Find Serenity With These 2 Amethyst Rings

Find Serenity With These 2 Amethyst RingsWith amethyst, clear skies are always ahead. This soul-refreshing stone provides clarity to the mind, body, and spirit, so that you can find the sunshine in any situation.

Known as a multi-purpose stone, amethyst is packed with healing benefits that cover a wide range of ailments and wishes. Its powers are seemingly unlimited, and just waiting for you to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Its soothing vibration is like medicine for the soul, instantly bringing a sense of deep and unshakable peace within the wearer. Any stress, anxiety, fears, or doubts are swiftly swept away. 

Believed to be a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, wearing amethyst jewelry allows you to enhance communication with the divine. Intuition is heightened and any psychic skills are amplified.

Aligning the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, the purple amethyst stone is a conduit for spiritual growth. Making a beautiful addition to any meditation practice, the presence of an amethyst crystal or amethyst jewelry can help you reach new levels of consciousness and enlightenment. 

Found in rich, deep purple hues, amethyst’s extraordinary beauty matches its powerful properties. Looking for an amethyst ring to brighten up your days? Read on to discover our top two favorite amethyst ring designs. 

2 Illuminating Amethyst Rings for Women

  • Tranquil Ebb & Flow - Amethyst Crescent Moon Gold Ring

Learn to go with the flow with this cosmically-aligned amethyst ring. Exuding divine feminine energy, the moon guides you towards a life of balance, tenderness, and love. With the help of this amethyst stone jewelry, self-acceptance and self-love grows -  you are encouraged to be more gentle with yourself and the world around you.

The powerful combination of the amethyst stone and the moon is perfect for women, and reminds them of their inner power. A sense of purpose is restored and motivation is activated. 

Amethyst sparkles with its beloved purple color. Radiating calm vibrations, you are soothed and nurtured. Any stress or anxiety rolls off your shoulders, helping you to feel light and free as a feather. 

Made with 18k gold plated brass, this amethyst stone ring is fully adjustable. It is handmade with love by skilled artisans in India, and is further blessed by the healing vibrations of singing bowls. 

Tranquil Ebb And Flow - Amethyst Crescent Moon Gold Ring

変化に直面して、我々は、挑戦に応ずるために起きます;我々の気分は、成長で全盛です。我々の繊細な「穏やかなEbbとFlow ― Amethyst Crescent Moon Gold Ring ― 」は精神にあなたの最も本当の意図を穏やかに吹き込みます。そして、正しい方向から...
通常価格 $49
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  • Blessed Balance - Amethyst Lotus Ring

This 18k gold plated brass ring features both the gleaming purple amethyst stone and the sacred lotus symbol. An unstoppable duo, these two work together to provide you the ultimate healing experience. Handmade in India, this amethyst ring is conveniently adjustable, so that you can wear it on any finger you choose. 

Representing new beginnings, fertility, and enlightenment, the lotus symbol reminds you to embrace transformation. Just as the lotus flower emerges from the most unfavorable circumstances, later blossoming into a stunning flower, so too can you.

Regardless of past experiences or traumas, you still have the opportunity to create the life of your dreams. Let yourself heal and then watch yourself grow. Remember, sometimes our greatest challenges turn out to be our greatest blessings. 

The amethyst stone not only mesmerizes with its beauty, but also provides a world of benefits. Its gentle nature encourages you to go easy on yourself - letting any self-criticism, insecurities, or doubts be released. Connecting you to the wisdom of above, this amethyst stone ring helps you tap more fully into your intuition. Spiritual growth skyrockets. 

Blessed Balance - Amethyst Lotus Ring

祝福されたバランス - アメジストロータスリング
祝福されたバランス - アメジストロータスリング
真実と共鳴する人生を生きる際には、バランスのとれた精神の喜びを発見します。私たちの素敵な「祝福されたバランス - アメジストロータスリング」はあなたの魂を落ち着かせて、落ち着きと静けさの感覚であなたを満たします。アメジストストーンが悪い雰囲気を除去し、それらを最高の振動で置...
通常価格 $59
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Soothe the Soul With Amethyst Rings

Radiating with peaceful, loving vibrations, amethyst's sweet nature is ever ready to help you heal. This captivating purple gemstone has been stealing hearts for centuries, and it is no wonder why! Packed with powerful benefits and properties, this stone can cure whatever ails you.

An antidote to anxiety, fatigue, depression, and stress, amethyst nurtures you back to equilibrium. Wearing an amethyst birthstone ring aids you in discovering an unshakeable sense of inner peace. 

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Find Serenity With These 2 Amethyst Rings

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