chakras, this vibrant piece of garnet gemstone jewelry also features the healing power of carnelian, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, sapphire, and amethyst. Once each chakra is activated and aligned, the wearer’s life becomes much easier to navigate. With a deeper sense of self and fewer obstructions, they flow effortlessly towards their dream life. 

Multi Stone Chakra Bracelet

  • Vibrant Light

Designed in a mala style, this gorgeous necklace blesses the wearer’s life with love and abundance. Featuring the different colors of the chakras, garnet, citrine, carnelian, peridot, amethyst, and Rudrashka beads are all strung upon this necklace.

A powerful seed, Rudrashka restores life force energy, while also grounding the spirit and promoting vitality. The addition of a golden lotus charm reminds the wearer that through their greatest struggles, growth is found. She learns to flow more gracefully through times of change, embracing the transformation with open arms. 

Chakra Lotus Multi Stone Mala

  • Budding Life

Crafted in a wrap style, this bracelet can conveniently be worn as a necklace as well. Showcasing amethyst, citrine, carnelian, aquamarine, garnet, peridot, and amethyst stones, this piece of garnet gemstone jewelry radiates with a vibrant and magnetizing charm.

A delicate golden lotus charm sits in the middle of this piece, serving as a reminder to accept new beginnings. Afterall, the only constant in life is change, and the lotus is a perfect example of this. 

Multi Stone Chakra Wrap

  • Practical & Grounded

Garnet stones, cz crystals, and blue topaz stones make up the formation of the Capricorn constellation in this beautiful piece of garnet birthstone jewelry. Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is imbued with hardworking and disciplined energy.

The zodiac natives are true go-getters, always chasing success. This necklace helps to keep them energized and directed towards their goals, while also encouraging them to take a load off and lighten up a little. This necklace is a wonderful way to balance their energy, so that they can stay happy and thriving. 

Capricorn Constellation Necklace

  • Harmonious Equilibrium

Rich purple amethyst stones are the main focus in this sparkling bracelet. However, these soothing stones are accented and accompanied by the healing power of garnet, carnelian, citrine, jade, aquamarine, amethyst, and lapis lazuli. This bracelet is a potent harmonizer, swiftly aligning the wearer’s dreams with a sense of drive. They are motivated to turn their dreams into fruition. Balance in all aspect of her life is achieved. 

  • The Spiritual Manager 

Made with gold plated brass and black enamel, this piece of garnet birthstone jewelry features the Capricorn constellation. Fitted with sparkling blue topaz stones, cz crystals, and the beloved garnet stones, the wearer is tuned to the frequency of higher consciousness. Practical, logical, and hardworking, this necklace helps to balance out Capricorn’s energy, allowing her to let loose once in a while and not take life too seriously. 

Capricorn Constellation Necklace

  • Firm Believer

This gorgeous garnet necklace is designed entirely for the Capricorn woman. While wearing this necklace, she is guaranteed to feel aligned with her truth and more confident in herself. Stepping into her power, she does not take no for an answer.

When it comes to her dreams and goals, she stops at nothing to make them a reality. This gorgeous piece of garnet birthstone jewelry features not only her birthstone, but also the Capricorn constellation and the Capricorn symbol. This is an ideal gift for the Capricorn lady!

  • Spiritual Healing

In rainbow hues, this chakra necklace features a variety of colorful stones: garnet, citrine, peridot, amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and moonstone. Working together, the energies of all seven stones is amplified to expansive new heights.

The wearer’s energy is aligned, allowing her to develop her creativity, wisdom, and strength. Any self-doubt or insecurities are swiftly washed away as she steps into her full, unshakable power. Her confidence blossoms and this results in an infinite tide of blessings. 

Chakra Choker Necklace

  • Practical Demeanor 

Made with braided red string, this bracelet is a wonderful good luck charm. Revered by cultures around the world, the red string is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to all who wear it.

Paired with the birthstone of January, garnet, this piece’s healing potential is activated and amplified. Garnet, with its fiery energy, helps practical Capricorn to reignite her passions and creativity. The additional blue topaz stones promote wisdom, communication, and love, while the 1 mm cz crystals add a touch of sparkle and shine. 

Constellation Red Bracelet

  • Keeper of Positivity

Adding a touch of unique style to any look, anklets are made for the woman unafraid of being different and making a statement. This rainbow-hued anklet exudes confidence as she steps out into the world with inspiration, creativity, and excitement.

Representing the chakras, this anklet features seven different healing stones: garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, apatite, and amethyst. Each stone is packed with extraordinary healing benefits, and when paired together, those benefits are amplified and enhanced. Gratitude is awakened within her, allowing her to see each day, each face, and each opportunity as a miracle. 

Multi Stone Chakra Anklet

Gifting Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

This year, make your loved one’s birthday extra special with the gift of birthstone jewelry. Born in the month of january, these individuals are ruled by the planet Saturn, the element of Earth, and the birthstone of lovely garnet. With its deep red hues and energizing nature, garnet helps to balance out the energy of all those born in this month.

With a practical, steady, and driven personality, January babies could use a bit of warmth in their lives. Garnet, exuding fiery vibes, provides just that and more for these hardworking souls. They are energized towards their goals, while also encouraging them to take time to rest. 

Anybody born in January is sure to cherish a piece of garnet birthstone jewelry, and will instantly feel its healing effect take hold. Ready to give the gift of a lifetime? Visit our website and browse our full collection of birthstone jewelry. Start your journey here: Men's Birthstone Collection

Garnet Jewelry

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