Ignite the Power of Feminine Energy With Jewelry That Shines the Light of Your Soul

Feminine Energy

Akira is an ancient Japanese word meaning "clear" and "bright," which is exactly what Karma and Luck’s Akira Collection tries to convey with our authentic, handcrafted pieces.

There is a potent and glowing feminine energy in our souls that is waiting to be unleashed by our own awareness. We just need to get in touch with a unique element to activate it. 

The beautiful pieces in our Akira Collection are a source of boundless harmony, featuring spiritual symbols and universal resonance that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

All of them are designed to help us tap into our feminine energy and infuse authenticity and deeper meaning into our lives.

power of feminine energy

How to Radiate Feminine Energy With the Light of Akira

Feminine energy is far different from the established prejudices sold to us in the mainstream media. It is about the sacred flame deep in our consciousness, which gives us the unique traits that bring us together as women. 

Femininity doesn't look the same for everyone. For this reason, authentic feminism embraces a diversity of cultures, identities, and beliefs.

The Akira collection is meaningfully designed to unlock the sacred power of feminine energy within ourselves. Each piece aims to awaken a deeper awareness of feminine energy and repel negative influences from the surroundings of every person who is looking to reach their full potential.

Access the Power of Feminine Energy With These Stunning Pieces

If you are wondering how to radiate feminine energy while surrounding yourself with good karma, take a look at the stylish and thoughtful pieces in our Akira Collection…

"Astral Energy" Zodiac Wheel Necklace

The only way to manifest our desires and unleash our feminine energy is by honoring our true selves. We have a cosmic connection with the constellations of the Universe that serve as a map to our unique essence.

The "Astral Energy" Zodiac Wheel Necklace is designed to bring in good energy and foster a favorable environment to express our distinctive talents.

"Splendid Fortune" Evil Eye Necklace

The "Splendid Fortune” Diamond Evil Eye Necklace encourages us to greet our life circumstances with an optimistic mindset.

This rich and enticing necklace wards off negative energy and protects the mind from discouraging thoughts. It’s a beautiful artisan piece that helps us access the power of feminine energy, restore our inner peace, and nourish our bodily senses to let our ancient instincts emerge.

The strong defense of the Evil Eye symbolism brings a sense of unity with the Universe while deflecting evil forces from our lives.

Zodiac Wheel Necklace

Sparkling Personality - White Enamel Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace
0% OFF
Sparkling Personality - White Enamel Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace
Delight in the positive energy the Universe has bestowed upon you; you are protected in your pursuit of joy. Add a spiritual hint to any ...
通常価格 $249 セールスプライス $224
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"Sparkling Personality" Hamsa Hand Necklace

The pursuit of our sacred feminine energy can be protected by the "Sparkling Personality” Diamond Hamsa Necklace. The Hamsa Hand symbol raises our frequency with positive energy and clears our path from unnecessary obstacles.

When we wear this necklace, our thoughts will vibrate in a more loving frequency, making us able to attract long-lasting spiritual change.

"Divine Calmness" Buddha Necklace

A peaceful and balanced spirit is synonymous with feminine energy. Our gentle thoughts and emotions attract similar experiences to our lives.

When we feel out of control in our inner processes, the "Divine Calmness” Diamond Buddha Necklace is designed to assist. The lucky Buddha symbol radiates composure and tranquility, helping us manifest our truest, most harmonious life and awaking our divine consciousness.

How to Radiate Feminine Energy

Auspicious Fortune - White Enamel Diamond Elephant Head Pendant Necklace
0% OFF
Auspicious Fortune - White Enamel Diamond Elephant Head Pendant Necklace
Your soul vibrates with truth and compassion; your wisdom will illuminate the world. Elephants are nurturing, they are loyal to their fam...
通常価格 $269 セールスプライス $242
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"Steadfast Peace" Buddha Necklace

The enchanted "Steadfast Peace” Jade Diamond Buddha Necklace aims to clear our minds so we can discover our potential and honor our ambitions through our feminine energy.

The Buddha symbol aligns us with our spiritual path and purifies our thoughts and deeds from karmic debts. This exquisite piece transforms our mindset into a more abundant one, leading us to attract successful opportunities and infinite gratitude to our consciousness.

"Steadfast Peace” Jade Diamond Buddha Necklace

Cleansing Rejuvenation - Diamond White Enamel Yin Yang Scarab Pendant Necklace
0% OFF
Cleansing Rejuvenation - Diamond White Enamel Yin Yang Scarab Pendant Necklace
You are worthy of receiving all the abundance, prosperity, and wealth the Universe is ready to bless you with. Symbolizing eternal life a...
通常価格 $249 セールスプライス $224
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"Auspicious Fortune" Elephant Necklace

The "Auspicious Fortune" Diamond Elephant Necklace activates our innate compassionate and nurturing traits. It embodies the loyal and protective characteristics of these sacred animals, teaching us about resilience and that we can overcome all challenges in our lives.

The elephant symbol awakens our feminine energy by helping us reach our inner wisdom. This artisan piece attracts abundance, good luck, and spiritual protection while nourishing our inner child. We'll become more spontaneous and optimistic about our dreams and projects as a result.

Elephant Necklace

"Spiritual Commitment" Bee Necklace

Our feminine energy fades out when we lack inspiration and purpose. The "Spiritual Commitment” Diamond Bee Necklace rekindles the souls' flame of passion and determination.

The bee symbolizes focused energy, divine love, and humble assistance. It reminds us that all living beings are pieces that fit into larger machinery, and we should be grateful for the special place we fill.

This delicate necklace inspires us to appreciate the many blessings that we are used to taking for granted in our daily lives. Our existence is a miracle that we are lucky to experience.

Bee Necklace

"Cleansing Rejuvenation" Yin Yang Scarab Necklace 

We are worthy of the infinite joy, abundance, and prosperity that the Universe wants to bestow on us. The "Cleansing Rejuvenation” Diamond Yin Yang Scarab Necklace represents the eternal force of feminine energy by leading us to experience a spiritual rebirth and deep transformation.

The Scarab symbol infuses new energy into our spiritual path and enhances our intuition and perception. It challenges those beliefs that make us linger in our comfort zone, hindering our self-development journey. 

The Yin-Yang symbol reminds us to always strive for balance in order to achieve health, prosperity, and happiness. 

Yin Yang Necklace

Final Thoughts 

The enchanting pieces of the Akira collection are here to restore our inner balance and unlock the power of our feminine energy to reach our full potential.

Delicate and elegant, yet spiritually potent, they aim to make our modern life more meaningful by reminding us of our essence and infinite power. 

Bring in the Light

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