Be Serene With Green Opal

Be Serene With Green Opal

Boasting serene vibrations, green opal is a stunning treasure from Earth. In verdant hues, this gemstone provides the same benefits as stepping into the forest’s shade - a deeply welcomed refresh for the mind, body, and spirit.

Exuding the colors of leaves, stems, grass, and palms, green opal connects you to the rhythm of Mother Nature’s heartbeat. According to feng shui, this gemstone presents both wood energy and water energy, making it especially beneficial for cleansing and soothing. 

The distinct green hues of this opal variety are also tied to abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Wearing green opal is believed to tune your frequency to the high vibration of manifestation, making you a magnet for all the things you desire. Green opal is also a profoundly grounding stone, connecting you to stable Earth energy. Helping you to find your roots, green opal plants you firmly in your truth. 

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As with all green stones, green opal has a meaningful connection with the heart chakra. Worn on a regular basis or used during meditation, green opal allows you to open your heart more fully and fearlessly. This stone’s loving vibrations gently encourage you to take down the barriers you have built and let love in.

Purifying and cleansing, green opal releases any traumas or pains that have built-up in your heart chakra, allowing you to move on from hard times and grow from the experiences. 

Intrigued by calming green opal? Read on to learn all about this gemstone’s properties and benefits, as well as how it can impact your life for the better! 

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Unique Physical Properties of Green Opal 

A member of the opal family, green opal is one of the many colors this gemstone can be found in. Always providing a show of colors and lights, green opal is no exception to the family rule. This beautiful stone is distinct in its verdant green hues, reminiscent of lush forests or dense jungles.

Found in shades of light to dark green, this variety of opal is usually found as a “common” opal. Categorized by common or precious, opals differ from specimen to specimen. Common opals, such as most green opals, do not present the unique play of colors that precious opals do. 

Green opals are most commonly opaque and are described as mineraloids. Presenting no crystal structure, opals are amorphous. A rather soft stone, green opal ranks between a 5 and a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

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Where is Green Opal Found?

Providing an impressive 95% of the world’s opals, Australia is the leading producer of these gleaming gemstones. It is no surprise then, that Australia is also one of the biggest suppliers of the green variety. Aside from Australia, green opal is also mined in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Mali, Madagascar, South Africa, Serbia, and part of the United States. A fairly common variety of opal, green opal, is discovered throughout the world. 

Be Serene With Green Opal

How Does Green Opal Affect the Chakras?

In rich grassy hues, green opal has a deep relationship with the heart chakra. Cleansing, aligning, and activating this energetic center of the body, green opal opens your heart to the healing power of love.

As a defense mechanism, we often build conscious or subconscious barriers around ourselves, to protect from ever getting hurt. Green opal, however, gently encourages you to tear down those self-built walls, and invite love into your life. 

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Inspiring bold and fearless energy, green opal reminds you that love is the greatest medicine in the world, and can only be found when your walls are down. With an open and honest heart, love flows within you and around you. You are opened up to not only the affection of others, but also the affection for yourself. Afterall, the most important relationship you can have in life is the one you have with yourself. 

Green opal cleanses the heart space of past traumas, relationships, or hurts, so that you can more effectively and gracefully move on. This verdant gemstone inspires you to see each challenge or heartbreak you have faced as simply a lesson, learning to grow and expand from each one. With green opal, love always overcomes fear. 

Be Serene With Green Opal

Green Opal’s Powerful Healing Benefits

Providing a world of healing benefits, green opal is a wonderful addition to any spiritual journey. With benefits for the mind, body, and soul, green opal is a multi-purpose powerhouse of loving energy and positive vibrations. Explore below the physical, spiritual, and emotional properties that make green opal so special. 

Physical Benefits: 

  • Encourages you to choose healthy and nourishing foods
  • Energizes the physical body
  • Assists you in prioritizing your health, and letting go of vices
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Boost immunity & fights off infections

Be Serene With Green Opal

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Opens, cleanses, aligns, and activates the heart chakra
  • Urges you to stay open to the healing power of love
  • Releases fears & past traumas 
  • Tunes you to the frequency of manifestation
  • Points you in the direction of your dreams & highest self
  • Encourages ying & yang, and the balancing of masculine & feminine energies
  • Grounds you with Earth energy
  • Assists in reaching deeper levels of enlightenment during meditation

Emotional Benefits:

  • Inspires creativity & imagination
  • Promotes self-confidence
  • Relaxes the mind, body, & spirit
  • Soothes anxiety, fears, worries, or doubts
  • Encourages self-love practices
  • Provides equilibrium to the emotional body
  • Strengthens relationships by promoting love, loyalty, & passion

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Invite Green Opal Into Your Life

Found in soothing shades of grassy green, green opal is a special member of the opal family. Providing serene energy and peaceful vibrations, this gemstone is therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. Like walking through a sun-dappled forest, lush with life, green opal provides those same sensations of rejuvenation and refreshment.

You are instantly grounded and soothed, returning you to your place of center. Connecting to the heart chakra, green opal opens you up to love. Any walls you have built are lovingly torn down, assisting you in overcoming any fears, doubts, or worries. 

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Be Serene With Green Opal

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