Crystals for Protection & Peace: 10 Stones to Bring You Safety & Tranquility on All Levels

Crystals for Protection

Inner peace, balance, and centeredness are a priority and precondition for living in a state of bliss.

As we are interacting with our environment, we come in contact with low vibrations that drain us. Crystals for protection are essential tools for maintaining inner calm and staying shielded from unwanted influences. 

じっと座っていることには、千の秘密が隠されている。 私たちの保護ネックレスで発見された土のヘマティット・ストーンズはあなたのエネルギーを砕き、あなたの運びの心配をすべて廃止するでしょう。 これらのマイティ・ビーズは、安全で保護された状態を保つために、有害な振動を吸収し、中和...
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Top 10 Crystals for Protection & Peace

Authentic crystals exude positivity. They carry powerful healing energy that can restore inner balance, calm the mind, and protect our energy fields from harmful vibrations.

Let’s dive in and learn about some of the most potent stones for spiritual protection and peace…

Black Onyx Protection Stone

Incredibly grounding and stabilizing, Black Onyx is a force that helps tranquilize the body and the mind, eliminating subconscious fears and anxiety. Through reinforcing willpower and awakening you to your innate inner strength, it will help boost your confidence in your abilities, so that there is nothing that you can’t surmount.

protection stones

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Prosperous Journey - Matte Onyx Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
繁栄の旅 - マットオニキス邪眼チャームブレスレット
あなたが今日の陽性のあなたのサイクルを始めることができるように、あなたの魂を自信とやる気に補充します。私たちの強力な「繁栄の旅 - マットオニキス邪眼の魅力ブレスレット」はあなたがあなた自身を変える強さを持っているという力を知るようにあなたの恐れと心配を落ち着かせるのを助け...
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Turquoise Stone for Protection

Turquoise is one of the most potent crystals for protection. It works to shield your aura from negative influences, low vibrational energy, and toxicity, filtering out anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. It balances upper chakras and will cleanse your body, and clear your mind, helping you feel serene.


スピリチュアルパワー - サファイアミックス邪眼のチャームブレスレット
スピリチュアルパワー - サファイアミックス邪眼のチャームブレスレット
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Tourmaline Crystals for Safety

Tourmaline stones are known for balancing the emotional and physical body and helping us feel more aligned with our purpose and the Divine. Their vibration can help you get unstuck and release energetic blockages, strengthening your energetic core. By creating a potent shield around you, these stones offer ultimate protection from ill-will and psychic attacks.

Tourmaline comes in different variations, all of which are immensely healing and exceptional for providing spiritual protection.


私たちが安心して接地されているとき、私たちは宇宙のすべての祝福に私たちの心を開きます。 私たちの力 強さのロザリオのヘマタイトの石のネックレスは、ハムサ手と邪眼で2つの全能のシンボルを融合します。このエーテルの組み合わせはあなたを運の道に向かって運びますが、ヘマタイトの石は...
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Hematite Crystals for Peace

The healing powers of Hematite are here to help us find solace and serenity, even when chaos and conflict threaten to disturb the peace. Incredibly centering, its energy will help you recuperate, regain strength, and feel more rooted and stable within.

crystals for peace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Sacred Trust - Lapis Lazuli Stone Necklace
聖信託 - ラピスラズリストーンネックレス
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Labradorite Crystal for Safety

Labradorite is a stone of higher awareness and wisdom. Its energy instigates profound spiritual awakenings, promoting mindfulness and bringing peace into everyday reality by raising awareness. It is one of the crystals for protection that will encourage you to go with the flow, release the need to control the outcome, overanalyze, and perpetuate mental stress.

When you experience a rough patch, this stone can restore your trust in the Divine, leading you in the right direction, while promoting serenity and calmness. 

Aquamarine Stones of Protection

A crystal of stillness and peace, and a powerful tool for meditation, Aquamarine dilutes darkness and brings light into our lives. Thanks to its purifying abilities, it has the ability to cleanse the mind, soul, and body of negative energies, bringing us into calmer waters and away from distress. Aquamarine will protect your aura reducing the power of negative influences over your reality.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal of Protection

Lapis Lazuli is associated with wisdom and higher knowledge and power. It offers clarity and amplifies our connection with the spiritual realm, helping us find the answers we seek and quieting the inner chatter. Being a powerful protection stone, it shields energy from psychic attacks, negative entities, and low frequencies.  

Lapis Lazuli

変化に直面して、我々は、挑戦に応ずるために起きます;我々の気分は、成長で全盛です。我々の繊細な「穏やかなEbbとFlow ― Amethyst Crescent Moon Gold Ring ― 」は精神にあなたの最も本当の意図を穏やかに吹き込みます。そして、正しい方向から...
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Amethyst Crystals for Spiritual Protection

Amethyst is associated with revelations and inner peace. It purges and unblocks upper chakras, offering relief from the pressure and heavy loads we carry every day. Simultaneously soothing and awakening, Amethyst crystals for protection will help you find the answers that weigh on your mind.

A powerful cleanser and tranquilizer, this stone attracts beneficial situations, outcomes, and people who bring us peace, rather than confusion and turmoil.

Amethyst Crystals for Protection

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  SS 4 x Mala bracelet/ Necklace TE/ Jade/ Onyx
Courageous Presence - Tiger's Eye Wrap Bracelet
You have to beckon the spiritual warrior inside yourself whenever it is deemed necessary for the task at hand. Courage is the fuel. Heali...
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Tiger’s Eye Stone of Protection

With Tiger’s Eye to awaken you to your true power and courage, there’s no challenge that can’t be overcome and no malefic influence that can disturb your peace. Grounding and empowering, Tiger’s Eye elevates and strengthens will, while blocking off the evil eye.

Negative vibrations diminish vitality, and Tiger’s Eye can help restore energy levels, generating optimism and positivity to counteract them. 

Tigers Eye peace crystals

Divine Calmness - Evil Eye Mantra Matte Onyx Bracelet
神の落ち着き - 邪眼マントラマットオニクスブレスレット
あなたはあなたの神聖な旅の中で宇宙によって恵まれて保護されています。保護的な「神の落ち着き - 邪悪な目のマントラマットオニキスブレスレット」は、あなたの持久力と持続性を高めるのに役立ちます。マットオニキス石は、プロセスにおける個人エネルギーの排出を防ぎながら、負のエネルギ...
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Lava Stone Crystal for Peace

Lava stones help us connect with Mother Gaia and its healing power. These stones can regenerate, lift up spirit, and help restore inner balance by promoting spiritual grounding. They create a channel for releasing tension, negativity, and anxiety, allowing positive vibrations to come in and soothe the soul.

Top Jewelry Containing Peace Crystals & Protection Stones

The finest protection and peace jewelry always include powerful symbols and stones. To help you deal with accumulating stress and tension, we have selected some of our favorite pieces from our Protection & Peace Collection for Her and Protection & Peace Collection For Him.

Protection Crystals

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“Guided by Peace” Bracelet for Women

Let the Divine show you the way and light up your path. The "Guided By Peace" Bracelet for her blends silver details with spiritual symbolism of the Evil Eye, providing powerful energetic protection for its wearer.

Watermelon Tourmaline crystals for protection will help elevate awareness and bring mental clarity, promoting deep healing through introspection and calming a restless soul. The gentle vibration of this piece will help you live mindfully, shedding light on things that matter and bringing peace into your day.

“Divine Calmness” Bracelet for Men

The "Divine Calmness" Bracelet for him instigates profound healing, bringing inner peace and external tranquility. Matte Onyx stones and the Evil Eye talisman ward off negativity while promoting the release of the old patterns and paradigms that drain our energy.

Thanks to mantra beads, this bracelet can be your source of calm in the midst of chaos and your daily tool for practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

Divine Calmness - Evil Eye Mantra Matte Onyx Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Sublime Tranquility - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Turquoise Necklace
崇高な静けさ - 4シンボルタイガーの目のターコイズネックレス
あなたが自分と平和をするとき、あなたは世界と平和を作ります。 「崇高な静けさ - 4シンボルの虎のターコイズネックレス」は、あなたの幸せな瞬間、あなたの世界を吹くかもしれない感情的な嵐を和らげるための精神的な子守唄の美しい思い出です。ターコイズやタイガーの目の石はあなたが...
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Women’s “Peace Shield” Necklace

Peace is found within and crystals for peace can help you create a tranquil haven for yourself. Our Women’s "Peace Shield" Necklace will help you create a serene, blissful life by wearing the energies of the Hamsa Hand symbol and healing Turquoise. Purifying and awakening, Turquoise will clear up the old and heavy, and make space for fresh, beneficial energies to enter your life.

When noise and chatter enter your energetic space, this necklace will help you find a sense of inner calm and align with higher frequencies. 

Men’s “The Protector” Bracelet

The greatest power is not found in conflict and dominance, but in wisdom and perseverance.

"The Protector" Bracelet for men combines Turquoise with Onyx. Its powerful centering energy will promote the flow of life energy through the body, grounding you at the Root Chakra, and calming the mind and the upper chakras.

This bracelet contains crystals for protection that will help you make rational decisions and stay calm even during the most uncertain times, boosting foresight and giving you clarity of thought.

“Peace & Protection” Wrap Bracelet for Women

Our "Peace & Protection" Bracelet will help you embody your Divine feminine energy, encouraging you to go with the flow of life peacefully, confidently, and with ease. A set of potent Tourmaline stones will generate a mighty shield around your energetic body, protecting you from harm and negative entities.

The OM charm, an ancient symbol of peace, will serve as a reminder that you are guided and blessed every step of your journey.


“Sublime Tranquility” Necklace for Men

Elevate your consciousness and find peace in gratitude, with the rich and mindfully designed "Sublime Tranquility" Necklace for men. Enriched with the Eye of Horus, Infinity Symbol, Evil Eye, and Hamsa Hand, it offers ultimate spiritual protection, blocking off anything that stands in your way. 

With the spiritual symbols for protection and peace crystals contained in this necklace, there’s nothing that can derail you from your authentic path.

Spiritual Protection Crystals Final Thoughts

Protecting your energy is vital for personal wellness and prosperity. When the mind is peaceful and your environment is serene, the path to blessings becomes much clearer. Thanks to protection jewelry, abundance is obtained effortlessly, mountains are conquered and obstacles are surmountable.

Sublime Tranquility

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