Dive Into Tranquility With These 7 Aquamarine Bracelets

Dive Into Tranquility With These 6 Aquamarine Bracelets

Feeling in need of soul rejuvenation? You may have just found it with aquamarine. This ocean-blue stone has been captivating hearts for thousands of years, and it’s no wonder why. Boasting otherworldly beauty and unmatched peaceful energy, aquamarine heals the mind, body, and spirit with just one glance. Reflecting blues and greens, reminiscent of sea waves, the aquamarine crystal lets you float on infinite waves of bliss - no matter how far you may be from the tropics. 

At Karma and Luck, we have a full collection of sparkling aquamarine jewelry, but our favorites may just be the bracelets. Constantly in view, these aquamarine bracelets serve as your reminder that inner peace is always within reach. 

Looking to add an aquamarine bracelet to your collection? Here are 7 designs sure to fill your heart with serenity. 

Dive Into Tranquility With These 6 Aquamarine Bracelets

7 Sparkling Aquamarine Bracelets 

  • Blue Light - Amazonite Larimar Aquamarine Wrap

Showcasing the beauty of four unique blue stones, this bracelet invokes the tranquility of warm days spent on the beach. Each time you slip this bracelet on, it is like dipping your toes into cool water, feeling the waves wash away any worries. Featuring aquamarine, apatite, larimar, and amazonite, the healing potential of this piece is amplified. Your soul is refreshed, mind is renewed, and your body is rejuvenated. 

Designed as a triple wrap style bracelet, this piece is made with 18k gold plated brass, and is fitted with a lobster clasp closure for easy fastening. Its length is adjustable from 19” to 21”, and is handmade following fair trade practices in Jaipur, India. 

Blue Light - Amazonite Larimar Apatite Aquamarine Wrap

Blue Light - Amazonite Larimar Apatite Aquamarine Wrap
Blue Light - Amazonite Larimar Apatite Aquamarine Wrap
When we are truly at peace, we can move throughout the world in harmony. Good luck isn't just a coincidence, especially when you include ...
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  • Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

Stunning in its simplicity, this aquamarine beaded bracelet adds the perfect pop of color with its baby blue hues. Designed with the March babies in mind, this piece provides them with the energy needed to balance their soul, and align them to their highest potential.

Wearing birthstone jewelry is believed to hold infinite benefits for the wearer. Aquamarine, in particular, provides peaceful feelings, calm vibrations, and clear thoughts. 

An evil eye bead is added to this bracelet to enhance its spiritual powers. Worn and trusted for centuries, the evil eye is the ultimate symbol of protection. The wearer is surrounded in an impenetrable shield of positivity, keeping any negativity or evil at bay. 

Measuring 6.5”, this bracelet is made in a stretch style for accessible and convenient sizing. The “Soothing Rhythm” aquamarine bracelet has been handmade with love by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Your soul is a suitcase that carries your life’s deepest secrets and is the ultimate powerhouse. To feel that power, you need a catalyst....
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  • “I Am Blessed” - Aquamarine Pyrite Moon Bracelet Stack

Including three separate and unique bracelets, this triple stack can be worn together or separately. Three is the name of the game with this piece, as it also has a triple feature of gemstones: aquamarine, pyrite, and turquoise.

These three stones not only look stunning when placed together, but also amplify each other's healing abilities to new heights. Aquamarine promotes soothing vibrations, turquoise provides balance, and pyrite encourages success. 

A mantra bar is engraved with the words, “I Am Blessed”, serving as a reminder to stay grateful and to stay positive. The more we recognize the blessings we already have, the more the Universe rewards us with further gifts. Furthermore, the golden moon charm gleams with the heightened intuition and enhanced alignment.

"I AM BLESSED" - Aquamarine Turquoise Pyrite Moon Bracelet Stack

スピリチュアルの宝物 - アクアマリンロータスチャームブレスレット
スピリチュアルの宝物 - アクアマリンロータスチャームブレスレット
あなたの最高の目標として心の安らぎを設定し、その周りのあなたの人生を整理します。私たちの親切な「スピリチュアル宝物 - アクアマリンロータスチャームブレスレット」は、忍耐強い道を常に信頼することを常に信頼するための思い出されています。否定性の心を洗うことによって、なだめるよ...
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  • Spiritual Treasure - Aquamarine Lotus Charm Bracelet

Sleek and subtle, the “Spiritual Treasure” aquamarine bracelet is a beautiful piece worn on its own, or stacked with other gemstone bracelets. Light blue aquamarine stones give off celestial vibes, bringing the peace and calm of looking up at clear blue skies. The spirit is refreshed and more clarity is found, allowing the wearer to discover the path that has been waiting for them. 

This 18k gold plated brass bracelet also features a sparkling lotus charm - dotted with small crystals. A symbol of enlightenment and new beginnings, the lotus reminds us not to be afraid of changes. Transformation is powerful, and it brings with it a world of blessings. 

Fully adjustable, this bracelet can be worn between 6.5” to 8”. It is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia, and uses only authentic gemstones. 

Spiritual Treasure - Aquamarine Lotus Charm Bracelet

なだめるような暖かさ -  Labradorite Moonstoneのアクマリントリプルサマースタック
なだめるような暖かさ - Labradorite Moonstoneのアクマリントリプルサマースタック
私たちの平和の探求では、より魅力的な存在を生きることを学びます。 「なだめるような暖かさ - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack」は、あなたがあなたのエネルギーを集めてあなたの楽観的な修復に焦点を当てて...
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  • Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

This bracelet stack includes three separate bracelets that can be worn on their own or styled together, depending on preference. Each one features the power of a different gemstone - aquamarine, labradorite, and moonstone. This combination of stones is highly illuminating, and helps one to connect to the divine feminine. Her power is regained, and her truth becomes clearer. 

Aquamarine promotes calming vibrations, while labradorite encourages curiosity and imagination, and moonstone enhances intuition. This trio is the perfect tool for reaching spiritual bliss, and it looks absolutely stunning while doing it. A hamsa charm, an evil eye, and a heart are all added to the innate healing power of this bracelet. 

Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

感情的な強さ - アクアマリンユニットカルチャータートルラップ
感情的な強さ - アクアマリンユニットカルチャータートルラップ
あなたの心が平和になるようにあなたの心が開いているように。私たちの「感情的な強さ - アクアマリンユニットカルチャータートルラップ」はあなたが宇宙の最高の力とのつながりを体験するためにあなたを開くためにあなたを開くための内なる平和を確立するのを助けるでしょう。アクアマリンビ...
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  • Emotional Strength - Aquamarine Uniting Cultures Turtle Wrap

Handmade in Bali, Indonesia, this piece was crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring high quality of design and powers. The “Emotional Strength” bracelet highlights the soothing energy of aquamarine and the inspiring qualities of the turtle. Aquamarine stones sparkle in hues of dreamy light blue, igniting the imagination and enhancing the intuition. Meanwhile, the gleaming turtle charm serves as a healing spirit animal, ever present on the wrist. 

The turtle is believed to promote persistence, endurance, and longevity, allowing the wearer to stay strong despite any hardships. Aquamarine, when paired with the turtle, brings the wearer the inner peace to know that all hard times must eventually come to an end, helping them to stay optimistic and hopeful. 

Emotional Strength - Aquamarine Uniting Cultures Turtle Wrap

  • Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet

Featuring a sparkling gold and diamond-studded hamsa charm, this aquamarine bracelet not only looks beautiful, but also protects and defends. A sacred symbol, the hamsa has been shining its defending light upon wearers for thousands of years. 

A mix of labradorite stones and aquamarine stones, this bracelet’s blue and gold aesthetic matches with everything. Aquamarine releases anxieties, while labradorite illuminates and inspires. Her intuition is heightened, allowing her to see the desires of her soul more clearly. 

Made with 18k gold plated brass, this aquamarine charm bracelet measures 6.5” to 8” and is closed with a lobster claw clasp. This piece is handmade with love in India by skilled artisans, ensuring quality design and durability.  

Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet

Invite Aquamarine Into Your Life

With the dreamiest hues and the calmest vibrations, aquamarine is on a constant mission to steal hearts. This stone has been beloved throughout the ages, and has even made its way into mythology and lore.

Once known as the mermaid stone, aquamarine resembles cool ocean water, and provides that same seaside bliss. Wear it as a bracelet, and lets its captivating blues remind you always of the inner peace that lies within. 

Ready to add an aquamarine bracelet to your collection? Visit our website and browse all of our aquamarine jewerly, with options for rings, earrings, and necklaces, too! Start your journey here: Aquamarine Jewelry from Karma & Luck

Dive Into Tranquility With These 6 Aquamarine Bracelets

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