February Birthstone Amethyst: Tap Into Your Divine Energy, Wisdom, Healing and Manifestation

Amethyst: Princesses and Fantasies of The Gem World 

Come with us, beautiful Princess, and dive into the enchanting world of fairytales and realities about Amethyst Crystals and how they gained their reputation for being the healing, calming stress relief, and mega health stone of this century.

The name "Amethyst" comes from the Greek word "Ametusthos," which translates into "non-toxicated."

An old legend regarding this name links back to a wine god named Bacchus, who had a furious personality. One day, he became exceptionally enraged over an insult, and to let go of his anger, he decided to throw the first person he met in front of his hungry tigers.

Unfortunately, he came upon a fair and stunning maiden named Amethyst as she was going for a prayer at the shrine. When the tigers started charging toward Amethyst, a Goddess, watching over her turned her into a magnificent clear crystal, offering her eternal protection.

Bacchus was so ashamed and regretted his decision so profoundly that he poured grape juice, from his beloved winery, over the stone as a forgiving action, turning the crystal into a beautiful purple.

From then on, this super crystal has been used throughout history as a symbol of healing, cleansing, and balance. In addition, people used it as a source of therapy due to its soothing effects on the mind and body because it is a type of quartz consisting of iron and trace minerals. Which also emits a healing aura that calms fears.

Oasis - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree Large


Intuitionアンプ - アメジストストーンブレスレット
Intuitionアンプ - アメジストストーンブレスレット
自分を信頼し。あなたはあなたがする以上のものを知っています。私たちのユニークな」Intuitionアンプ - アメジストストーンブレスレット "" 2つの全能のシンボルをヒューズします。ハムサ手と邪悪な目。厳しい状況でトンネル。
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Welcome To The World Of Amethyst

Amethyst is probably one of the most prominent gemstones because it can radiate its effects in the three essential planes: emotion, physical and spiritual aspects. This promotes peace, stability, and calmness that prevents impatience and irritability.

This precious stone is present across the globe, but substantial reservoirs have been discovered near Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and Africa.

Amethysts are an absolute delight to the eyes due to their mystical, aesthetic appearance. Nature has bestowed these breathtaking stones upon humankind with many healing and substantial benefits. How wonderful.

How To Enter Into Their World

You may think Amethyst enters our world, but that is not the case. Instead, you will enter into their magical crystal vibration, and shifts will begin to manifest.

Crystals and gemstones are magnificent enough on their own; however, Amethyst stones have something exceptional added to their healing charm. So, you may wonder: What would influence me to search for an Amethyst crystal? 

The clearing energy and true nature of this gem are the answers. So while we may all be overflowing with aspirations and special intentions, the Amethyst gemstone is the best choice to begin working on them one by one. 

Seeing that this beauty is part of the "quartz" family, their violet flame is there to calm the most restless emotions. Whether you are wearing Amethyst in the form of beads or classic, robust stones, their vibration is always soothing and tranquil.

Let's not forget to mention that Amethyst has a unique role in enhancing one's intellectual and cerebral thoughts.

As mentioned earlier, it promotes sobriety and brings about peace and calm. It acts like a detoxifying agent that clears the poison and makes something clear and intoxicated. It is an antidote to all the toxic and lethal thoughts that one's mind concocts and makes it cleanse and sterile.

This purple beauty is a stone that can lessen addictions and make people let go of their destructive and negative thoughts. Especially those who are hypersensitive and angry are often advised to wear it as this empowering stone helps soothe anger. 

Fit For Royalty

The unique purple hue of this gem is enough to catch the glances of numerous Princesses and Queens throughout the ages, no matter their tradition or nation.

Like similar colors full of influence, the purple flame is always found in the most valued pieces in the treasure chest of a royal. Some even say that the Amethyst gem inspired the royal purple hues reputation among many royal garments.

Although we are all created equal, it doesn't hurt to feel regal every once in a while, eh? Incorporating Amethyst into your daily ensemble will make heads turn, as the vibrant yet elegant hue is something extraordinary, especially in the daylight.

Whether you go for an Amethyst necklace or a bracelet, you will feel its energy all day.

No matter how similar they might seem, two Amethysts are never thoroughly identical.

なだめるような子守唄 - 人生の魅力のアメジストの木のブレスレット
なだめるような子守唄 - 人生の魅力のアメジストの木のブレスレット
健康な考え方があるとき、それは健康的な決定を下すのが簡単になります。私たちの親切な「なだめるような子守唄 - 人生の魅力のアメジストツリー」は、全体的な静けさとバランスをとることによって、もっと素晴らしい態度で自分自身を揃えることができます。なだめるようなアメジストの石はあ...
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Amethyst Metaphysical Properties For Your Advantage

Keeping in mind that Amethyst is a highly calming stone, always ready to soothe your environment, a question must be asked: 

How does that impact the world around me? 

For starters, your relationships will bloom, no matter their nature (love interest, family, friends). 

Your mindset and intention will become more precise and focused, but in a carefree manner, without the added stress that usually comes with determination and ambition. 

Emotions, thoughts, and thinking about all sorts of things will become more natural without the side effects they might usually bring. Essentially, Amethyst provides you with the intellectual guidance and power needed to think clearly, with a streamlined approach.

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

What's behind the purple beauty, you may ask?

The spiritual aspect regarding Amethyst stones is as important as the physical one. Like we cleanse our bodies and maintain hygiene daily, we should do a spiritual bath. Spiritual bathing should be as intentional as physical bathing by scrubbing our minds of negative thinking and feeling good when we are through.

The color of this stone is the embodiment of healing; purple is the epitome of mystical appeal, tranquility, and spiritual cleansing, which exudes a soothing aura around you and your loved ones, like blues and greens.

Keeping an Amethyst Feng Shui Tree in your home or workspace can keep your intentions charged so you can accomplish your goals and keep your creativity up.

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The Purple Gem & Your Crown Chakra

Representing the Crown Chakra, the Amethyst is known to dissolve stress, improve the outlook on life, and eliminate negativity. However, it is essential to state that the Amethyst does not spiritually act like JadeCitrine, or Tiger Eye. Its impact is usually hidden and not evident at initial introspection.

Instead, Amethyst stones create a sober state of mind, so you're prepared to make critical decisions. Also, it is healing for all problems known to hurt our soul's integrity and peace. Amethyst crystals work beautifully on their own or together with other crystals to free your spirit and set your intentions. Like we mentioned above about "spiritual bathing."

Amethyst is perfect for meditation. For example, you can place your Amethyst mala beads on your forehead while clearing your thoughts toward a blank state of mind, trying to focus on the Amethyst's shape and positive vibration. Slightly cold to the touch, it emanates tranquility, essential for effective meditation

Soothing Remedy - Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

なだめるような救済策 - ゴールドアメジスト邪眼ダブルポインターネックレス
なだめるような救済策 - ゴールドアメジスト邪眼ダブルポインターネックレス
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Fabulous Uses Of Amethyst

Amethyst Enhances Physical Health

Amethyst radiates such vibes that enhance the production of positive hormones and speed up the metabolism. It also helps increase oxygen supply to the blood, thus cleansing it and strengthening the immune system.

Those people who have trouble sleeping at night are also advised to use Amethyst as it helps to relieve stress and calms the neurons. It is used by placing it under the pillow that helps to calm your nerves and make your insomnia go away!

It would be wise to repeat several mantras daily to connect your mind and body.

For example:

  • I am safe
  • I am releasing my tensions and fears
  • I am letting go of all which doesn't serve me
  • I am grateful for all the blessings in my life
  • I am confident, calm, and ready for success
  • I am in complete harmony with my spirit.

Amethyst Protection Against Evil Vibes

Due to its protective effect, Amethyst has been used for centuries to deter evil vibes. Many people wear it as a necklace to avoid negative thoughts and actions. By meditating with the crystal, one can stay protected.

“Negativity is unknown to me. There is no such thing as a negative thought aimed towards me or originating from the depths of my soul. Positivity is the aura enriching every aspect and vibration of my mind, body, and soul. Even if negativity arises, it will do nothing to hinder my aspirations and immediate goals. It will not harm me."

Soothing Relaxation - Amethyst Tree of Life Ring

光を照らす - アメジストムーンマルチシンボルトリプルレイヤーネックレス
光を照らす - アメジストムーンマルチシンボルトリプルレイヤーネックレス
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Amethyst Heals The Body

This miracle stone has concentrated energy that aids in healing the body. Wearing it directly on your skin is the key to optimum positive energy.

Many spiritual healers do a particular treatment where the patient holds onto an Amethyst stone while another is placed on the part of the body that requires healing. Often they would also incorporate healing chants. One that may benefit you if you're in need as well.

"Keeping up with the current pace is hard, but my body will not burn out or show signs of tiredness. On the contrary, since my soul is cleansed and mind pure, they will help my body de-stress and level up to my spiritual potential. With every day passing by, the unity of my body and mind is stronger and stronger."

Whether in the form of a bracelet, necklace, or tree of life, Amethyst crystals can bridge the gap between our stressful lives and negative personal tendencies. All the while, it looks divine, lovely, and mystical. The bare color and naturally tailored shape reminisce a calm oasis that is the soul's shelter seeking a helpful hand.

Keep in mind. The shape of an Amethyst is never 100% geometrical and refined, as it always maintains that natural feel and texture. That resembles the Amethyst's power to intricately alter your mindset in a manner that is never invasive or pushy.

Tranquil Voice - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protection Wrap

静かな声 -  Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protectionラップ
静かな声 - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protectionラップ
愛は奇跡を生み出し、すべての傷を癒し、そしてすべての低いエネルギーを浄化します。私たちの「静かな声 - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protection Lap」の紫色の光があなたの手首に輝くとき、感情的な問題は過去のもの...
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Amethyst's Fire Energy

According to Chinese lore, Amethyst has the energy of fire. Fire energy radiates warmness, brightness, and excitement. It enhances the cerebral thought mechanisms that help men and women be vigilant, happy, and active.

You don't have to be a February baby to gain the benefits of Amethyst's birthstone, which characterize self-awareness, perception, and sobriety. 

Little fantastic bit of information for you: Amethyst is the zodiac stone for Pisces, which depicts two fishes in opposite directions, symbolizing conflicts and negative energies.

Thus, Amethyst is the ideal stone as it helps resolve problems and brings about solutions in relationships. That's for all zodiac signs, by the way.

Incorporate Amethyst Jewelry Into Your Style

Gemstone combinations are bound to be created when Amethyst's intentions come into your life! Just imagine a calming sensation caused by the fusion of Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, or Aquamarine.

Each gemstone has an intention and energy all on its own, but when combined, amazing. They can work together seamlessly to make you, your emotions, and the environment better and more mindful. 

The invisible energies of these stones align the chakra points on your body, making them a karmic essential in your accessory ensemble.

Out of all quartz stones out there, Amethyst is known for its relaxing abilities, helping you cope with everyday obstacles, while Agate (also a quartz stone) is more stabilizing and grounding.

The stone loses its effects in the direct sunlight, so care should be taken to place it at a suitable place if you use it as an ornamental object. Moreover, it is advised to clear the stone's energies by placing it under running water for a few seconds and dry very carefully. 

Unpolished Amethysts serve to charge the nearby stones and add another benefit to the list of its existing advantages.

Shine a Light - Amethyst Moon Multi Symbol Triple Layer Necklace

Spiritual Awareness - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
Spiritual Awareness - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. Our soothing "Spiritual Awareness - XXL Amethyst Tree on Fluori...
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Improve Your Energy & Overall Well-Being With Amethyst

So, how can Amethyst help you to improve your life? 

We now know that the affiliation between the cleansing and soothing properties is evident (and the correlation between a soul and body bath). Therefore, Amethysts are excellent stones to incorporate into your bath spa rituals. Place your Amethyst near the bathtub (to keep it from falling, place it in a small bowl), put on some soothing music and cherish its relaxing vibes.  

The bedroom is ideal for an Amethyst piece as it is incredibly tranquilizing. Having this gem by your side and being surrounded by its aura will bring balance and a peaceful nights sleep. Of course, you may wish to incorporate lavender into your nighttime ritual too. 

Intuition Amplifier - Amethyst Stone Bracelet

How To Apply Amethyst Stones Daily

While the personal development uses of Amethyst are pretty evident, it is essential to point out the role Amethysts share with other crystals (Jade, Hematite, Aquamarine) when it comes to the workplace. A great tip is to opt for Amethyst Feng Shui Tree Of Life in the office along with your bracelets and/or necklaces.

A Feng Shui Tree of Life is always an excellent choice in your workspace. Now more than ever, since most of us work remotely and our home office can be quite chaotic.

With every single leaf, the Amethyst Tree emits healing, positive vibrations that will improve the communication between your co-workers and you, keep your workspace healthy and balanced, and it is really, really pretty. 

Finally, the carefree, easy vibe of the stone itself is there to represent your pick-me-up when times get tough, such as meeting deadlines, confronting challenging projects, etc.

It is also excellent for all aspiring students who need to focus on their education and studies, no matter their age. 

Amethyst also sterilizes the environment. That's why we recommend placing in the corners of a room to cleanse the air, which helps those people who have various kinds of allergies and breathing problems.

For best results, place the crystals at the window panes, which receive sunlight during the day and moonlight during the night. This will help to spread positive energy across the house. 

Amethyst is the prime stone for helping with anxiety. Wear an Amethyst bracelet, and after a few days, you'll start to feel a positive difference. Remember, repeating positive mantras each day and touching your Amethyst stone has a highly positive effect on keeping you calm and relaxed. 

Spiritual Awareness - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree

The Bottom Line

Be it a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual conflict; Amethyst brings a positive and soothing change as it negates all the bad and evil vibes and promotes peace and tranquility. It uplifts mood and makes meditation worthwhile.

This stone subtly ignites the flame within by aiming at pure calmness and a clear state of mind. After all, starting with clean slate is important when it comes to thinking about all we want in life. Especially in today's tumultuous times. 

If you seek an improved and broadened your outlook on life, filled with positive vibrations and a distinctive attitude that always tends to be serene and balanced, look no further. Clear out the haze that fills your soul and environment through the power of Amethyst's far-reaching energies.

Bring peace, tranquility, courage, focus, romance, and stability into your daily life through the power of Amethyst, in style. After all, it is a 'royal' stone. 

Intuition Amplifier - Amethyst Stone Bracelet

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